Funny Assumptions Single Friends Make About Their Married Friends

Just got married? You'll relate to every point...
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Marriage is the commencement of a new journey that brings along several sweet-bitter experiences, which are worth cherishing. Some new people become an important part of our lives. We feel more connected to our partner and have a support system 24*7.

There are a few changes that people expect and love to accept after they get married. But the single people have a very different perspective about their married friends. They believe that the life of their married friends turns completely upside down after tying the knot. And it becomes almost impossible for them to carry on with their normal lives like they used to do it.

So, here is a list of weird yet funny assumptions that single people make about their married friends.

  1. The married people are on 24*7 PDA ride. And all they do is to hold hands together, be with each other every second and never want time away from each other. While the reality is we all need some personal time to keep our sanity intact. So, no! Married people are not the brand ambassadors for PDA association.
  2. People believe that married women would drop all their single friends and would socialize only with other married people. Because birds of the same feather flock together. That’s completely incorrect. Getting married doesn’t change your thoughts, interests or people you like. Married women like to hang out with single friends as much as they like to mingle with their married friends.
  3. The single people assume that their married friend is now permanently tied to her husband who wouldn’t go anywhere without him. News flash! Your friend who is now married has still got a life of her own and she can very much do things she wants with or without her husband.
  4. Now that your friend is married, she is licensed to get intimate with her partner. So, the single friends assume that their married friend is living with a guy and she is definitely having sex all the time. Sorry to burst your bubble, but sex only slows down post the marriage.
  5. The married woman can’t go out without her husband’s permission. She can’t be invited to a sleepover. Because she is married and can’t spend the night at someone else’s home. Guys, your friend just got married, she isn’t under a house arrest that she cannot go out anywhere she wants.
  6. Married women should know how to make Mughal, Chinese, Caribbean, French, Greek, Italian & several other cuisines along with the expertise in desserts. The truth is, some women don’t even know how to make chapattis long after they are married. And nobody in the family starves to death. Because it is not just the responsibility of newly married daughter-in-law to cook for everyone in the family.
  7. Married women need to behave and can’t crack non-veg jokes in front of her husband. Guys, your married friend is still the same fun-loving person and her husband for sure doesn’t mind a good laugh.
  8. That married women can’t be a part of all girls trip abroad because she has a husband and whole family to attend, feed, and entertain. Well, hello! She’s still a human who likes to travel, have fun, and spend time with people who are not her husband or in-laws.
  9. Married women are always fully dressed up in front of their in-laws. Their friends believe that they wake up before everyone else in the family to make tea and coffee for everyone. And sleep wearing a 9-yard saree with makeup on. Being an individual, a married woman has several other responsibilities besides pampering her in-laws all day long. And you only come across a woman sleeping wearing a 9-yard saree in Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap.
  10. Married people are expected to have babies as soon as they get back from their honeymoon. People start bombarding them with questions like “So, when are you giving us the good news?” or “When are you guys having kids?” Not everyone is obsessed with making babies as soon as they get a chance. Some people don’t even want to have kids now, in the future, or ever. And it’s totally a decision to be made by the couple without any intervention of society, friends, or family members.

We hope married people would relate to every point mentioned above. And would agree how crazy their single friends are to make to all these weird assumptions.

An avid food and sugar lover, high on thoughts, Apeksha indulges all her senses in search of the writing inspiration. She is a huge fan of Hollywood romantic and comedy movies. The challenges of life and work keep infusing new energies in her to seek perfection. Loves listening to music, and her solitude seeking soul finds inner balance in the lap of mountains. Like an ocean, she seems quiet on the surface, but there is a treasure of life hidden inside her.

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