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Psychological Reasons- Why People Might Fall In Love with You?

Everything Has A Reason To Exist, So Does Love
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“Love Is When You Find A New Address In Someone’s Heart & Make That Your Comfortable Home For Forever”.

One cannot undermine the role of love in life. Love is the only thing we survive for. Love is the driving force behind everyone. Everyone loves the feeling of being in love. It is the most beautiful feeling to return to a special person every day after work. But ever wondered why do people fall in love? Apart from your physical appearance, your financial status, family prestige, and your luminous career, there is a certain psychological aspect to love. The common human psychology is to be around people who are alike in some way. People also tend to be around those who give a feeling of safety, who are happy and welcoming, and who are problem-solvers. In short, those people who inspire others to push their limits and become a better person are always preferred as lovers.

You may own some wonderful qualities which make your partner proud of loving you. There are actually no convenient all-inclusive explanation or any proven formula for why people fall in love. But, some common psychological reasons can be cited below.

  1. The Similarity of Choices
The Similarity of Choices
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It is one of the most natural reasons to fall in love with someone. Each and every one has a set of choices, likes, and dislikes. So, when these likes and dislikes match with someone in the vicinity, we very easily become comfortable with that person. The similar likes may lead to watch a sports tournament, go for a movie night, set out to explore a variety of food in the city, etc. It is very normal to like and go on loving someone with whom you share a similarity of choices. Also when it comes to the ideologies in life or the value system – similarity is an important factor to fall in love.

  1. Playing Hard to Get
Playing Hard to Get
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When someone is casually approaching you, and if you say a “YES” instantly, that might kill the interest. On the other hand, if you are “playing hard to get” – that is what makes the other person chase you and eventually fall in love with you in a crazy way. But this may not apply to some people who love to live a simple life and for whom YES and NO means plain Yes and No.

  1. Being Happy & Cheerful
Being Happy & Cheerful
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Nobody wants to be around mundane, irritating, and unhappy people. The happy, cheerful, and smiling people are popular because they spread positivity among people around them. This is thus one of the prime reasons behind people falling in love. Everyone wants to return home to a person who would lift up their spirits with a happy and cheerful smile and a positive conversation. So, it can be your happy and cheerful vibe that might lead people to fall in love with you.

  1. The similarity with Ex
The similarity with Ex
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Different people have different ways of handling their past relationships. But it is a common phenomenon to fall in love with someone who shares a similarity with an “EX”. The similarity can be in the appearance, clothes, choice of perfume, hairstyle, the color of eyes, fondness for a type of food, etc. There are also people who wouldn’t think twice before running from the vicinity of someone who shares some kind of similarity with an “EX”. But for some this “similarity with Ex” can be a reason of beginning a new chapter in life.

  1. Attention
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If you are attentive towards what the other person is saying, there are large chances of the other one finding you the most suitable one to fall in love. Listening to all the big and small talks and participating in all the topics he/she brings on the table – helps one to depend on you. With your attentive nature, the other person feels comfortable and safe in your company.

  1. If You Own A Pet
If You Own A Pet
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Well, that might sound a little bit weird. But a research says that people find pet-owners more caring, loving, and reliable when it comes to commitments. The research was done on women in Israel who found men with dogs more suitable as lifelong partners. Maybe people with pets are happier, relaxed, and more approachable than the rest.

  1. Kind Attitude & Liberal Mind
Kind Attitude & Liberal Mind
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For any love relationship to sail forward, it is very important to own a liberal mind and a kind heart. A kind attitude towards anyone who is in need or underprivileged is praiseworthy. People always feel guarded and relaxed in the company of such kind hearts. Owning a liberal mind that permits people to be different and be respectful towards the difference is the fine quality one looks in a love-partner. If you have these two qualities – you must be having many lovers!

  1. A Great Sense of Humor
A Great Sense of Humor
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Humor is very important to make someone feel happy and alive. Maybe you own a great sense of humor which is a source of strength after someone’s bad day. They say that a good laugh and good sleep are two medicines for every disease in the world. A good laugh often leads to a sound sleep later. People forget their tensions and worries while they are with someone who cracks a joke every moment. And again this quality is also essential for a long-term relationship.

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