Which Were The 5 Best Movies of IFFI 2018?

The World Cinema That You Missed In Goa
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Goa is not only famous for its soothing beaches, inexpensive beers, and a breezy climate, but also for hosting the prestigious International Film Festival of India or IFFI. This was the 49th year of Goa Film Festival or IFFI and it took place between 20th November and 28th November 2018. It showcased 212 movies shortlisted from 68 countries across the world. Indian Panorama segment showcasing the brilliance of Indian Cinema had 47 movies in its kitty. This time Israel was the focus country and Jharkhand was the focus state. The opening movie was “The Aspern Papers” from the UK and the closing movie was “Sealed Lips” from Germany. Take a look at the list of best movies from IFFI 2018 and arrange the DVD of these movies or watch them online if you are a cinephile.

  1. Birds of Passage (Spain)
Birds of Passage (Spain)
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Birds of Passage is a Spanish language movie directed by Cristina Gallego & Ciro Guerra. It was selected to open the 50th edition of the Directors’ Fortnight section at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival along with its selection at the 91st Academy Awards for the “Best Foreign Language Film”. This movie tells the story of a Wayuu family who is Native American Ethnic Group of the Guajira Peninsula in the Northern part of Colombia & Venezuela. The rise and fall of a Wayuu family is the basic storyline here that goes back to the time of illegal drug trading in Columbia in the late 1960s and 1970s.

  1. Climax (French-American)
Climax (French-American)
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Climax is a mystery drama movie directed by Gaspar Noé. Like Birds of Passages, this movie too was screened at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival in the “Directors Fortnight” section. Some French dancers are shown gathered in an isolated and empty school building. They are there to rehearse on a winter night. Now, this all-night celebration alters into a hallucinatory nightmare when they get to know that the Sangria is mixed with LSD. This cool and hypnotic psychological thriller is something you won’t forget for a long time.

  1. Olu (Kerala, India)
Olu (Kerala, India)
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Olu is a Malayalam movie directed by the National Award winning director Shaji N. Karun. Perhaps it is one of the most unconventional movies presented in recent times. Olu means “She”. It is the story of a girl named Maya who is mercilessly raped and drowned in the famous Kerala backwaters. But quite mysteriously, she survives underwater and is carrying the child too. On full moon nights, she is able to see above water and on one such night, she meets Vasu, the painter who is in struggling to create something amazing in his paintings. To know the rest of the story, you have to watch this beautiful movie which is visually stunning. You would find a wonderful mix of traditional beliefs, religions, customs, and mythology that enhances the layers of this movie. A maverick world of fantasy is created which would soak in the minds of cinephiles for sure.

  1. Uma (West Bengal, India)
Uma (West Bengal, India)
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Coming from the exceptionally brilliant talent named Srijit Mukherjee, you can only sit back and gasp at the storyline with awe. This time, Srijit Mukherkjee has woven the emotional layers just like a dream. Cinema is all about a dream only – isn’t it? So, how a team of dedicated artists extends this dream is what you would see in this movie.

It is a story of a Bengali father and daughter settled in Switzerland. The daughter named Uma (the other name of Devi Durga) is terminally ill and want to witness the famous Durga Puja in Kolkata. The doctors say that she perhaps won’t live till October to see Durga Puja. So, a friend of Uma’s dad pops up the idea of celebrating a fake Durga Puja in a bustling Kolkata. They hire a yesteryear fading director for this job. This job requires a narrator who can blur all the lines between pragmatism and falsity. What follows is a series of “goose bumps producing” incidents.

  1. Winter Flies (Czech Republic)
Winter Flies (Czech Republic)
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It is a movie that narrates the story of two boys who are still in their teens – Mara & Hedu. They both left home and is driving through the countryside into the wild, adventurous, and frozen. They meet many faces in this journey which helps them to shape a theory about the world. Directed by Olmo Omerzu, this movie was one of the entrants at the “Best Foreign Film” category at the 91st Oscars. The director got “Best Director” award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on 2018.

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