10 Types Of People You Don’t Want To Travel With!

If you do not like travelling, you have been spending your vacations with the wrong people.
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Traveling once in a while is always refreshing and often people say that traveling works as a stress reliever for them. Travelling gives you a new perspective about things, you get to meet new people, it helps you develop skills you didn’t know you had & you get to try new food!

To some people traveling is an adventure, to some, it is educational, for some it is a passion while others travel just to rejuvenate themselves. There is so much about traveling one can enjoy, but if you go on a vacation with the wrong people, it can slaughter the fun in pieces. There are people who don’t like to travel but do not spoil the fun for other people & then there are pseudo travel lovers. If you go on an excursion with them, Say hello to drama and whining! Here are 10 types of people you wouldn’t like traveling with:

  • The Cheap One
The Cheap One
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We all have this one friend who never pays! When you go out with them they will keep suggesting you cheaper places to stay at, cheap places where you can eat, and cheaper ways to travel. They might seem resourceful at first, but after a certain point of time, it is just annoying. Moreover, they will always say “Abhi tu dede, mai baad me deta hu tujhe.” This ‘Baad me’ never comes.

Like seriously, No Ken I can not pay for you! Carry your own damn wallet, you cheapskate!

  • The Social Media Addict
The Social Media Addict
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No matter what it is, social media addicts have to update it! They update stories of everything you eat, every activity you do, every place you go to, and other miscellaneous things on EVERY damn social media app. They are constantly texting on WhatsApp, tweeting, updating pictures & stories on Instagram, updating their location on Facebook and you’ll often find them putting your personal business on their Instagram live!

Come on Britney! Enjoy the moment and leave your Instagram followers alone, they do not care or else I’ll throw your phone away.

  • The So in Love Couple
The So in Love Couple
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Going on a trip with couples is okay but not with the ones who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. They act as if they’re on their honeymoon! The babu, jaanu, baby talks are followed by PDA. Their cheesy talks get really annoying while you’re trying to enjoy what the world has to offer! They don’t stop here, they fight. There comes a moment when they fight over nothing which is enough to ruin the entire trip. Most probably they’ll be fighting over something really stupid, and this will effectively ruin your mood.

Get a room Dave & Rachel!

  • Self-Proclaimed Travel Guru
Self-Proclaimed Travel Guru
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They have been to every damn place on this Earth or read about it. They have done it all. Sky Diving? Done! Going to a new place? They have read about it! And before you discover things, they’ll shower their unasked knowledge on you. If you say something, they’ll correct you with your pronunciations, facts & other stuff.

If they’ve already been to the place once, they will bore you with their stories they have from the last visit.

No Eric! I do not want to listen to you, I want to experience things on my own. Please shut your mouth and stand in a corner.

  • The Negative Friend Who Can’t Keep Their Mouth Shut
The Negative Friend Who Can’t Keep Their Mouth Shut
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Your negative friend will kill the mood for everyone. Nothing makes sense to them! You suggest shopping, they’ll reply with a ‘sab kuch toh milta h waha’

You suggest something adventurous, they’ll reply ‘Too dangerous!’ or ‘Nahi yaar. Bakwaas h wo!’

They master in killing the mood.

Moreover, they will have strong opinions about the state/country you visit. About the economy, cleanliness, politics, productivity etc. These opinions won’t be positive.

Go back home Simon!!!

  • The Photograph Maniacs
The Photograph Maniacs
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They have to take a picture of everything and everyone. They see the world with their camera. It is okay to click pictures but not every 5 mins! They will click like 50 pictures before they leave the hotel room & 50 while in the cab. They are so obsessed with pictures that they will take selfies with everything & everyone.

The worse part of traveling with them is that they would waste your time by asking you to click pictures of them until they get like 100 shots at each and every step.

Stop clicking pictures, Britney! Clicking pictures will not accommodate your low self-esteem.

  • Question Bank
Question Bank
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They will have a question about everything. Moreover, their questions will be super irrelevant. How is this done? Why do they do it? When did the king die? Why did the queen wear red and not orange?  They are the ones who encourage the Travel Gurus to be even more obnoxious.

Shut up, Karen! I am here for the first time, just like you.

  • The Lazy One
The Lazy One
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The lazy one is worse of all. They will wake up late, will take forever to get ready and yawn through the day. Their idea of a vacation is sleeping all day in the hotel room.  The only thing they enjoy is chilling out in their room.

Get your lazy bum off the bed and go shower, Dave!

  • The Drunken Friend
The Drunken Friend
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Drinks on a vacation? Sounds fun!  Who would say no to it? Well, there is nothing wrong about drinking while you’re on a vacation but your drunk friend will take it to another level. They want a drink with every meal. It is like their vacation is all about getting drunk! They often end up puking because they drink way too much. They have a FOMO when it comes to drinking. Do you really want to spend your time cleaning up their mess than enjoy the holiday?

There is just one thing I want to say to all my drunk friends out there:

Get your shit together Eric! Stop with the Whiskey already.

  • The High Maintenance Friend
The High Maintenance Friend
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They are the worst kind to travel with! Travel is about new experiences and meeting new people. You would have to be prepared for all kinds of situations while you are traveling. Your high maintenance friend will just not accept the change or adjust to any situation. If they miss a meal, they will start to feel dizzy. Your high maintenance friend is inconsiderate about other people and if something doesn’t go the way their way, welcome drama! They resist coming out of their comfort zone which is not at all fun.

Get a life, Nadia! Your butler wouldn’t be around all the damn time.

Holidays and Vacations are about having fun not stressing out. You deserve to go out have fun without any restrictions or someone to bug you. Cut out the negative people and travel with someone who believes in the phrase ‘live and let live!’

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