November 2018


Girls, Bollywood inspired lehngas are our dream dress! We all daydream about Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra’s designer pieces. And yet we know, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to afford the same. But “shaadi karungi toh Kareena wala lehnga pehen ke karungi nahi toh dulhe ko bolo tata-bye bye ho jaye”, as quoted by Alia Bhatt in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, we all want it to happen. As easy as it may sound to hush away the ladka wallas just for a lehenga, it’s not. Growing up watching Karan Johar’s grand weddings set up, we somewhere have pictured ourselves wearing the heavy, embroidered, and embedded with stones blinding us with their shine lehngas. Hands down, it’s our DREAM to walk down to our handsome grooms wearing that. Alas, it’s all in a dream, we know it. Now if we’re done with the nostalgia, let’s come back to the reality. And coming back to the reality here’s a happy news for you, we bring you the ultimate gem for all you beautiful brides-to-be!

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As much as we know what we want for our D-Day, we know Chandni Chowk is the hub for some really gorgeous looking ethnic designs also because of the affordable prices this place offers. Adding to your excitement, this treasure is loaded with lehngas that are breath-taking.

How to reach to Navya Collection Chandani Chowk Delhi?

To reach Navya Collection, we suggest you take the metro considering the fact that the place is flooding with humans at any given time of the day! You’ll eventually experience this once you start exploring the place. FYI, Do not travel by road to get there on weekends, you may get stuck there for life (Over exaggerating is our thing!) De-board the metro at Chandni Chowk Metro station and start walking towards jalebiwala or take a rickshaw to Dariba Kalan. Once you reach spot Nav Nidhi shop and right adjacent to it you’ll find Navya Collection.

Navya Collection, Chandni Chowk

Navya Collection
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This store offers you bridal, non-bridal, girlish, party gowns lehngas with the price range starting from Rs.750 to according to your liking. Here comes the star of the show, you can also find BOLLYWOOD DESIGNER REPLICAS. The quality of these replicas is nothing to compromise for. This hidden gem brings you replicas of Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, and few higher-end designers.  For what it’s worth, we loved the collection. Their 2018 premium & exclusive collection has some really magnificent designs that are actually to die for. In such an affordable range, this deal is a steal.

Furthermore, if you lack knowledge of quality and design, you need not to worry. The staff of the store guides you through your experience. They’ll let you know the make and the elements that you’ll be enticed to buy the attire! Rather than spending all your money on the designer lehngas and gowns, invest in such replicas or in their original designs because they’re worth it! Navya Collection is a lifestyle or fashion bloggers’ favorite if they’re residing in Delhi. You’ll find a bunch of videos to witness their magic while you sip your tea. But we urge to go and see for yourself as it offers you with the best of their collection of different colors & designs. So now that you know the secret to your #weddinglookgoals, slay and steal some hearts this shaadi season.


In the century where everyone is health conscious and a weight watcher here’s yet another diet that skyrocketed lately. The Keto Diet- as interesting the name sounds, the diet has a lot of different interesting aspects to it. But foremost unlike any other diet, this one has a lot of science going on throughout. A diet that is super low on carbohydrates, which makes it difficult for all the vegetarians in India as all those protein elements have got some sort of carb. We’ll get to vegetarians for keto diet further in the blog. There’s some serious threshold if you want to execute the Keto Diet. This has to be the most effective fat burning diet!

Some studies show that one should stay below 50g of carbs but with experienced people’s take, they prefer staying below 20g of carbs. While you’re on a Keto Diet you need to account every single thing. Keto diet has to include everything home-made and strictly no junk or fast food. And ideally, you must cook for your own meal because then you need to keep a track of the proteins & carbs (needs to be under 20g). Keys to a successful keto diet is when you focus on two points:

  • Stay below 20g of carbs
  • Avoid a teeny tiny trace of sugar!

(Anything with slightly high sugar component shouldn’t be consumed!)

The Science of Keto

The Science of Keto
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Our body’s favorite source of energy is through carbs. And keto diet is all about Ketosis and Low-carb. Having said that & going with the rumors that keto is a low carb diet, well sorry to burst your bubble, there’s a difference between the two. Firstly let’s understand what Ketosis is,

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process where the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it starts burning the stored fat in the body. This results in a build-up of acids called Ketones. So basically,

No Carbs → No Glucose

Body starts draining glucose from glycogen as fat in your body and turns it into Ketones (the fat cut down element).

Keto Diet is an ultra-low-carb diet, which causes the production of ketones. Ketones are produced when the body runs out of sugars (carbs). Now you know the science behind the diet and why it actually works! So if now someone comes up to you and say “But how does your brain work?” You’ll have the answer; the blood glucose is saved for the brain, and the body converts fatty acids into ketones. These can cross the blood-brain barrier to fuel the brain. The muscles do not use ketones – instead, they can directly metabolize fatty acids. Ketones are the fuel source just as glucose that is gained from carbs and 1g of Ketone is better than 1g of glucose!!!

Not all is magic and fun about this diet, with all the pros comes one major downfall that is ‘THE KETO FLU’.


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It is not as scary as it may sound, just like any other flu, the keto flu is a collection of symptoms experienced by some people when they first start the keto diet. It is experienced initially when you start the diet, which is draining muscles off the glycogen. But here’s the solution, if you work-out you may not experience this as severe as others who don’t. But not to scare you off, this doesn’t last for more than 4-5 days. When you work-out glycogen runs fast so that the ketosis happens fast and this reduces the duration of the “Flu”.

Symptoms of “THE KETO FLU”:

Symptoms of “THE KETO FLU”
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  • Stomach aches or pains
  • Dizziness or confusion
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Muscle cramping or soreness
  • Lack of concentration or focus

People go through these symptoms as their body is adapting to a new diet which consists super low carb.

“Must and Must not” of the Keto Diet

Must and Must not of the Keto Diet
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The food items listed below can be included in your meals. You should them majorly on these.

Food that you can have and shouldn’t include are:

food list
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  1. Fats: Butter & cream, cheese but unprocessed like Cheddar, blue, mozzarella, goat or cream cheese. You may include nuts but must be taken in very low amount as it also has carbs, seeds(healthy snack like chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds)
  2. Healthy Oils: You can cook your meal or add these oils to your meal olive oil, avocado & coconut oil.
  3. Flesh: Meat, fatty fish, eggs (preferably omega-3 whole eggs)
  4. Low carb veggies: Vegetables will prevent constipation after all the fat & meat intake and keep you healthy. Make sure you include these in your meals, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, and zucchini.
  5. Breaking the hoax, peanut butter is not exactly healthy for a ketogenic diet. If you’re strictly following the diet, you must know that peanut butter has 14g of net carbs which is why it is recommended either not to consume or if taken, then you need to maintain the serving size.
  6. Also, you must avoid dairy products of the fat content in them.

Pros of Keto

Pros of Keto
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The high amount of fat in keto diet minimizes the carb craving. Here are a few pros listed below that you attain if you execute this diet.

  1. This diet supports weight loss.
  2. Because it suppresses appetite which eases the efforts of losing the weight.
  3. Lowers cholesterol
  4. This also helps in controlling blood pressure.
  5. Enhances mood, mental focus, sleep.
  6. Improves cognitive function.
  7. Regulates hormonal balance which means this diet can help women with PCOS/PCOD or people with thyroid issues.
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This was pretty much what you must know before you begin your keto diet. Remember, no diet would help you enough if you aren’t working out or being a tad bit active. Coming to an end, I’d like to inform you that I am no health expert, these are bits and pieces acquired from the internet and a few from personal experience. Hope you achieve the set health goal. It’s definitely worth a try! Good luck!

Fashion! It is an ever-changing industry. Fashion Trends keep changing every few months. What was considered trendy in July won’t be trendy in December and this is the beauty of this industry. Designers come up with new ideas every single day by putting their heart and soul into it. Moreover, it often makes a comeback like the Big Loose Shirts from 90s made its way back to 2018, bell sleeves from the 70s or patchwork denim from 80s. Good fashion choices always find their way back.

But apart from all the amazing fashion trends, there are some disastrous ones too! The trends which are followed by many but no one actually understands them. Not everything titled as the latest fashion trend looks good. Here is a list of 5 fashion trends I do not find as trendy as they sound:

Too Much of Ripped!
Too Much of Ripped!
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Don’t get me wrong, I love ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are amazing and they do make your outfit look trendy. What I fail to understand is that why did people take this trend to another? They have started to wear not only ripped jeans but super ripped jeans. Wearing ripped jeans is one thing and wearing torn is another. You can’t just wear something which looks torn and roam around the streets. When you look someone wearing super ripped jeans, you might think they took it too far but hey, no! Ever seen people wearing ripped jeggings? Yes, that’s what taking it too far looks like. It is not the right material to rip and it looks terrible.

Furry Slides
Furry Slides
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I always wonder why do people wear furry slides. I mean what purpose do they serve? Do they look good? No! Do they keep your feet warm? No! Do they make one look sloppy? Yes! Why wear something which looks terrible and makes no sense.

You do not have to follow every fashion trend celebrities follow. Their life is way different than ours. They do not have to use public transport wearing those fashion trends. STOP wearing Furry Slides people!

Sweater Crop Tops
Sweater Crop Tops
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Last time I checked, sweaters were supposed to make you feel warm. They are supposed to cover you when it’s cold not make you feel cold. Does it make any sense to wear something warm which isn’t covering you or protecting you from the cold? Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean you have to fall sick. Most people who wear Sweater crops tops complaint about being cold! Why wear it, people? Didn’t you decide to wear a sweater because you were cold?

Fake Tanning
Fake Tanning
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Now this is pure hypocrisy! We mock people for a darker skin shade and yet want our skin shade to be darker? Do you realize that it makes one look fake and stupid! Whereas people with a darker skin colour want to be fair? Stop messing around with your skin colour. Every shade is beautiful and even if one wants to go for a tan, then why do you go for over tanning? It does not look good! Remember Ross from friends with his Tan look? Yes, that’s how you look with a fake tan.

Extreme Eyebrows
Extreme Eyebrows
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So what’s the obsession with faking your eyebrows? Thick eyebrows look nice but so does thin ones. Why do people need to fill their eyebrows with eyebrow pencil? It looks good, and I understand people like doing it. What looks bad is overdoing them! Like you might have seen people with more eyebrow pencil than the real eyebrow! What’s that about? It looks fake, doll!

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This is something I will never understand! Why are chokers so cool and why are they trendy? These are often referred to as bold fashion! In my opinion, Chokers are similar to a dog’s collarbone!

So, these are the fashion trends I feel shouldn’t be called trendy! Although everyone has their own comfort zone and fashion sense but hey, it wouldn’t hurt to go for something better, something which doesn’t make you look awful. You don’t have to go for everything celebrities wear. In my opinion, fashion is something which makes one feel good and comfortable, not what’s trendy!

We may have lots of Nepalese friends as it is India’s neighbouring country. India and Nepal are so close that we share many traditions. We claim to know a lot about Nepal, but do we really know the place? Do you know about Nepalese cuisine? No, it isn’t just the juicy & yummy momos and No! It is not Indian food. Nepal has a great variety of food just like its rich culture. Yes, the country shares its border with India, Tibet & China and definitely, these cultures have a great influence on Nepalese Cuisine. Despite the influence, Nepalese cuisine is unique and irresistible. So here is a list of must-try Nepalese Dishes:

1) Chatamari
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Chatamari is often referred to as Nepali Pizza because of the way it looks. It is a round rice-flour crepe. It is cooked with a variety of toppings like meat, eggs & vegetables mixed with yummy spices and is garnished with fresh coriander leaves & onion. Since it is usually baked, it is really good for health and with all the toppings, trust me it is really juicy. Chatamari is usually prepared for festivals in Nepal but often served as a snack as well. It is delicious! While Chatamari isn’t easy to find easy in India, it is easy to cook this dish.

2) Sel Roti
Sel Roti
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A dish between Donuts & Bagels? We have it! It is Nepal’s very own Sel Roti made by deep frying Rice Flour and is truly scrumptious. It is crispy and sweet on the outside and soft on the inside. The rice flour dough is made from milk, water, oil, sugar, butter, cardamom, bananas and other flavours.  Sel Roti is usually made on religious festivals of Tahir & Dashain but sometimes also served during breakfasts with yogurt dippings. If you say you aren’t even a bit tempted to try Sel Roti, you are probably lying!

3) Thukpa
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Good news for soup lovers! Thukpa is Nepal’s traditional dish influenced by Tibet and China. It is a thick noodle soup that may include meat, vegetables or eggs. This delicacy is usually served in winters and can be found all around Kathmandu. It is a perfect blend of meat and soup which will make you fall in love with the dish! Due to its popularity, Thukpa is available in many restaurants in India. Feeling cold? Why not try Thukpa? It will pamper your taste buds, make you healthier and a perfect way to make yourself warm this winters. You can also pretend to be Joey (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) and say ‘Ummmm…Noodle Soup!’

4) Gundruk
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Gundruk is one side dish which can add flavour to anything! It is a very popular dish made by fermenting leafy green vegetables. You can also refer to Gundruk is an assortment of pickles, but that wouldn’t be right! Gundruk is enjoyed as a condiment with the main course meal. It tastes amazing and will satisfy our taste buds when we might feel like having something ‘chatpata!’

5) Tongba
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Beer lovers, I have an amazing news for you. Nepal has their own Millet Beer! You heard me right. This alcoholic beverage is a traditional and indigenous drink of the Limbu people in eastern Nepal. This beverage is religiously important to the community. The beverage is consumed in a very unique way. The fermented millet is poured into a vessel & mixed with hot water. It is left undisturbed for 5 minutes and then it is ready to be served. The beverage is sipped with a bamboo straw as a tradition. Tongba is Legen-Wait for it-Dary!

So, did you know about all these dishes from Nepal? You should definitely try these amazing dishes with your friends. Do not forget to have it with Tongba! There are many Nepalese restaurants in the city. So, go ahead and pamper your taste buds with these yummy delicacies.

It’s difficult for someone to deal with anxiety and it gets even more difficult when someone else has to suffer the consequences. Dating someone with anxiety can be awfully horrible. You cannot help to whom you fall for, but you can choose to fight and stick by each other. Anxiety is like the third person that wriggles in between you & your partner making it difficult for the relationship to thrive.  This person constantly sows doubt & confusion. There isn’t anyone out there training you with how to deal with the problems but with understanding anxiety in general can make you connect and love in a new way.


Anxiety disorders causes nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry. These disorders alter how a person processes emotions and behave, also causing physical symptoms. Mild anxiety might be vague and unsettling, while severe anxiety may seriously affect day-to-day living.

Anxiety is a normal and an unpleasant part of life. One where an individual feels worried about the fears. When it comes to relationships, the anxiety is generally about the other person’s behavior & wellness. Certain questions that an anxious person might over think about are:

  1. What is he doesn’t love me as much as I love him?
  2. What if he’s lying to me? What if he’s lying to me?
  3. What if he’s hiding something from me? What if he’s hiding something from me?
  4. What if he’s cheating on me?
  5. What if he likes someone else better? What if he likes someone else better?
  6. What if my anxiety ruins our relationship? (Anxiety about Anxiety)
  7. What if we break up?
  8. What if he doesn’t text me back?
  9. What if I’m always the first one to reach out?
  10. What if he leaves me?

A lot of you wouldn’t agree because these seems like normal questions that one might think. But trust me when we say its anxiety, this gets pretty deep and intense with each thought. Few of the individuals show extreme caring nature which to an extent is their concern but after that it’s their fear taking over.

If you’re dating someone with anxiety, these are the thoughts that runs through your partner’s brain. And they most likely spend time worrying and ruminating about anything and everything that can possibly go wrong with the relationship.


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You might get stressed & agitated with the constant nagging, doubts and confusion but it’s much more than that for that one person. Anxiety is real mental health issue and nothing made up. It is normal, everyone has it but it’s an issue when it’s severe. One cannot imagine about how anxiety can be debilitating illness for one to function a normal life. Situations can make them experience fight or flight reactions and stress about their partner cheating and leaving. An individual suffering with anxiety disorder can over think about the pettiest of things and consequences that can be life threatening. Anxiety doesn’t have a fix cure to it. One’s who have it wish they didn’t have it. They oftentimes feel like a burden on people that they are connected with. There are anxiety-motivated behavior that people experience:

  1. Anger and irritability
  2. Being Controlling
  3. No focus and being distracted
  4. Avoidant or passive aggressive behavior
  5. Perfectionism

5 Tips That Can Help You Deal with Your Partner’s Anxiety

  1. Trying Couple Therapy with Your Partner
Trying Couple Therapy with Your Partner
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When you truly care for someone and you want to encourage them to battle with their stress, trying couples therapy can be a huge help. You can gently guide your partner to see a therapist for it doesn’t harm anyone. The therapist can work on their anxiety as there might be reasons from the relationship as well. Therapy not necessarily has to be for your partner. Couples therapy offers you tasks and issues that you both work on together, making you understand the condition with your partner and for them it makes them stress a little less.

  1. Creating a balance
Creating a balance
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We often go back and forth assessing over what needs our attention the most; our partner’s attention, ourselves, or the need of the relationship. It’s fulfilling when we fill these needs respectively and accordingly. But when our partner is suffering from something that isn’t going away, we don’t have to ignore our own needs because then with time it gets greater. Balancing the needs accordingly is what is required. You need to work on your own needs that require immediate attention and then your partners. It’s rightly said, set your priorities right! (Not in a negative way)

  1. Be supportive
Be supportive
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With that constant fear of losing you, comes the immense need of affirmation that you’ll be there or you’re there. Showing that you care and supporting your partner with the suffering can not only make a difference to them but on the relationship. All they need is for you to be around them. With today’s technology, you can still be around even when you’re not.

  1. Stay Positive!
Stay Positive!
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Focusing on the positive parts of the relationship can be the biggest attributes of the relationship. Doesn’t matter how your partner is feeling, you don’t have to focus solely on the suffering. That is the time when you need to remind yourself the many reasons why you care for them in the first place.

  1. TALK!
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There’s nothing that a conversation cannot resolve. Talking to them about their fears can make them feel that they’re heard. There’s someone to listen, there’s someone to hold on to. Talking is the first and the foremost way of taking the fears out the mind. And in fact it might make it easy for you to understand what you’re partner’s going through. There are chances that the conversation may not go well but that is when you need to focus on the words and not the gestures & actions. Communication is the key to any relationship. For you, you might be busy but for them, they feel disconnected!

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Anxiety doesn’t have to put your relationship in jeopardy. By using the right coping strategies, you can have a healthy relationship and stop anxiety from causing too much stress.

Bhutan, the small South Asian country that forms a part of Indian sub-continent is the only country in the world that doesn’t have any railway. It shares a border with China, India, and Tibet. The capital of Bhutan is Thimphu while the financial hub is Phuntsholing. This country had a monarchy rule but in 2008 it gave up absolute monarchy and brought constitutional monarchy. “Land of Dragons” is the nickname of Bhutan and you can locate a dragon on the national flag of Bhutan. If your tired heart and soul is looking for a relaxing time, then Bhutan should be on your priority list. The lush green grass, clear sky, and small rivulets – Bhutan seems like a painting from the brushes of Albert Bierstadt! The red chilies on the tin roof, momos on the street, and an inspiring breeze – Bhutan has many things to offer you.

Here are some reasons why you must book your tickets to Bhutan ASAP!

Happy Faces All Around
Happy Faces All Around
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When every other country is in the rat race of GDP and increasing their yield in every sector of the economy, here is Bhutan whose parameter to check development is GNP. GNP stands for Gross National Happiness. When the principles of Buddhism are applied at a large scale, you get to hear something like this. The country takes care of every citizen with love and that’s the reason why you see happy faces all around you in Bhutan.

The Land Of Peace, Tranquility, & Spirituality

The Land Of Peace, Tranquility, & Spirituality

As stated in the introduction, this country looks like a real painting! You would hardly find any other place in this world as beautiful, serene, calm, and peaceful as Bhutan. The 2/3rd population of Bhutan follows Buddhism – which is the most peaceful religion in the world and 1/3rd follow Hinduism. Buddhist monasteries, chanting, cool breeze, less population – these are the perfect ingredients for peace surely! Buddhism is not only a religion but a way of living here. They are peace-loving people who make their surroundings peaceful.

Closest to Nature

Closest to Nature

Away from the hustle bustle of a metro city, fast life, mundane job, and monotonous responsibilities – Bhutan would take you closest to nature. Opening your hotel window or walking to the balcony and feeling like just in the lap of a huge mountain is a feeling you must enjoy. The wide valleys & opulent green grass suddenly rise up to a steep mountain – you simply cannot keep your cameras off! If you visit in Spring season, you can witness the rhododendrons! Simply walk on the velvety grass in the morning, sit beside the small stream at the afternoon, and observe the lit up mountain in the evening! There won’t be any boisterous noise disturbing you for a single moment while you are gazing at Nature.

Trekking Can be Fun
Trekking Can be Fun
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If you are fond of trekking, then also Bhutan is a perfect place for you. The real magnificence of the hills and mountains of Bhutan can be understood only when you set out for trekking. So, keep your trekking clothes and shoes and leave to know the unknown.

Simplicity Is The Way of Living
Simplicity Is The Way of Living
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Buddhism teaches to stay calm and humble in every stage of life. As stated earlier, the people of Bhutan have adopted the principles of Buddhism in their lifestyle and that’s why you would see a simple way of living among Bhutanese people. They are very honest and hard-working bunch of people who stay grounded in their religion and tradition. They don’t have big ambition because they find happiness in the simple and small things of life. They invest their creative energy in paintings, textile, sculpture, wood carving, paper making, sword making, bamboo craft, and jewelry making. When you belong to a different world where the connotation of happiness is all about achieving material goods, Bhutan and its people give you a reality check!

Bhutan Cuisine
Bhutan Cuisine
Image Source – Google

Perhaps Bhutan is the only place in the world where chili is not a spice used in food, but the main ingredient in making a food. Chili here is more like a vegetable. The North Indians are fans of momo and the spicy red chutney and it is a challenge to them to survive the taste of Bhutan chilies. The national food of Bhutan is “Ema-Datshi” which is a dish prepared with the hottest chili & cheese. The food-lovers must visit Bhutan to taste its hot & happening food!

Breathe Pollution-Free Air
Breathe Pollution-Free Air
Image Source – Google

For the rest of the world, the level of population and pollution is ever-increasing leading to many challenges. But in Bhutan, there is hardly any pollution and visible ailments like a headache or sneezing. Why? Because the people of Bhutan are environmentally conscious. As stated earlier, they know to be happy with simple and small things in life and that’s why they don’t want to own a car or run large scale industries! One of their laws say that 60% of the land should always be under forest and that’s why Bhutan has still retained the fresh and pure air to breathe!

Nobody would ever say that they don’t like Maggi. For those who have spent a considerable number of years away from home in PG’s, hostels, or rented apartments – Maggi is like pseudo-religion to them. I am one of them and this is the first thing that I ever cooked and that too asking mom the process of it. From a naïve visitor to the kitchen to an experienced one – Maggi boosted the confidence in cooking. Many of you would agree to this because, like me, you all have also tried and tested various types of easy to make Maggi recipes.

So, here are my favorites!

Cheesy Mix Veg Maggi

This is one of the simplest and yummiest easy to make Maggi recipes. You can have at any time of the day. This Maggi recipe is one of those which everyone must have tried in their kitchen. Loaded with the goodness of vegetables, this Maggi is fulfilling and can thus be a great option for your lunch or dinner menu.

Cheesy Mix Veg Maggi
Image Source – Google

Ingredients: All the vegetables of your choice can be put in here but here are what I put in my recipe.

Onion – one medium sized onion chopped in longitudinal manner; Tomato – one small chopped in longitudinal manner; Frozen peas – a handful; Cabbage – about 2 spoons very thin and fine longitudinal slices; Carrot – about 2 spoons cut in small pieces; Finely chopped Garlic: 1 spoon; Cumin seeds: ½ spoon; Salt – As per taste; Oregano: As per taste; Chopped Green Chili: ½ spoon; Chicken Masala: ½ teaspoon; Oil – 2-3 tsp, 1 Maggi Packet.

How to Make:
  • Firstly, arrange all the veggies as per list and cut them as directed.
  • Put oil in a wok or pan and first put the cumin seeds & wait for it to splutter.
  • Go ahead with onion slices followed by garlic and green chilies.
  • Remember, the idea is not to deep fry them but simply to soften the veggies.
  • Now put cabbage and carrots and sprinkle some salt in this stage.
  • Let these veggies cook and cover the lid and leave for 5-7 minutes keeping the flame on medium to low.
  • Check if the veggies have softened or not and once softened put some chicken masala in it.
  • Let the veggies soak chicken masala well and then put off the gas and go for the next step.
  • Put 2 cups of water and bring it to boil and now put 1 packet of Maggi in it and don’t let it sit in the water for more than 3 minutes.
  • Sieve the Maggi now and spread on a plate to cool down a bit.
  • Once cooled, sprinkle the Maggi Masala on it and mix it well with your hands.
  • Be careful not to break the Maggi strings.
  • Now go back to the veggies. Simply put the Maggi mixed with Masala in your mix vegetable fry. In this stage put the frozen peas and adjust the salt. Once Maggi and veggies are mixed properly, grate some cheese on it and cover for 2 minutes so that the cheese melts.
  • Put sprinkle oregano and enjoy the cheesy mix veg Maggi with your cup of coffee or tea!
Onion-Capsicum-Egg Maggi

Simple, easy, and healthy, you can have this Maggi boiled or boiled and fried both. While in a hurry or when you have limited veggies, you can enjoy this Maggi. It is a great evening or dinner meal during the chilly winter season. So, bring these ingredients and wear the chef cap for one of the easy to make Maggi recipes.

Onion-Capsicum-Egg Maggi
Image Source – Google

Ingredients: 2 spoons of finely chopped onion, 1 spoon of finely chopped capsicum, 1 egg, Salt – As per taste, Butter – 1 Spoon, and 1 Maggi Packet.

How To Make:
  • Put the onion and capsicum in 3 cups of water and cover for 5 minutes so that they soften up. Keep the flame high.
  • Now open and check if they have softened up.
  • Now put some salt in it followed by Maggi.
  • Let the Maggi mix with the veggies and completely soften.
  • Now put the Maggi Masala in it and that mixes break the egg and give a nice stir.
  • Cover for 1-2 minutes so that the egg cooks.
  • If you don’t want your Maggi soupy, then let the water to dry up a bit more.
  • Put in a bowl and put some butter before eating. You may put some chopped coriander leaves too!
  • For the fried version, simply follow the same way as mentioned in the previous recipe.
Soybean Maggi

Soybean is healthy and tasty both and I love my Maggi with it. As a morning breakfast, you can enjoy this lovely Maggi with your roommates. If you woke up late on a weekend and feeling lethargic to cook for yourself, then this “easy to make” Maggi recipe is perfect for you. Enjoy it while binging on Netflix.

Soybean Maggi:
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Ingredients: Soybean – As much as you want it or 10 pieces if you are going for the bigger ones and half cup if you are opting for the granules. Salt – As per taste. Coriander leaves – 1 spoon finely chopped. 1 Packet of Maggi. Butter or Oil – 1 tsp. Cheese – optional.

How To Make:
  • Take 3-4 cups of water and bring it to boil. Put the soybeans in them and let them soak it for good 10 minutes.
  • Now rinse the soybeans properly in cold water and squeeze them well.
  • Keep it aside in a bowl and sprinkle some salt on them.
  • Take a pan or wok and put some oil/butter and put the soybeans in it.
  • Cook for 2-3 minutes in medium flame.
  • Now take 2 cups of water and boil Maggi and once softened put the Maggi Masala in it.
  • Put the stir-fried soybeans in your Maggi and sprinkle some coriander and grate the cheese if you want.
  • Enjoy your Maggi!

May Maggi never leave our lives and plates! These were just 3 easy to make Maggi recipes and I will post some more Maggi recipes soon. Also, keep checking this space for more interesting recipes!

Like any other millennial, Riya and Kabir left home after studies for their jobs in the city. Being a young, modern couple, they never actually shied away from accepting their relationship in front of anyone. In fact, they were popularly known as the ‘It Couple’ of the college. Ranging from compatibility, understanding, passion to loyalty their relationship had everything that anyone could ask for. That’s why moving into a live-in relationship was the only next feasible step they took when they shifted to Bangalore from Chandigarh.

It was all hunky dory in the beginning with love overflowing in their hearts for each other. From cooking together to sharing household chores, they enjoyed every bit of it. They used to pamper each other with little surprises every now and then. Be it the unconditional emotional support or physical intimacy, nothing was less than what you call perfect in their case. Saying that they were at the peak of their relationship would do justice to the magic they both were experiencing in their new live-in phase.

How Live-in Relationship Helps Riya & Kabir (Pros of a Live-In Relationship)

A live-in relationship not just keeps Riya & Kabir physically close, but also assure them the unrestricted emotional care of each other. They both get fair chances and enough time to know more about each other such as each other’s qualities and habits. That enhances the level of love and intimacy between them. With a deeper level of understanding, both Riya & Kabir give enough space and respect to each other. That increases the factor of both security and freedom in their relationship.

Pros Of Live in
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They share the financial burden which leaves both of them with enough savings to follow their passions. Both of them are committed to each other. But there is no pressure or responsibilities like people have in the marriage that burden their relationship. Being in the live-in relationship offers Riya & Kabir the opportunity to test their commitment towards the long-term relationship without the pressure of making it work anyhow. With physical proximity, no financial dependence on each other and enough space, it is easier for them to live peaceful lives with fewer conflicts.

The Struggles Riya & Kabir Face in Their Live-in Relationship (Cons of a Live-In Relationship)

Being in India where live-in relationships are not accepted openly and considered a taboo, Kabir & Riya faced severe challenges while finding a decent accommodation. Boy, talk about the glances they received from a number of landlords. On being told that both of them are planning to live together without being married. They still get unfriendly glances, face judgmental eyes and asked uncomfortable questions. By everyone ranging from their landlords, neighbors and sometimes colleagues as well. The small fights or disagreements between Kabir & Riya increases the probability of either of the partner walking out of the relationship. That gives birth to the factor of uncertainty in their live-in relationship.

Cons of live-in
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In the worst case scenario, they fear the trust issues and emotional setback after the break-up that they will end up having for the rest of their lives. Especially for Riya who being a woman is more emotional. She sometimes highly fear the ill after-effects in case of their separation. Though being together helping Riya & Kabir know each other better but the comfortable setup may end up delaying marriage for them. Or they fear that having discovered so much about each other will lessen the spark in their relationship.

Both Riya & Kabir understand that relationships are quite twisted and complex to understand. Therefore, they are letting things happen at their own pace. They both are trying hard to strike a balance in their live-in relationship by enjoying each other’s company. Never do they stop surprising each other that keeps the spark alive in their relationship. And make it strong enough to take things to the next level when time and their hearts allow.

The prime challenge during the winter season is the lack of moisture in the air that leaves an itchy and lackluster skin. You cannot always depend on cosmetic products for that natural glow and glamor of your skin. Of course, they must be great but it is always a safe option to use the naturally occurring things for a good winter skincare. These natural things don’t give you that shine readily unlike the cosmetic products. But the radiance on your skin after regular use of natural stuff is something that people would notice in you. Some also may feel jealous!

Every time when you step out of your house especially in daytime, you cannot apply the cold creams or lotions. Because they would attract more dirt and dust leading to pimples and acne. Therefore, when you are at home, you have to use certain things on your skin so that the moisture is retained even when you go out in the chilly breeze.

Learn these tips and tricks to own that radiant skin in the winter season. And pile up your table with these easily available products.

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Even our favorite icon Bebo aka Kareena Kapoor Khan also says in her interviews that she never skips applying honey on her face. Honey is a natural remedy to dry skin and gives an enviable glow to your skin. You can use it directly on your skin or mix it with other things like rose water and milk or yogurt. The consistency of honey is quite thick and thus it won’t be easy to apply it on your skin. Therefore, you have to dilute it with rose water or milk. Take half a spoon of honey and mix with half a spoon of milk and rose water. You would see a change in your skin tone and texture after a week! Before you notice yourself, people around you would notice that surely.

Winter is also the time when there are endless parties at your place, friends place, or at a pub. So, there would be a surplus of alcohol quite naturally. I am saying it from a personal experience that whiskey works wonderfully for your skin. I mixed 1 spoon of whiskey with 1 spoon of honey and rose water. The glow on my skin was to die for!

So, a jar of Dabur Honey or any other brand of honey is all you need for winter skincare.

Rose Water
Rose Water
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Rose Water is essential for all kinds of seasons. It works as a great toner for the skin. As the makeup base also, you can apply some rose water on your skin. After cleansing your face and neck, apply some rose water. Or mix this rose with all the variety of face packs that are available in the market. You can mix this rose water with orange peel powder, rose powder, or sandalwood powder. The orange peel, rose, and sandalwood powder of Everyuth is really good and comes at a minimal rate. Simply take 1 spoon of these powders and mix with required rose water for that glow on your face. Make a habit of applying these face packs every alternate day.

Take sandalwood powder for yourself if you have a very oily skin. If you have a mixed skin, then take rose powder or orange peel powder.

So, Dabur Gulabari or another brand of rose water should be in your list of winter skincare shopping.

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The presence of vitamin C in this fruit works wonders for skin and also fights diseases! So, while driving back home, stop by the fruit seller and take the juicy and refreshing oranges. Have 1 orange daily after half an hour of your lunch meal. Keep one piece of orange for an easy winter skincare. Simply squeeze the orange and apply it directly on your face and leave it. It would take hardly 5-7 minutes for your skin to soak it up. Then rinse your face with normal water. If you follow this simple routine for at least 10 days, you would see a great result.

And there is a long list of other ways to use it. You can squeeze the juice of oranges and take 2 spoons of it and mix with half spoon of honey. You can use orange juice with sandalwood powder. Or you can mix the required orange juice with a spoon or two of gram flour or besan which can replace your face wash!

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You get this fruit easily every season. Bananas are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, and other fibers. Eat bananas in your breakfast and also don’t forget to use it as a winter skincare mask.

The simplest and easiest way is to mash half a banana very well and mix with some rose water simply if you are in a hurry or running out of other things. Apply on your skin properly and let it sit for some time and then go for a good massage before rinsing.

When you have enough time to pamper yourself during the weekend, you can make a nice banana face pack with yogurt and honey that would cleanse and moisturize your skin beautifully. Take half or 1 banana and mash it properly. You may churn it in a blender for a smoother consistency. Take 1-2 spoons of yogurt, 1 spoon of Aloe Vera gel, and 1 spoon of honey and mix all these together. Apply nicely on your face, neck, and hands and leave for a good half an hour. Now, massage while rinsing.

Your skin would feel young, rejuvenated, and supple just like a baby!

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera Gel
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Many people think that planting an Aloe Vera plant would give easy access to Aloe Vera gel and commit the mistake of applying the gel directly. The raw Aloe Vera gel may lead to irritation on your skin as it contains latex. So, even when you are thinking to extract the gel directly from the plant, you can do so but only after discarding the latex. But to be on the safe side, you can buy a tube of Aloe Vera gel which is good too. The easiest and simplest procedure to follow all through the winter season is to apply Aloe Vera gel properly on your face and neck before going to sleep.

In the morning, cleanse your face first with cleansing milk and then rinse with water. Now you can apply an Aloe Vera gel face pack. Take 1 spoon of turmeric powder, 1 spoon of milk, half spoon of honey, half spoon of rose water, and half spoon of Aloe Vera gel. You can do this once every week.

Another simple formula is to take half spoon each of Aloe Vera gel, honey, and rose water. The trick is to mix all these three and give a nice massage to your face and neck for at least 5 minutes. You may go for a shower if you are in a hurry or let the pack stay on your face for another 10 minutes after massage.

So, the Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel comes at only 80 bucks and that can be your best friend for winter skincare.

If you follow these easy and simple winter skincare processes, then feel free to share your reviews with us!

Like every year, you must have planned a lavish Diwali get-together with your clan – exchanging gifts, playing indoor games, greeting the guests wearing the gorgeous clothes, praying during the Puja, gorging on lip-smacking food & desserts, & heading out for the latest Bollywood release!

This is primarily the plan of every Indian since the mid-’90s. With the turn of the century, the Diwali Dhamaka of Bollywood just got bigger. Baazigar, Hum Aapke Hai Koun, DDLJ, Dil To Pagal Hai, Mohabbatein, Veer-Zaara, Golmaal 3, Fashion, etc. all these blockbusters were Diwali releases and Biggest Hits of the year. As a nation, every one of us expects a lot from Bollywood when it comes to extended weekend offs merging with a big festival. So, did you all like Thugs of Hindostan? Are you excited to share your emotions after watching this movie? Call me a movie-pundit or movie buff, since the time Yashraj announced this movie, it was a flop in my head for reasons you would read in the following lines.

Now, here is my opinion (to which you all would agree) why the people of India didn’t accept Thugs of Hindostan:

Content Is King

Just before I started writing this pseudo-review of TOH, I read that Badhai Ho has proudly joined the 200 crore club. I hope you got what I want to prove here. Content is king – without a good story or content, you simply cannot expect people to make fool of themselves. TOH had zero content – a Khudabaksh is faithful and a Firangi is unfaithful and they had no backup story to sympathize with their current mood. I guess the writer, director, screenplay writer, Mr. Vijay Krishna Acharya was absolutely not interested to tell a story. When a movie lacks a story, why would the verdict be HIT?

Script Failed To Follow A Story

The aim of any movie is to tell a story. One, two, or even multiple characters are given a goal in movies to reach a certain destination or conclusion. Here, the biggest flaw of TOH is that the script failed to follow a certain story. Be it Khudabaksh, Firangi, Zafira, Shanichar, or Suraiyya – the script doesn’t give prominence or clarity to anyone. In various points, that’s why the audiences felt like: “Arrey bolna kya chahte ho” just like the professor of 3 Idiots!

Characters & Actors

TOH would always be remembered as the biggest mistakes of Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. When stalwarts like them can be a part of such a glorified mistake, Katrina & Fathima are minions! The character called Zafira is introduced as someone whose parents were killed by the Britishers & she is desperate to take a revenge. So, she underwent training from Khudabaksh but she is not given dialogue for a good 1 hour to the movie. Ila Arun gets to speak before she can!

Shanichar or Zeeshan Ayub is introduced as a human folly artist who can mimic sounds of anything & everything existing in Nature but he does nothing more than comic relief here in TOH – again a great actor spoilt big time! Suraiyya played by Katrina appears 4 times in TOH out of which 2 are for songs and 2 times for mouthing some non-veg lines. Somewhere in the maze of strict “non-sense”, I wondered “Arrey Katrina ayi thi naa screen pe abhi”. She simply vanishes after dancing.

Intelligence Test

Ok so, people from Britain, when ruled over India, learned the local language to help their stay in India. Now, my intelligence says when the Britishers are talking to villagers, they can speak in Hindi but why would they speak Hindi among themselves? The dialogue writer went too dramatic and gave lines like – “Sher ka shikaar karne ke liye bakri ko bandhna padhta hai”. Really! A Britisher is so fluent in Hindi that he even talks comfortably using idioms which seldom any average Indian would do!

Zafira is trained so amazingly under Khudabash that she targets to kill three or four men using her bow and arrows – hang on – her arrows were placed vertically and the men were standing horizontally! Fathima was clearly uncomfortable in this character. Raunakpur is shown somewhere in Central India – but tell me where do you get a sea in Central India? Maybe VKA & Aditya Chopra had a customized Map of India where they live.

No Masala (Spice)

Come on, we all love Masala movies at least during a big festival. TOH felt like a steamed momo made by a first-time cook who forgot to put on the stove. There were star actors to pull the crowd, money from a generous producer, technicians to create an ancient India, but “no spice” was there to cook them, no not even salt to stir-fry them.

Overuse of Aamir Khan

I felt Aamir Khan was over-used in the so-called script. He is either running away or mouthing non-stop jokes and dialogues which would bore you. Aamir Khan is an actor par excellence and his track record of making good movies is a proof of that. Take Dangal or Secret Superstar, he played character actors and made the movies memorable. It is obviously not his fault that he was overused in the movie. The audience won’t mind seeing more of him on screen, but that presence has to be for some reason – right? Here in TOH, it was all baseless.

Big Budget

I read an article that while the concept (I wonder which one!) of the movie was brought on the table, the budget that was decided was 90 crores! But while filming, the budget went up to 260 crores (170 crores extra). It would have been a lot easier to collect the money if the budget was less by some 100 crores. I am still scratching my head, where was the money spent? Surely, it is a lesson for Mr. Aditya Chopra. Next time, he must spend some 5-10 crores to get a brain replacement for Mr. Vijay Krishna Acharya before signing another 3 film deal with him.

Mr. Vijay Krishna Acharya

And finally, its time to talk about the “Man of the Hour”. He is currently “India’s Most Wanted”. Everyone is looking for him. See, guys, he has made “Tashan” and “Dhoom 3” and so I was 300% confident that he would come up with another brainless, spineless, and mindless crap. And he didn’t let me down at all. He deserves a big salute for cheating Aditya Chopra thrice & Aamir twice! And had the guts to fool Amitabh Bachchan too! His future in Bollywood hangs by a tiny thread and who knows we may see his exit soon or now! So, dear Vijay Krishna Acharya, please rest for some time or go for a vacation and come back with something worthwhile!

Thugs of Hindostan is a flop with a historical record which is hard to break. This is the highest ever opening any Hindi film ever had – 56 crores! The following day had half of it – 28 crores! In the end, I would like to ask you all, if you understood who were the Thugs of Hindostan? If anyone knows the answer, please let me know. I had a brain attack after watching TOH.