Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life?

Go Solo!!
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“I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone because they reflect more” – Thomas Jefferson

There must be some amazing beauty in this solo travel because too many wise people have supported it over the years. In a country like India where joint family and staying together is promoted, the idea of solo travel may sound crazy to most of us staying with the family. Because in a family set-up there is nothing called SOLO, everything is shared with everyone. This is why most of us don’t know who we really are because we are never given the space to think individually.

But time is changing and just like Rani and Kabir (Kangana Ranaut of Queen & Ranbir Kapoor of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani), many people are plunging into this route of solo travel. Then there is also those block of people who prefer the company of the self rather than being surrounded by people. They always go for Solo Travel and are richer in terms of experience and wisdom than the rest of the people.

Traveling solo to an unknown land would have a profound effect on you. Your life would never remain the same. Here are some reasons to inspire you for a SOLO TRAVEL from the diary of a wanderlust:

Go Wherever You Want to Go

In a group of two or three or five, there would always be clashing thoughts and ideas about where to go and where not to go. While you are traveling alone, you don’t have such people around you to disturb you. You can take your own sweet time and decide whether to go to the museum or watch the sunset peacefully. There would be no room for compromise of doing something you don’t want to do. And once you have decoded this awesomeness of solo travel, you would never want to meddle with people.

Self-Confidence Improves

If you lack self-confidence, solo travel is the most effective medicine for your soul. Ok, so the truth is, there is no place in this world for timid people. You have to build your confidence and be smart enough to tackle the world. You are simply afraid because you still haven’t tested your limits. Once your back is on the wall, you would know to turn around – right? Pack your bags and leave right away for a change in your outlook and attitude.

The Moment is all Yours

When you are traveling with your friends, family, relatives, or a group, there are too many distractions. Someone or the other is saying something, doing something, or pulling you into stupid jokes. When you are traveling all alone you can better invest your time into sight-seeing. Observing the exotic flowers, smelling the local cuisine, or simply lie down on the lush grass and read a book. The clouds, rains, sea waves, butterfly, local birds, or architecture – everything is simply yours to be witnessed. Take your time to explore all these and enrich your bank of memories.

Accidental Friendship

You never know that you can form a beautiful friendship while you are traveling alone. Maybe you won’t meet that person ever again in life, but a part of your mind and heart would always smile for this accidental friend! If you are traveling in a group, you are simply not interested in growing your friendship with any stranger. But you can very easily gaze into the stranger or be friends with that stranger while traveling solo. Meeting a stranger and sharing each other’s stories and experience is a wonderful experience!

Problem Solving Ability Improves

You don’t have your Mamma, Papa, or the elder brothers and sisters to solve your mess. All you have is yourself to solve any problem that rises from fixing the backpack to washing your dirty underwear, saving yourself from the thief to struggling for potable water, etc. Your problem-solving ability would improve immensely and so would your decision making power. You would learn to be self-dependent and never wait for anyone to take control of your life.

So, if you still haven’t done this SOLO Traveling, this is the time my friend to refine your life. Get, Set, and GO SOLO!

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