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How One Expresses Love & Romance: The Zodiac Way

It’s All In The Zodiac- The Way Love & Romance Manifests
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Love is an essential part of our lives for sure. Some love to show it to the world whole-heartedly while some have a restrained approach. Passion runs high in some while some are casual. These differences in various ways of expression of love are based on the zodiac signs. Astrology says that the way people perceive love and romance comes straight from their zodiac signs. By studying the zodiac signs, you may thus understand your friend, partner, and better halves in a better way. Various zodiac signs have various personality traits and their expression of love and romance are truly based on that. For example, Cancerians are very emotional and sensitive people and thus their love is very romantic.

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Aries: Passion Is The Keyword

Being a Fire sign, people of Aries zodiac sign are passionate, impulsive, and headstrong people. They can take a bullet for a friend too. So, when it comes to love and romance, they are high on that passion meter. They are also those few who fall for “love at first sight”. They listen to their instincts when in love and they feel lively and almost fanatical while their lovers are around. But in some cases, this passion doesn’t take much time to die down.

Taurus: Naturally Sensuous

Taurus is an Earth sign and they are popular for their stubbornness. Venus is their ruler and thus they love beauty and find comfort. In love too, they are always searching for that comfort. Taureans are naturally sensuous when it comes to the expression of love and romance. They won’t force their love on you and whatever is natural in love comes to them easily. Taurus also believes that without carnal pleasure, love is incomplete. Emotional security from their partner holds importance to them because they need to be sure that they are in an emotional comfort zone.

Gemini: Love Is Pure Fun

Gemini is an Air again and these people are known to be very expressive and quick-witted. They are intelligent people and in matters of the heart too they are intelligent and not emotional. Gemini people love fun mixed with wit and thus they are always trying to establish a little with their partners. But Gemini personalities are also vulnerable in love.

Cancer: Possessive Romance

Being passionate and possessive are two different things but Cancerians often blur these lines. While in love they always want that persona around – way too much! They need affection non-stop and this sometimes may disturb their partners. But they are way too much romantic. They are the ones who would want to walk under one umbrella with their partners when it is raining heavily. In love, Cancerians are a little timid too and a constant reassurance of love from their partners is required.

Leo: Leaders In Charge Of Love

Leo, the Fire sign- the natural born leaders. They are the center of attraction wherever they go. Leos are warm-hearted, creative, and generous people and just the way they are leaders everywhere else, in love too they love to take charge. To feel good in love relationships, Leos need to be admired a lot. But sometimes, Leo’s become self-centered, lazy, arrogant, and stubborn and their partners might perceive that as “lack of emotions”.

Virgo: A Committed Lover

Virgo is an Earth sign who are loyal, benevolent, and practical. They always oblige to their partner’s wishes, whims, and fancies just to make them happy. They do all these because when in love they are in constant trial in their mind that the other one is still uncertain about the relationship. That’s why they are always working hard to fulfill the desires of their partners. Their feelings are sometimes unnoticeable but this one is a very committed lover from the very first day!

Libra: Charmers Know To Charm

Libra- the air sign people know exactly how to win people’s hearts with their charm. They are the owners of a pleasing personality and loves to live a balanced, harmonious, and peaceful life. In love, they are hugely romantic but they are a bit less articulate while exchanging words of love with others. Their main concern is that their partners should always feel happy and carry a cheerful smile on their faces and that’s why they use their charm to make them laugh. Born with justified minds, Librans are always in search of a balanced relationship.

Scorpio: Sexily

This water sign zodiac, Scorpions are deeply creative, passionate, courageous, and sexy people. People generally get attracted to them for their deep and intense eyes and those sexy moves. In love, scorpions are highly passionate and their relationships are often feisty, lively, and intense. Scorpions are extremely sensual and thus there are irresistible urges. Intuition runs very deep in their blood, and that’s why they somehow feel it way before if their partners are going to cheat on them or not. They have a revengeful mind but also believe that revenge should be served cold. Scorpions also have a problem- they hardly forget things and that’s why don’t sit peacefully until they settle their scores, yes in matters of the heart too!

Sagittarius: Honest & Trustworthy Lovers

Sagittarius are very simple people who adore honesty and trust in love relationships. They cannot take quarrel, fights, or any sort of heated exchanges. And they feel it’s futile to delve in a territory where things are complicated. In short, they won’t take risks at all. But they are the ones whom you can trust with your life and are very honest with their feelings.

Capricorn: Genuinely

Capricorn is an Earth sign that is ruled by Saturn. They have determination and ambition very clearly in their mind. In matters of the heart too, they are determined! So, their feelings are deep and rare. Keeping away the casual flirting’s and flings, when they are sure about someone, they are true and genuine. Love then is for eternity. Their expression of romance is thus chilled out and they can be unpredictable in their moves and completely surprise their partners which is why their love stories always retain freshness.

Aquarius: Love Is An Adventure

Aquarians are very creative and original and thus their style of loving is also original. They carry a dynamic attitude that is liked by others and they are also very eccentric. Aquarius believe that their love partners are their best friends, in fact, some of them cannot be comfortable in the relationship if the friendship is not agile. So, in love, they want to take an adventure tour to the world with their partners.

Pisces: Strong Emotional Lover

Pisces are very emotional and in love they are selfless. They know how to empathize with their partners. Pisces run very high on emotions and are always hungry for perfection even in love. Their sentimental angle makes them truly a pillar of support and strength to their partners. If they are in love, they won’t waste a single moment in expressing that feeling to their lovers.

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