11 Food Items to Keep You Warm During Winters

Brace yourselves with warm food because winter is here!
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Winters are here! Although winters are loved and adored by everyone but winter chills can be a little too much to handle. Now, who here loves to eat during winters? Raise your hands! I know you all did. There is something about food & winters which really excites me. With the chills of winter comes the delicious gajar ka halwa, sarson ka saag, & the gurr roti combo. Nostalgia just hit you, didn’t it? Winters are beautiful and which is why it is very important to keep yourself healthy during the chilly breeze. Here are 11 Food items to keep you warm during winters:

  • Desi Ghee da Tadka

    Desi Ghee da Tadka
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Even a single drop of Desi Ghee makes everything delicious! Desi Ghee is known to balance the heating element in the body and provide you with the much-needed warmth. It also aids digestion, prevents constipation and increases body immunity. Desi Ghee won’t make you gain weight, it is the most digestible fat. So, stop counting your calories and start having Desi Ghee because it is winters!!!! Go ahead and have delicious ghee wali sabzi because calories don’t count during winters.

  • Sesame Seeds
Sesame Seeds
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Calcium & Iron packed sesame seeds are great for warming up your body in winters. It helps in dealing with chronic diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, and Asthma. These seeds are often used in halwas, chikki and gajjaks during winters. Remember Til k Laddu? Yes, I love them too! Apart from keeping you warm, sesame paste helps reducing dandruff, and that is another common problem in winters.

  • Soup
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This is one is my personal favorite! Soup is the healthiest way to keep yourself. It is comforting too! Chicken soup is my favorite but, if you’re a vegetarian then, you could try mix vegetable corn soup.

  • Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea
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Hey, there all the Chai lovers! How do you feel about the first sip of your subah ki chai? Heavenly, right? Well, just add a little ginger to it and, it’ll be more than enough to keep the flu away. Ginger keeps your body warm, improves digestion, and helps with healing cough & cold.

  • Honey
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Honey is another food item which is really warm in nature which is why it keeps your body warm. It boosts your immune system, heals cold, cough & flu. You need more reasons to have honey? Well, having honey with hot water in the morning helps boost your metabolism rate, it is a good substitute for sugar, it is delicious and, it never expires!

  • Haldi
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We all know turmeric for its healing properties but did you know that it reduces inflammation in our body and keep our body warm. You can have it will milk, tea or add it to your food. It is going to help you in every way!

  • Cinnamon
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Cinnamon helps your body warm up real fast. It garners your metabolism, lower your blood sugar and cures a sore throat. Apart from all the benefits, it tastes really good! Cinnamon can add taste to almost everything it touches. Add it to your coffee instead of sugar and, you’ll know how heavenly it tastes.

  • Jaggery
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Here is another one of my favorites! If you grew up in an Indian house, you know how important Gurr is! Our parents or grandparents used to give us jaggery after every meal. This used to be our “kuch meetha ho jae.”

Not only it keeps your body warm but is a rich source of vitamins & minerals like phosphorous, iron, magnesium and potassium. It is a natural cure for the cough, cold, migraine, asthma, fatigue, menstrual cramps & indigestion.

  • Eggs
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Remember the advertisement “Sunday ho ya Monday Roz Khao Andey!”

Well, you should definitely have eggs every day during winters. They not only help you keep your body warm but provide you with proteins & vitamins. The energy eggs give your body helps you get rid of the wintertime laziness.

  • Chillies
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Haye haye Mirche! Uff Uff Mirche! Hey, there all the spice lovers!

Chillies always make you sweat? Ever wondered why? It is because of capsaicin that speeds up your metabolism and warms up your body. Now you have a reason to eat spicy food! But go easy on it tiger!

  • Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
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Now, this exactly isn’t a super healthy drink but it is magic during winters. Although, it is just warm milk which by the way is very healthy & chocolate. It actually works like charm to beat the winter blues and provide the comfort you need. Want to make it healthier? Add cinnamon to your hot chocolate!

To some winters are happy and to some, it’s a gloomy time! You just got to be sure to stay warm during winters so you can enjoy the cool breeze. Beat the winter blues!

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