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Why Is Self-Love The Greatest Of All?

Larn The Art Of Self-Love
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Remember the famous dialogue of Geet from the movie Jab We Met- Main Apni Favorite Hoon. It is highly commendable the way she loves and adores herself. Growing up we have been taught to be loving, caring, and compassionate towards others. But hardly anyone taught us the importance of self-love. And often the people who express their self-love openly are seen as egoistic, narcissist, and selfish. That’s the reason why people fear to accept in public how much they love themselves. Can you imagine what a wonderful place this Earth will become where everyone is encouraged to love themselves and embrace their uniqueness? It will help them love others truly and passionately.

What Does Self-Love Actually Mean?
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Self-love is often confused with narcissism, but these two are poles apart. A narcissist is absorbed with himself to the degree of insensitivity towards others. On the other hand, self-loving people find so much joy and fulfillment in life that they start sharing it with others. Being a precious human being, you deserve to be loved and respected for who you are.

Self-love is the foundation of the important relationship that you share with yourself. To love yourself is the sign of accepting your existence completely and celebrating it. It allows you to accept all your strengths, weaknesses, good, and the bad in you and to be kind to yourself at every step. The way you treat yourself puts an example in front of others and show them how they should treat you. And that you won’t settle for anything less than the best. Self-love helps balance your mind, body, and spirit that brings coherence, which benefits you in leading a better life. Once you start loving yourself, you get to know your worth that gives the confidence to realize your passions, dreams, and goals in life.

How Does It Help You Find the True Love?
How Does It Help You Find the True Love
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A simple rule says- To give love, you must have the love for yourself. Give the love you wish to receive and that will strengthen all your relationships. When you truly love yourself, it helps shed all negative feelings, doubts, and worries and make you more courageous to live a bigger and kinder life. You start focusing on your inner beauty and nurture it more keeping all the negativity at a distance. Happiness, confidence, peace, and gratitude become your way to live, which you keep spreading everywhere you go. These qualities attract positive people and also help your ideal partner drawn towards you. Your self-love has a huge impact on their mind and they never stop treating you as the most amazing person on the Earth. They don’t judge your love for yourself that nourishes your relationship with them and lives become much happier, vibrant, and meaningful.

What Are The Benefits of Self Love?

Self-love when practiced truly offers a lot to oneself.

  • It makes you happy, gives you confidence, and offers peace of mind, which is must for a satisfied life.
  • Once you start loving yourself, the opinions and judgment of outside people don’t matter, what matters is how you feel about yourself and that helps you to stop comparing yourself to others.
  • You gain confidence that help makes better choices and the right decisions in every walk of life.
  • Even when you face failure, it doesn’t let your spirit down and you see that as a learning opportunity to achieve growth.
  • It teaches you to be happy for others on their achievements rather than begrudging “why that can’t happen to you.”
  • Self-love teaches you to practice love, acceptance, and compassion towards others.

The wise people say that you reflect the emotion that you feel inside, therefore, self-loving people are bound to reflect the love and positivity they feel within. So if you counter negativity in life, it’s high time to fall in love with yourself!!

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