Budget Shopping In New Delhi

Running low on balance and yet all needy?
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We all have been there. Doesn’t matter if it’s a month end, or if you’re a college goer, running short of cash is one thing we all have been through. And the real stress is when we’re needy of new clothes, shoes and bags and the list goes on. Not every time malls & brands can satisfy our shopping needs, especially when we’re on a budget. And let’s just be honest with our soul, STREET SHOPPING is the best! Here are few options for all those sisters and men (imagine the shy monkey emoji) seeking for help.

1. Sarojini Nagar
Sarojini Nagar
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Nearest Metro Station- INA (Yellow line/ pink line) or Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar has our heart! You get to explore everything there. There’s clothes, shoes, bags, home décor and some cheap and first copy make-up products (not recommended). Shopping paradise for girls, in a nutshell. You might find some really trendy and fashionable items. The happiest part is you get few branded items like from Zara, H&M, Kappa, forever21,, old navy and a few more at 1/4th of its original price. Jaw dropping right? Basically, Sarojini Nagar is the hub for all the rejected items from the brands, the clothes or shoes that couldn’t make it to the real store because of some tiny little defect.

Here’s the clue guys, stay aware while shopping, you can score a product that has a defect; so look carefully. On top of the branded shopping on a budget, bargaining is at another level! One has to be skilled to bargain. Yes, you heard it right. Bargaining requires skills too.  For our beloved men, you don’t have to be disappointed. Sarojini Nagar has a lot to offer for you too. From branded shoes to sporty t-shirts to fake first copies of watches and Raymond shades, SN is here to your rescue! Explore this delightful gem.

2. GK Market
GK Market
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Nearest Metro Station- Greater Kailash

GK Market is divided into two zones GK-1 & GK-2.  GK Market is popular for its innumerable options in clothes, accessories & shoes and most importantly food! Take your favorite pick from silver jewelry to jhumkas. The clothes are as cheap as Sarojini Nagar and the staff is really helpful and sweet. Yet again the bargaining part is the fun. Spot some really pretty chappals and shoes. Get some ethnic clothes as well at flat prices. The market has some sort of sale going on all the time.

3. Rajouri Garden Market
Rajouri Garden Market
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Nearest Metro Station- Rajouri Garden (Blue Line)

West Delhi audience has one prominent market. For all the fun shaadi shopping and casual shopping, Rajouri garden market offers a huge variety of brands (local and high end as well). From chaats (street food) tickling your taste buds to Sarojini-esque items, nail salons & swanky bars, this market has got it all. The market is known as B.K Dutt market. The market has a lot of varieties in clothes to offer. From casual to ethnic, and all sorts of the price range; from 250 to prices going as high other high-end brands.

This market can satisfy budget shopping cravings. It also has a fair share of home décor items. Home décor shops that can take care of your whole house. With Mini So (a Japanese brand) opening in Rajouri Market, it has attracted a lot of shoppers lately. Mini So offering Bags, home décor, kitchenware, make-up products, eau de toilette, stationery and so much more at affordable prices. This market just as Sarojini Nagar has a lot to offer and might as well be a mini Sarojini.  Ladies, try your luck!

4. Lajpat Nagar
Lajpat Nagar
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Nearest metro station- Lajpat Nagar (Violet Line)

Known for its popular central market. This place is a residential and commercial hub in South Delhi district. It’s yet another heaven for all the needs. Central market famous for garments, textiles, shoes & eateries. This market has a plethora of shops and vendors. If you’re on a budget, this heaven not only satisfies your shopping needs but also your taste buds. If not, you can always enjoy the food. From furniture to wholesale ethnic garments, you get to witness everything here. You might as well spot dry fruits shops and bookstores. The place is crowded most of the times of the day. But I bet you can steal some really good deals.

5. Liberty Village
Liberty Village
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Nearest metro station- Saket (Yellow line)

The first venture of it’s kind. Liberty Village is a flea market, with items from brands like Lulu & sky at throwaway prices. This place not only fulfills your shopping hunger but also offers a quirky ambiance to click pictures. This is a hidden gem that hasn’t been explored until. Reason to get to here are – clothes from brands, fragrances, home décor, makeup products, and jewelry at the lowest prices. The most amazing deal that you can steal is here buying a pair of shoes that is from Lulu & sky at 1/4th of its original price. With winters approaching and our greed for those gorgeous block heels boots is undying. To score that explore this gem of a place. You might get surprised by the quality and prices. Liberty Village lies at a corner in Champa Gali. Popular for some cool cafes and hangout spots. Explore this and get surprised.

6. Street Style Store
Street Style Store
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Nearest metro station- Hauz Khas or Green Park (Yellow line)


While talking about budget shopping, there’s one more hidden gem in Delhi that is not only known but loved by many. The only drawback for the store is that they have an e-commerce website for the janta. Street Style Store is largely popular and known for its amazing versatility of shoe styles & prices at which they come at. When on budget shopping and needy of some really fun & good looking shoes, reach out to this store or website. Even if you’re not on a budget, you can actually consider them for some amazing deals. From knee-high boots to chappals, finish your OOTD with their footwear. At this price, one might wonder about the quality but we assure you, you shouldn’t doubt them. They’re the best lately in their business. So for all the upcoming shaadi byahs and parties, hit them up!

So now you have all the budget-friendly options for your next shopping spree. Explore-treat yourself and repeat! 😊

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