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5 Most Romantic Date Ideas

Add a little “spark” into dates!
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Teeming with all the feelings and still unbeknown to what and how to plan something really special and romantic for your significant other? Take a cue from here and try out some ideas to bring the romantic flavor to your next date!

  1. Cuddle up, Drive-in
Cuddle up, Drive-in
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Well the concept of the drive-in in some parts of the country in the US is making a comeback. Lucky Y’all! Although India would still be longing for such a thing. Watching a movie is cliché but passé. Cuddle up in the coziest blanket and watch a movie together in a Drive-In. Lean back and enjoy the movie (or whatever else).

  1. Drunch by the ocean
Drunch by the ocean
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Drunch just like Brunch (Breakfast + Lunch), is a portmanteau for drinks and lunch. Genius, right? Going further, drinks, a delicious lunch, and the never-ending ocean would be a perfect idea for a date where you just want to talk & know each other a lil more. Getting drunk over lunch sounds weird but what’s the fun when you cannot be weird together!

  1. Learning an art together
Learning an art together
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Learning an art together can turn out to be learning about each other and that’s an art in itself though! Dance is one the most romantic & smart ways of knowing each other intimately and up & close. There’s nothing that brings two people closer like dance or pottery. There’s something utterly romantic about learning an art together. Try it out!

  1. Being Adventurous
Being Adventurous
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Find an adventure that you two might want to explore together. Adrenaline-spiked adventures like skydiving, scuba diving, kayaking, trekking or even camping can make it fun and romantic at the same time. These unusual and adventurous date ideas can make a big impact on you two. Bring an intellectual and physical thrill in the relationship.

  1. Star Gazing
Star Gazing
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Inspired by “A Walk to Remember”, as cliché and bookish it may sound this one is a classic. All of us, hands down want someone to lay down on the ground and gaze the stars and the constellations with. And for true romance, get along some fine wine. To plan this date, winters can be the perfect climate as the skies are clear. Watching the stars holding hands is a timeless date idea. Ah! What vibes!

When date night’s approaching and you need some ideas? Get inspired by any Hollywood or Bollywood movie. They’re the best! And there’s nothing like “Ye sab sirf kitaabo aur filmo mein acha lagta hain”. Romance doesn’t have to be a try-hard thing, it’s effortless. And an effortless effort is beautiful.

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