The Special Bond Between Grandparents & Grandkids – Reasons Why It Is So Special

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There is no one like the grandpa and grandma. The love and care of parents are no doubt special but grandparents form a very different equation with their grandkids. This special bond between grandparents and grandkids is purely based on love, appreciation, inspiration, fun, and joy. Being promoted from a parent to a grandparent is one of the most special moments in a person’s life. They relive their days of new parenthood again with the arrival of their grandchildren in their lives. For the grandkids, they are always a safe and secure home. When the kids get a good scold from the parents, they seek the patronage of their grandparents and in many instances, the grandparents save the grandkids from being rebuked!

Here are some more reasons, why this relationship is so special and unbreakable.

Children Suddenly Understand You More

There were instances while raising up the kids where the parents say NO to a certain demand of their kids. And later explained that “you would understand why I am saying NO once you become a parent yourself”. So, now when these children have grown up and become parents, they understand their parent’s point of view with more clarity. So, the new parents and the new grandparents form a stronger bond which makes the family happier.

Grandkids Give Special Names To Grandparents

Oh! This is perhaps the cutest phase of a grandparent-grandkids bonding. Every grandkid has a special name for their grandparents. Nana, Grandma, Honey, Badi Ammi, Dida, Dadu, Gampy, Nonna, Chief, etc. – the grandkids go much creative while framing a nice and cool name for their grandparents. The grandparents feel special because these are the names which are used to only call them and no one else!

Warmest Hugs

Many would agree to this point that there is no hug as warm, gentle, and lovely as a hug from a grandkid. The sight of the grandkids running to their grandma or grandpa resolves all the pains in life. Some kids even crave for their grandparents more than their parents.

Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

The grandparents are lucky because they get to relive the moments of their kid’s childhood again. By looking into the face of the grandkids, they transport themselves back to those days when their kids first saw the light of the world. It is the most beautiful feeling in this world to cherish this grandparenthood!

Teaching Passions To Grandkids

Over the years while earning money and raising up kids didn’t allow much time to follow passions and thus at old age, they have much time for themselves. That’s why people often have a plan for the old age. Some start organic farming, some start painting, some sit down to write a book, while some move ahead to see the world. The grandkids then infuse their passions to their grandchildren who in a way also help them enjoy their passion more.

Learning New Skill From Grandchildren

It is a wonderful relationship when a 6-year-old kid teaches a new skill or technology to a 60-70-year-old. Be it the latest smartphone, how to play YouTube, how to Face Time, how to play PubG, etc. Then these grandkids and grandparents compete with each other in various games or share the weirdest tales over Skype! In short, the grandparents and grandkids form an unbreakable bond.

Being The Best Friend

There is always ease in the relationship between a grandparent and a grandkid. The parents can be best friends to their kids but somewhere they also have to draw a line and say, “I am your parent, not your best friend”. But with grandparents, this phase would never come. The grandkids can say things to their grandpa or grandma without any hesitation and they can, of course, come up with suggestions.

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