Why Should Indian Parents Let Their Kids Travel Solo?

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Being born and brought up in India you must be well-aware of the loving, caring, and over-protective nature of your parents. Growing up, they pamper you so very much, always hold close to their heart and fulfill all your wishes at the very first command. They always have full faith in you, wants you to become independent and take important decisions in life. But when it comes to taking their permission to travel solo, inevitably they only have one thing to say- NO.

Apart from the over-protective nature, there are a lot many factors that stop Indian parents from letting their adult kids travel across borders. The increased rate of crime, fear of getting exposed to the harsh world, and media spread hatred are just a few to name. But parents need to understand that when they stop their kids from traveling, they take away a great learning experience and leave them broken hearted. Better education and a stable job may certainly help your kids live a financially stable life. But traveling help them develop a perspective towards life, come out of their comfort zone and make them strong-minded.

So here are a few important factors that prove why Indian parents should let their kids travel solo.

Best Opportunities to Explore

Travel was a luxury and only for rich people in the olden days. But with time, proper planning and thanks to reduced fares, it has become much easier to satisfy your wandering soul. Letting your kids travel to far-off destinations give them the opportunity to explore new, adventurous, and unadulterated places. They get a chance to meet people from different walks of life, get exposure to several cultures and traditions, and learn new languages, which were unknown to them earlier. It gives them the opportunity to actually visit the fascinating places which earlier they only had the privilege to see in pictures and television.

Boosts Confidence and Emotional Growth

When you allow your kids to explore the world, they come back as a more confident, self-assured, and compassionate soul. Once they are out on the road alone, exposed to several raw experiences, they learn to adapt and adjust on their own. They manage things and take important decisions in life that allows them to know their inner-self in a much better way. After traveling the world, one becomes a changed person with much wisdom, freedom, and confidence!!

Helps Come Out Of the Comfort Zone

Staying within the protective boundaries of home amidst the caring family members build a cocoon around your kids and put them in a comfortable zone. Where they remain completely unaware of the challenges and hardships of the outside world and life. Going to unknown destinations makes them completely rely on themselves and test their patience in several ways. Which certainly brings them out of their comfort zone. And coming out of it, help them grow as an individual that let them fight the unforeseen circumstances in life without much mental stress.

Prepares for Bigger Challenges in Life

No trip is ever complete without the obstacles and challenges. Not even a single one. Solving the little problems while traveling solo and coping up with obstacles on their own prepare your kids for the bigger challenges in life. It makes them stronger from inside and helps grow as a traveler and a human being. It helps them understand that they can achieve anything in life once they set their mind and heart for it.

Enriches With Great Experience

Experience is the biggest earning in life, which can never be replaced by the big bank balance or monetary benefits. There are certain lessons we learn from our teachers at school and the elders at home. But there are other lessons that one needs to learn on their own. Backpacking across the world let your kids escape from the monotonous routine and experience a different kind of lifestyle. Where they take on certain responsibilities, struggle a lot and emerge as a winner with a smile at the end. Traveling enrich their life with amazing stories regarding their experiences and transformation, which they love to share with other people.

Travelling is one of the best life experiences that you can have and its benefits are countless. Encourage your kids to travel solo to let them emerge as a strong, humble, and confident human being!!

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