Beat the Cold with Chai: Benefits of Herbal Tea

Happiness is warming your hands & soul with a warm cup of tea!
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We all know Herbal Tea! But, Do we? Most of us know Herbal Tea as a hot beverage made from herbs & spices. I wouldn’t say that is wrong, but there is more to it. Did you know that herbal tea is not actually tea! Tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Herbal tea is not! No tea leaves are used in herbal tea.

Herbal tea is a blend of various other leaves, flowers, roots, barks, herbs etc. Apart from having various health benefits, herbal teas usually have a vibrant flavor.

So, let’s beat the winter breeze with Herbal Tea. Here are 3 must-try tea flavors and their benefits:

Thyme Tea
Thyme Tea
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Thyme is a Mediterranean Herb from the mint family. It has many health benefits and if you’re looking forward to adding it to your daily diet, start with Thyme Tea!

Thyme tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.

Some health benefits of Thyme Tea are:

  • For Respiratory Problems: Thyme tea is really good for respiratory problems. It helps in relieving coughs & congestions. It is one of the most known solutions for curing a cough! Coughing non-stop? Thyme tea will make it go away!
  • Weight Loss: Thyme tea helps in optimizing your metabolism rate & suppress your appetite which is why it is really good for weight loss. It also boosts energy & delivers the body with valuable nutrients.
  • Menstrual Cramps: Good news for all the ladies! Thyme tea helps to ease menstrual cramps and help with your PMS mood swings. Ladies, Happy Much?
  • Improves Cognition: The most common excuse men will you give you for forgetting things or not understanding them is that they’ve got really poor cognition skills. Well, start serving them Thyme tea because Thymol helps increase omega-3 levels in the brain resulting in improved cognition. So, next time he says “Sorry, It isn’t me but my cognition!” You got a solution. It will make your life a lot easier! It also helps prevent age-related problems with cognition.
  • Improved Digestion: Bloating? Constipation? Upset stomach? The antibacterial properties in Thyme can help!
  • Strengthens Immune System: Thyme has high levels of vitamin C which helps with boosting your immune system. It helps with relieving cold & flu.

So, can you think of a better time to try Thyme Tea than winters? You can find Thyme tea bags online or if you’re fond of gardening, try growing them in your garden. They are really easy to grow!

Elderflower Tea
Elderflower Tea
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Elderflower is a flower of a tree and has many medicinal benefits. It used in many medicines and used as food flavoring. It has antioxidants & antiviral properties. Some benefits of Elderflower tea are:

  • Beat Cold & Flu: The most popular use of Elderflower tea is that it helps fight cold & flu. It is also known as the natural decongestant and helps clear up mucus.
  • Respiratory Problems: Sinus, Asthma, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis, Cold, Chronic Cough etc. have become really common. Elderflower tea helps with these diseases as it boosts up the immune system.
  • Dietary Benefits: Elderflower Tea helps to purify blood & eliminates water retention and bloating in the body.
  • Cholesterol Issues? Drinking Elderflower tea can help as it helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Viral Illness: As per many people, Elderflower tea is helpful in treating viral infections like measles, chicken pox, & shingles.

Why just winters? This tea is a must drink in all the seasons. Respiratory problems have become so common! Why not try this herbal tea and see the effects for ourselves.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea
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Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs, and it comes from daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. Chamomile Tea is one of the most popular herbal tea. We all must have heard about Chamomile tea but have we tried it? More importantly, do we know about the health benefits of Chamomile Tea? Let’s take a look at them:

  • Helps with Sleep Problems: Insomnia? Or other sleep disorders? Chamomile Tea can help! It will help you sleep faster and have better sleep quality!
  • Menstrual Cramps: Well, good news for all the ladies. Apart from being delicious, Chamomile Tea helps ease the pain of menstrual cramps.
  • Skin Problems: Acne? Sunburn? Dark Circles? Apply Chamomile teabags on the affected areas and see it for yourself!
  • Stress Buster: In today’s world, stress has become really common and this is the most common line you are going to hear around. Well, Chamomile Tea might help! It acts as a relaxant and helps reduce stress levels!
  • Glucose Level: Chamomile Tea helps maintain glucose level in the body which is why it helps in controlling diabetes. It also helps in lowering blood sugar level.
  • Soothes Ulcer Pain: If Chamomile tea is taken regularly, it can help soothe ulcer pains. If you’ve gone through an operation for stones, it can help to prevent the reformation of the stones.
  • Migraines: Chamomile tea is known to be therapeutic and helps to get rid of migraines and severe headaches. It is known to give instant relief from severe headaches!
  • Hair Problems: Chamomile Tea is known to reduce dandruff and give instant shine to hair. You can mix it with henna, and you’ll see positive results for sure!
Fun Facts:
  • Herbal Tea is less commonly known as “Tisanes.”
  • It does not contain Caffeine.
  • Herbal Tea can be served hot or cold.
  • It can help you beat your caffeine addiction.

So, if you haven’t entered the world of Herbal Teas yet, you got to! This winters, make it about being healthy. Beat the cold with these delicious and hearty tea flavors. We know you love your chai and It may take a while to develop a taste for them. But once you do, you will love them for sure!

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