Is Liberty Village The New Sarojini Nagar?

Delhi’s Secret Treasure for Millennials!
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Have you heard about the new hip place in Delhi? It is The Liberty Village in Champa Gali, Saket. People have been saying that this cool flea market is the new Sarojini Nagar. But, is that true? Has Liberty Village successfully managed to grab a place in the hearts of Delhiites so well that it shares its name with Sarojini?

Liberty Village is an artsy flea market in Champa Gali also referred to as the capital’s best-kept secret. Champa Gali is not a very popular place but those who have visited it, know that it has given Delhi some of the most amazing places to hang out. One such place is Liberty Village.


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Liberty Village is located in the corner of Champa gali which is a little difficult to find at first. Once you enter the place, you will start to get a chic vibe from the place. You will not be able to ignore the grunginess of the garage yet you will feel a little gush of happiness.

The first thing you are going to notice after grunginess would be the amazing artwork on the wall. It is colorful, quirky and eye catchy. Apart from making you nostalgic, it gives the place a lively look and enhances your shopping experience. The ambiance of the place makes you feel young and frisky.

The second thing you’ll notice about this is that it is air-conditioned. This really helps, right? Delhi is popular for its extreme weather conditions. The only problem while shopping in Delhi is the heat! Walking into Liberty Village in summers is kind of a relief.

The place also has a co-working place. It has a really cool café where one can sit, chit chat, eat or maybe just read a book. This place has got a really comforting vibe.

Shopping Made Cheaper

Shopping Made Cheaper
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Now let’s talk about the main motive of going to Liberty Village, Shopping. Delhi is the fashion capital of India and if it has given a market a special place in its heart then we expect it to be really good. Liberty Village hasn’t failed to fulfill the expectations of the people.

The place has some really good brands at a very low price. The prices start from Rs. 50! Isn’t that cool? The stuff is really good as these are brand rejects. You can expect the quality to be really good but finding your size is a trouble. You also need to watch out for defects and dust on the products.

Liberty Village provides so much in one place. They have fine apparel- shirts, pants, PJs, Skirts, Bralettes, Graphic Tees, Dresses, Body Con Dresses, Maxis & so much more. They even have footwear, stationery, jewelry, accessories, funky shot glasses, mugs, home décor and loads of other cool stuff! Besides that is the type of a place where you get stuff which will make your workstation or study table look like you are one of the cool kids.

The prices go as low as:

A Top at Rs. 150/-

Pjs at Rs. 300/-

A Coffee Mug at Rs. 130/-

Heels at Rs. 400/-

A Body Con Dress at Rs. 500/-

Funky Notebooks at Rs. 130/-

Isn’t that really cheap? Whenever we get really cheap stuff, our main concern is the quality of these products. You can set your expectation level high because these are all brand rejects so the quality of the fabric is really good. All you need to do is look out for your size, dirty pieces and search a bit for the gold.

Is It The New Sarojini?

Is Liberty Village is the new Sarojini? The answer is definitely NO! Liberty Village is not Sarojini Nagar. The apparel quality in liberty village is much better than the quality in Sarojini Nagar.

The prices vary too! Sarojini is much cheaper than Liberty Village. Also, Sarojini Nagar has a great variety to shop from whereas liberty village has fewer options compared to Sarojini.

It is not Sarojini Nagar, it can never be! But it is definitely interesting. Moreover, Delhi always has space in its heart for hip shopping places.

It was opened in 2018 and has become popular within no time, this means it is definitely worth a visit. So, grab your best friend and go to Liberty Village for an amazing Shopping Spree because this place is definitely worth a visit!

Address: 3 Westend Marg, Khasra No-258, G/F Lane, Saiyad ul Ajaib, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110044.

Nearest Metro Station: Saket

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