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Dharma production’s a blockbuster hit in the year 2001, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. With a famous star cast, this movie is one cinematic art you cannot ignore. People have hated it, loved it but haven’t been successfully able to ignore it. K3G completes its 17 years of existence in the Indian cinema. And we still love it, for all the right reasons. This blog includes 8 insanely famous and loved dialogues for you to understand the gist of the movie. Well, we all have seen, maybe in bits & pieces, or someone like me who’s watched it time n again; cannot stop dancing to ever-so melodious “Deewana hain dekho…” or “Bole Chhudiyan…” Deep down your heart, even you love it. Admit it now!

Let’s hit the rollercoaster through the famous dialogues:

  1. “Kabhi aisa kyun hota hai ki apne paraye ho jate hain…”
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Of course we know this and agree too. If you’re coming from an Indian middle-class family we have an extended-chosen family that was initially our family friends but over time we realize it’s the chosen ones that have our heart.

One reason to love this movie, how they showed the difference between the Raichand(s) and Sharma(s). It’s crazy that both the dads in the respective families shared the same birthday and their children fell in over a “Gamla” incident.

  1. “Arey return sheturn karna hain toh khareedte wareedte kyun hain?”
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Hashtag True story! Who doesn’t love our evergreen Kajol’s character? And her quirky dialogues with her Chandni Chowk influenced Punjabi accent. Just another reason to love K3G is the amalgam of characters and how they merged the nuances of two typical families, one from the elites and the other…well Mithai ki dukan wale.

  1. No drinking, no smoking….no der se aana aur yahan se jitni jaldi ho chale jana”
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King Khan gives us one more reason to love this movie because of his (Rahul Raichand’s) nature showcased in the movie. In the beginning, the playful elder brother and later on protective brother-in-law to someone who we drool for! (You’ll see later). The scenes between Rahul and his sister-in-law are adorable. We can all relate if we were to have such a diva in our family, Protective hona banta hain!

  1. Tell me how it was”
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Trust me, even reading this dialogue gives me immense excitement and happiness because of Kareen Kapoor (Pooja Sharma a.k.a Poo) nails it like no other. It seems like she was born for being the Poo for K3G. Her accent, her diva lifestyle, pickiness about guys, everything makes me or everyone for that matter swoon for her character. K3G gave us Poo, we don’t any more reasons to love it, but we do have a list!

  1. Keh diya na? Bas keh diya…”
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When there’s Shahenshah in a movie and you’re finding reasons to love it? Shame on you! (Not literally) Shri Amitabh Bachchan’s character, Yashvardhan Raichand, is every elite dad we guess. He’s cool until everything’s happening that he approves of. But loses his shit and damn how he expresses it! (We guess that’s every dad ever?) The authoritative, poised, dedicated-man that he plays is another reason because he’s The Shahenshah! We love his acting. We have to love K3G! And especially when he’s paired opposite his real-life partner, Jaya Bachchan. The duo is loved for their chemistry. There were perfect aww moments when she gets on the stool to match his height but when the angry young man gets angry, we didn’t like it (imagine a puppy face).

The pair is an absolute treat to watch!

  1. Bade Mazaaki ho, bade mazaaki ho”
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Did we mention Kajol earlier? Yes, we did! But what can we do she played the best Anjali ever! The incident when Rahul goes to her mithai ki dukaan to hand over Daijaan (Farida Jalal, yet another legend that we abso-freakin-lutely love.) and Anjali mistakenly recognizes him as Ashfaq Miya. The mischievous nature of Kajol’s character makes our heart giggle even after 17 years of the film.

  1. Maafi maangne se koi chota bada nahi hota…aur jo maaf kar deta hain uska dil bahut bada hota hai”
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ShahRukh Khan inspiring us with such dialogues! Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham teaches us some legit life lessons in the most unapologetically amazing manner. Another dialogue from this epic film is here, “Zindagi mein agar kuch banna ho, kuch haasil karna ho, kuch jeetna ho, toh hamesha dil ki suno. Aur agar dil bhi koi jawab na de toh aankhein band karke apni maa aur papa ka naam lo…phir dekhna har mushkil aasan ho jayegi…jeet tumahri hogi…sirf tumhari!”

Hrithik Roshan (Rohan Raichand) comes out (not that) to Shahrukh’s family in London when he teaches Rahul’s kid, Rishi, this mantra which he learned from Shahrukh Khan, his elder brother. Hrithik’s character was a fat-binging-on-ladoo kid turned hot-shot. And if he’s hot, how can he not charm his childhood sweetheart (Kareena Kapoor) with his tongue twister. Another pairing that we loved and vouch for. With such heartfelt dialogues from Hrithik and his attempts to get Father-Son duo to get along is inspiring. Why can’t we learn from movies to forgive and let go because there’s nothing above family!

  1. Kabhi kabhi ghar ke bache…ghar ke badon ko sahi raasta dikha dete hain”
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Yes, and like a boss! JK. Don’t try this at home or you might receive a flying chappal! (Tryna’ be cool)

The motto of this movie is A. Family’s everything.

  1. There’s nothing wrong or right in love.
  2. Parents can be wrong too!
  3. It’s all about loving our parents even if they’re wrong.

This iconic 3.5 hours long sob-session is everything but love. The family-romantic-Blah-blah-blah drama showcases the high-class Indian family with swanky cars & luxurious lifestyle is the epitome of KJo’s family fantasy. These aren’t the only reasons to love this family drama, as quoted by Dharma Production.

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“It’s the fine blend of laughter, entertainment, chartbusting music, unforgettable camaraderie & lots of love” that makes the movie acknowledged & loved by many. With merits, this also has some demerits too. There are a few reasons that aren’t acceptable but its KJo. After Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, we know he loves the love story to thrive after 360-degree transformation of either of his characters. Hands down, this ott drama is love and we can watch it time n again.

Drinking black coffee has numerous health benefits since it is the powerhouse of anti-oxidants and nutrients. Black Coffee has Vitamin B2, B3, and B5. There are two types of people when it comes to coffee; A. Coffee Lovers & B. Black coffee lovers because health conscious. For a lot of people coffee fuels their day. Science suggests that rather have black coffee because of all the benefits. It can heal if consumed the right way. Here’s why having black coffee can help mental health.

Health Benefits Of Black Coffee
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1.    For Intelligence & Memory

One of the components of Coffee is a psychoactive stimulant which reacts with the body when it’s consumed. This improves cognitive functioning, which later helps in making you smart over a time period. Intake of Black Coffee enhances brain function & boosts memory power. With growing old, the chances of having dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s increase. Having black coffee helps to keep the brain & nerves active to keep all these health issues at bay.

2.    Helps in Depression & Stress

With Depression & stress becoming a fashionable routine, a cup of black coffee can reduce the stress caused due to daily struggle & other factors. The neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, noradrenaline that elevates the mood, also known as happy hormones are increased with coffee intake. The increased production of these neurotransmitters stimulates the CNS (central nervous system). This helps in reducing the stress and helps in recovering from Depression. Drinking coffee can make a person happy which helps in keeping depression at bay. One of the ways to reduce the chances of depression or fighting depression.

Just as many benefits for mental health, black coffee also has great physical health benefits. Following are the few listed-

3.    Best Pre-Work Out Drink

People who love working out, know how beneficial Black Coffee is. It boosts your physical performance. Coffee increases Epinephrine levels in the blood that prepares you for intense physical activeness. It also breaks down stored body fat & releases fat cells into the bloodstream in the form of free fatty acids.

4.    Fat-burning Beverage

Black coffee helps in rapid weight loss, boosts your metabolism by approximately 50%. It also burns the fat in the tummy. It also stimulates the nervous system which signals the body to break down the fat cells and use them as a source of energy as opposed to glycogen.

5.    Good on Liver

This beverage helps in preventing liver cancer, hepatitis & alcoholic cirrhosis (Alcoholic liver disease is a term that encompasses the liver manifestations of alcohol overconsumption). If your consumption of Black Coffee is 4 cups or more per day, you have 80% lower chances of developing any liver disease. Coffee helps by lowering the level of harmful liver enzymes in the blood.

6.    Stomach Cleanser

Black coffee is a beneficial cleanser i.e. it helps cleansing your stomach. Consuming black coffee makes you urinate more than usual. It flushes out toxins & bacteria from your stomach in the form of urine.

Now that you know Black Coffee’s benefits on mental & physical health, it’s also well known to everyone how it’s helpful in keeping high health risks at bay. Women are constantly bothered about aging. Guess what? Black coffee helps you age gracefully. It keeps your body & mind young. Having mentioned earlier, black coffee helps keeping high health risks at bay.

7.    Lowering High Health Risks

Black Coffee helps in controlling diabetes by increasing insulin production. Caffeinated & decaffeinated coffee helps in prevention of diabetes. Black Coffee helps in prevention of certain types of cancer such as liver, breast, colon, etc. It reduces inflammation which is one of the main reasons of developing tumor. Furthermore, consuming too much does increase blood pressure but it diminishes over time. It also improves cardiovascular diseases including heart stroke.

With all this information about Black Coffee being beneficial, you may want to keep aside the taste of it and actually consider how important it could be to our body & health.

Shopping is one of my favorite things to do! For some it may be therapy, for some it is necessity & some people do not like shopping because they are too lazy to shop! I am honestly stuck between the therapy & lazy phase, which is why I prefer shopping off-season.

Why to Shop Off-Season?
Amazing Deals

Well, this is pretty obvious! This is the normal demand, supply & price phenomenon. Demand is directly proportional to the price which means higher the demand, higher the price and lower the demand, lowers the price! This is why things are cheaper off-season. Who would wear a jacket or even buy a jacket in summers? Well, I suggest you do! A jacket which costs Rs.4000/- in winters may cost Rs.2000/- in summers.

Hola! You are ready for winters in advance and that too without wondering if you’ve paid way too much.

Going Out? You Always Have Clothes

We usually try to escape the weather in our city for a while! When it is too hot, we plan a vacation to areas where it is cold and vice versa. If you’re shopping off-season, well you may never be short of clothes. It means you will always have clothes for all the seasons, all year round. You don’t have to worry about wearing the same old jacket for your vacation.

Escape the Latest Fashion Swindle & Save Fortune

Who said only clothes are bought as per season? Did you ever notice that all phones are released in October! Everyone wants to buy them in October, because who doesn’t want the latest phone in the market. There comes in the Demand-Price Phenomenon again. Since everyone is willing to buy the phone, the prices are high. If you wait to buy the same phone for 6 months, you may just get a better deal!

Having the latest technology is pretty cool. Saving money is way cooler than that!

Be the Who Starts the Trends

While everyone is busy following celebrities and their styles, you can be your own trendsetter. When you shop off-season, it gives you more time to explore different styles and pair up. Since you can buy things for cheap and you have more time to explore, you may just come up with a really interesting outfit idea! It gives you time to think about what looks good on you.

These are the few reasons why I love shopping off season! Having the latest fashion maybe cool, but saving money in even cooler.

What to Buy?

There are things which never go out of fashion which are best bought off-season. The list is down below:

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Shorts will never go out of fashion and, you could buy the shorts cheaper during the winter season!

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Boots have been in fashion since the beginning of the time. They are super costly & we always think twice before buying a pair of boots, but have you ever checked the price of the boots you loved at the end of the winter season? Well should and you’ll know what am I talking about!

Cashmere Sweaters
Cashmere Sweaters
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Well, cashmere sweaters are one of the most expensive pieces of clothing. They’re soft like a baby’s skin and even softer when you get it for half the price! How can you get one at half price? End of season sale!

Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones
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Who says shopping is limited to clothes & shoes? Some of us love buying technology and specifically phones! We love changing our phones but do you really think it is worth buying a phone for Rs. 50,000/- when you can buy the same thing for Rs. 40,000/- immediately after the release of the next model which has no significant difference from the model already in the market!

Holiday Cards & Festive Décor
Holiday Cards & Festive Décor
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Many people already do it and we end up calling them cheap! But do we realize that they aren’t cheap but smart! Do you realize that festive décor & cards are exactly the same every year and super expensive during the festival!

Travel Packages
Travel Packages
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The prices for travel packages rise during winter & summer vacations! Why not make your bookings for the season in advance?

So be smart and save money! Off-season shopping can be risky but what’s life without risks?

If you ask 100 people what was their first alcoholic beverage? 90 would answer “BEER”!

Beer is love, Beer is life!

Hot summers, Chilled Beer with drops of condensation. You take a sip, and it slides down your throat giving you a bittersweet taste of freedom and relief! That’s what I imagine when I imagine summers.

If you love beer the way I do then, you must be aware of the line “Tu Beer Hai!”

Since Bangalore is home to micro-breweries, it is a must visit place for beer lovers. If you do, you must check out these amazing places:

Toit Brewpub, Indiranagar
Toit Brewpub
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Most of the offices are nearby Indiranagar & Toit Brewpub is right in the middle of Indiranagar. This means the office going millennials can enjoy a beer every now & then. The place has some really interesting beer flavours from Belgian Riot to Mosambi Wheat! These beers are made from natural ingredients without the use of any artificial flavours or chemicals. Apart from heavenly beers, they have some really delicious food.
Must Try: The Dark Knight Beer & Pepperoni Pizza

Address: 298, 100 Ft Rd, Indira Nagar II Stage, Bengaluru 560038, Karnataka

 The Bier Library, Kormangala
The Bier Library
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The Bier Library is the place for a perfect date! It has indoor & outdoor seating options available. The place has a super chic vibe with a small pond in the outdoor seating area. With Bangalore’s pleasant weather, sitting outside with your special someone or your friends will positively turn out to be a magical experience for you! They have amazing beer options from German Lager to Fruity Aroma Beers which will leave you wanting for more and more. When it comes to food, this place wouldn’t disappoint you.

Must Try: The Further-Lager Beer & Habanero Spiced-Wings

Address: 14, Patel Narayana Reddy Layout, 80 Feet Main Road, Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore

Byg Brewsky, Sarjapur Road
Byg Brewsky
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Looking for a chill place to hang out with your friends over the weekend? Byg Brewsky is the place for you! The place has reserved & relaxed ambience with indoor and outside sittings available. You can sit back, sip your heavenly beer by the serene pool and de-stress yourself! They have a few options in beer but each one of them is super good. Must Try: Belgian Wit Beer & The Signature Nachos

Address: Sarjapur Road, Behind MK Retail, Before WIPRO Corporate Office, Bangalore.

Murphy’s Brewhouse- The Paul Bangalore, Domlur
Murphy’s Brewhouse
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Murphy’s is known to be the Bangalore’s first Irish Brewhouse with amazing flavours of craft beers. The place has the perfect weekend vibes where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy some transcendent bands! The place has remarkable Irish brews like Paddy’s Poison- English Ale with hints of honey & spices, Holly Sally- Belgian wheat beer blended with orange & coriander and Good Golly- The perfect German Lager!

Must Try: Paddy’s Poison Beer & Mongolian Lamb

Address: The Paul Bangalore, 139/28, Opposite Embassy Golf Links, Off Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur, Bangalore.

 Vapour Pub & Brewery, Indiranagar
 Vapour Pub & Brewery
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Spent way too much this month? You can still enjoy a fresh beer at Vapour! You don’t need any fancy names for real beers. They have Basmati to Wheat brewed beers available and, they are the real deal! The place is known for some hosting some real voguish parties & ladies night. The food is simply lip-smacking in here, so you must visit this place while you’re in Bangalore. Oh, and did I mention they have beer cocktails too?

Must Try: Vapour Basmati Beer &  Mushroom Duplex

Address: 773, HAL 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Seriously, what are you even waiting for? Weekend? I get it! Go ahead and enjoy a heavenly beer with a breathtakingly beautiful view. These micro-breweries are the reason why deciding weekend plans is not a hustle in Bangalore!

“Me or them?” He asked. Since I already had thought about living without him but without my girlfriends? No! So, I chose my girlfriends without even thinking twice.
The thought of living without them has never crossed my mind. That’s friendship!
People still keep talking about how strong male friendships are, but no one ever talks about female friendships. Surprisingly, Bollywood has made a few attempts to make movies about female friendships. We need to appreciate these movies! Here are a few wonders by Bollywood which proved that female friendships last a lifetime:

Veere Di Wedding- Kalindi, Avni, Sakshi & Meera
Veere Di Wedding
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The movie portrayed female friendships at its best! It illustrated how female friendships function from school to eternity. It shows 4 school friends, who pledge to stand by each other, do so! Despite being busy in their own lives, they make time for each other. Even after years, despite being in different countries, when they reunite for a wedding it’s almost like they have never been separated. They share problems, they hang out and everything we all do with our girl pal group. They help each other overcome things the society did not understand.

Their friendship is not proved at a major event but the consistency they have, that’s what manifests true friendship!

Aisha- Aisha, Shefali & Pinki
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We have seen multiple Bollywood movies where the rich girl is mean. Meet Aisha, the rich girl who wants to help everyone she can! This movie truly embraces female friendship and shows us how our girlfriends help us see the truth in every situation. Aisha & Pinki are best friends forever, they welcome Shefali to their little group and make sure she is comfortable. This movie illustrates the ups & downs in a friendship.

We all fight and make-up with our best friend, even after a spiteful fight we go back to them. This is what Aisha is about!

Luv Ka The End- Rhea, Jugs & Sonia
Luv Ka The End
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This one movie denounced the brat rich boy culture & illustrated the power of female friendship at the same time.
Rhea, a straight A student in junior college, dating the hunk of her college-Luv and dreams of marrying the dude. When Rhea finds out that Luv is cheating on her and is just using her to win the billionaire boy club contest, she is heartbroken. When Rhea feels helpless and feels her world has come crashing down, her friends make sure to turn it around for her.
Her friends help her plan revenge against Luv by making him drunk dance in a club, in a girl’s attire and making everyone believe he is a gay, which ruins his image of being the cool guy who is famous amongst girls. And then giving Rhea the courage to teach Luv a lesson!  Such friendships!

Cocktail- Veronica & Meera
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“Pyaar Dosti Hai” is one iconic SRK dialogue. But is it true? Who knows? But, the movie cocktail proved one thing- Friendship conquers all, even love!

When Veronica lets Meera into her life, and into her house, we sensed start to a really pure friendship on screen. That is what happened! Even though Veronica and Meera were poles apart, they found a common ground to stay together. What was it? They just cared about each other. It was all good until Meera falls in love with Veronica’s casual boyfriend Gautam and Vice-Versa.

Guess what does Meera do about it? She leaves town! She gives up the love of her life because it would hurt Veronica.

Guess what Veronica does? After wrestling with her feelings a little, she gives up on her casual boyfriend as well! She packs her bags, finds Meera and tells her how important she is.

Talk about friendship now!

Angry Indian Goddess- Frieda, Nargis, Joanna, Suranjana, Pamela, Madhurita & Lakshmi
Angry Indian Goddess
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This movie does not have a single male lead. It is one of those movies where you see a particular gender running around in the background for the sake! The movie pictures these ladies getting together for their friend’s marriage. Each one of them is going through some kind of patriarchal oppression or judgment in their personal lives. Some of them are meeting for the first time at Frieda’s wedding, and although all of them come from a really different personal & professional background, they do not judge each other. In fact, they help each other grow as a person, advice each other, become each other’s strength, encourage each other & stand up for each other.

When Joanna is raped and killed by the molesters, these ladies are seen taking a stand for each other and raising a voice against it together. That is friendship!

This is one of those movies which enlighten the world the fact that women are not jealous & in competition but stand by each other. It educates the world about purity in female friendship & strength.

Guess what happened after I chose my girlfriends over the guy? I never saw the guy ever again but my girlfriends? They stayed throughout! I guess that is the beauty of friendship.
I guess it is high time that Bollywood starts blessing us with such delightful female friendship movies because male friendships are overrated!

Life is hard, but with the right person by your side, things seem a little easier. Who is this right person? How and when will you meet him? We all have these questions in our mind. We know a few things for sure:

  1. Right Person is the one we feel comfortable with!
  2. No one person is perfect, we got to make compromises and accept people for their good and bad.
  3. There will be times when you do find the right person, but the timing would suck!

We meet many people before we find the one for us. I am one of those few people who got a chance to explore my choices (Although I strongly feel, I hardly explored). I know what is like to lose love, the little joys of being in a relationship, the fears, the struggles & the excitement. Here is an open letter to every boyfriend:

Dear Boyfriend,

How are you? I know we spoke this morning and last night as well yet I still feel the need to know if you’re okay because I genuinely care about you. Please don’t feel agitated by my constant need to know if you’re feeling okay.

Before I say or express anything, I want you to know that you are a wonderful human being. I have always admired the way you look at the world and things which is why I fell in love with you. Do you remember the first time we started talking? Our first conversation over text messages? We initially started with flirtatious messages, and I almost thought you were like any other boy. We flirted back & forth for a few days. Then came the night when we first talked for the entire night and that’s when I realized that you weren’t like any other guy! You told me about your dreams & hopes, about the time your heart was crushed, you revealed your little fears about life, and how you feel so strongly about football. That very night, I started to like you. As time passed, you put in a lot of efforts into our conversations and that’s what compelled me to agree for our first date. The date I will never forget! You might not remember the details, but I sure do! I remember what you wore, where we went, what we talked about & even what we ate. I was anxious because I wasn’t sure if you’d call me back after the date or simply ghost me but then you texted me and I felt a sudden rush of happiness. I always tell you that I have been sure about us since the beginning, but the truth is I haven’t! I wasn’t sure about you, about us until our first I love you. I am sorry about being so skeptical, but my past experiences have been really unnerving. Well, you certainly did manage to change my mind!
There are things I have been meaning to say, but I always hold myself back because I fear they might hurt you. I fear to lose you over stupid thoughts in my mind. I have expressed these feelings in the past but, ended up getting deserted. I want to take this chance with you!

Annoying Things

I know you want to take things slow, but I look forward to having a future with you. It may or may not happen but, what’s the harm in thinking about it? I hope this doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic.

I do trust you, but I feel insecure a lot! I feel scared when you talk about other girls when you tell me how beautiful & intelligent are. It is almost like maybe I am not enough for you. I may act angry, but I am just terrified. You keep telling me that you aren’t going anywhere, yet the thought petrifies me! I sometimes secretly stalk you over social media which I know isn’t right, but it really helps me calm down. It’s not like I don’t have faith in you, but it just somehow helps to calm down my anxiety.

I sometimes peep into your phone while you’re texting! I know how erroneous that is, but it gives me relief & comfort that I trust the correct person.

There is one thing I’ve been meaning to ask you for a very long time- Why don’t you express yourself often? This one thing is what I definitely do not like about you! How am I supposed to know that you’re jealous of my male friends or that you stressed out about work? You can’t always sleep over things! I need to know every time you’re sad, angry, jealous, happy or excited. I can sense these things, but I still would like to hear them from you. Since you don’t say them, it makes me feel like you don’t care enough or consider me an important part of your life.

Another thing which makes me feel really anxious is why do you feel the need to hide me from your friends? I know it’s irrational and immature to complain about something like this because all your close friends know but, all my friends know about you! Just saying!

There are little things you do which annoy me. When we spend the day together, why do you keep checking the match scores on your phone? I know it’s important, but it’s not like we meet every day. Why is it so easy for you to sleep immediately after we’ve had a fight because I keep thinking about it all night! Since we started dating, you eventually stopped taking efforts. I am not asking for constant validation, but for a little compliment every now & then doesn’t hurt.

And the most important thing- Why don’t you understand that there is a thin line between appreciating someone and flirting with them?  When a guy sends me a text saying I look pretty, it’s flirting! When you text a girl saying that she looks pretty, that is appreciating? What is that about? Also, please do not check out girls while we are together or be smart enough to do it in a way that I don’t notice. I don’t like when you tell me that what I’m thinking or saying makes no sense! Please try to scrutinize things with my perception.

Things I Love

Way too much nagging? Well, there more things I love about you than the number of things which irk me. I love the way you look at me when I crack silly jokes, I love how you get angry when someone says something wrong about me, I love it when you listen to me talk about the futile fights I have with my friends, I love it when you reply to my texts in the middle of the football match, I love it how you give me such good career advice, I love it when you call in the middle of the day & I love it when you tell me honestly about things I’ve been wrong about!

All these things make me fall for you even more with every passing day. No matter how crazy I am, no matter how much I overthink things & no matter how troublesome I am, you love me. It all makes me feel like I have a responsibility towards you, responsibility to make you happy.

You don’t have to be worried about guys being interested in me, I want you! I need to know- Do you feel the same about me? Just need to be assured that you’d hold me the same way in the future and that my little lunatic things wouldn’t drive you away!

I have had a rough past and so have you, but I am still very hopeful that we will last. Do you feel the same? I guess it will always be uncertain, but I’d like to know that there is hope, the same feeling in your heart!

P.S. I Hope None of This Makes You Feel Uncomfortable! Forgive me for being so ambivalent. I can’t be flawless, but I am trying to be the best version of myself for you.

You’re definitely are my MUSE.

Yours Lovingly,

Your Anxious Girlfriend.

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.”

– Paulo Coelho

The eye expressions offer a glimpse of the hidden emotions. They reveal exactly what you feel inside. Whenever you smile, feel deserted, disgusted, or desire strongly for something, it’s clearly visible in your eyes. The eyes are like the reflection of your soul that control emotional communication.

Are you surprised to know that a pair of the human organ does so much apart from letting you see things around? Well, your eyes are precious that deserves all the love and attention. The eye makeup products can enhance their beauty to a great extent and make them look stunning. The best part is that you can create different types of looks ranging from smoky and shimmery to bold and sexy with the help of a few makeup products.

Given below is the list of glamorous eye makeup products that can transform your look within a few strokes. You can easily buy these products from the market or order online as per your convenience.

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Kajal is the most important eye makeup product that can be easily found in any woman’s vanity box, which they love to wear every day. It is a cosmetic that underlines the eyes, protects them from infections, and provides a soothing effect. Available in a variety of types and shades, you can purchase a kajal that’s easy to use and look absolutely fabulous on you.

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Eyeliner is another integral part of the eye makeup clan that make your eyes look bigger, make lashes look longer, and most importantly make your eyes stand out. It is generally applied on the upper lid. Available in the form of pencil, gel, and liquid, each of them requires particular skill and perfection to be applied to your eyes. With the help of eyeliner, you can create swooping lines, dramatic lines, or winged lines based on your preference and overall look.

Eye Shadow Primer
Eye Shadow Primer
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Eye shadow primer makes sure that your eye shadow or liquid eyeliner stays in place throughout the day. It prevents your shadow from crumpling or smudging on your eyelids and comes in a gel-like form that melts away during blending. Choose the right shade of primer that matches your complexion or is a tiny bit lighter. Take a small amount of eye shadow primer on your fingertips and blend up and outward. You can use a concealer brush to blend evenly. And let the eye shadow primer set for 1-2 minutes before applying eye shadow.

Eye Shadow
Eye Shadow
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Eye shadow is a cosmetic that comes in the form of a fine powder which is applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrow. Apart from adding depth and dimension, eye shadow makes the eyes look more attractive. The color of the eye shadow must complement your eye color. The neutral shades of salmon and bronzy gold accentuate the look of brown eyes. And the hazel eyes look best with the shade of eyeshades ranging between green and brown.

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Mascara is a key eye cosmetic that is used to darken, thicken, lengthen, and define the eyelashes. It makes your eye look brighter and fuller. Made up of the combination of oils and waxes, mascara provides pigmentation and uniformity. It is also available in bright and vibrant shades of black, blue, red, pink, and yellow. One suggestion- Always go for waterproof mascara!

Eyebrow Enhancer
Eyebrow Enhancer
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Over time, the eyebrows lose their volume and luster. Eyebrow enhancers do the magic to well-groom your eyebrows that makes a huge difference to your entire face. They help increase the eyebrow length, darkness, and thickness that makes them look fuller and nourished and give them a perfect desirable shape.

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
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Eyelash extensions are a huge relief for people who are not blessed with fuller eyebrows and doesn’t like to use mascara to make them look darker and thicker. There are three types of lash extensions available- synthetic, silk, and mink. With the help of specially formulated, semi-permanent glue these extensions can be applied to the eyelash line to enhance the length and volume of eyelashes. They do not cause any irritation to eyes nor damage the natural eyelashes. Their application takes almost two hours and stays for around a year with touch-ups suggested every three to four weeks.

Hurry up and fill your vanity box with these essential eye makeup products!

There isn’t anything so bad that a cup of coffee can’t fix!

Exhausted? Grab a cup of coffee.

Having a rough day? Drink some coffee.

Not a morning person? Coffee would give you the energy to face the world.

Coffee must get an award for not just being the best hot beverage but also for keeping people calm amidst the daily turmoil. There is something special about it that besides being not-so-healthy people keep going back for more.

People’s love for coffee is so strong that there are actually terms that define the intensity of their affection for this beverage. Coffeegasm means that little rush you feel after that first sip of good, strong coffee & Procaffeinating means the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

Here, we will talk about different types of coffee drinkers who are almost horrendous when they haven’t had their coffee. For them, coffee comes first and then the whole world!

Instant Coffee Drinkers
Instant Coffee Drinkers
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No, they don’t have time for your fancy coffees. All they need is some hot water and instant coffee sachet and they are good to go. Don’t you even dare to comment on their instant coffee preparation methods. They know what they want from their coffee and they doing it rightly.

Espresso Lovers

For these coffee addicts, instant coffee is a big no-no. They only appreciate their black coffee prepared using the finest Arabic beans. Yes, with no milk at all! Because once you go black, you cannot go back to white.

Fancy Coffee Fans
Fancy Coffee Fans
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These coffee drinkers want everything in their coffee ranging from milk, foam to chocolate powder. Where some people struggle to even pronounce coffee names correctly, these people consume latte, cappuccinos, macchiato, and mochaccino like water and actually know everything about them.

Cold Coffee Lovers
Cold Coffee Lovers
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These coffee snobs love their cold coffee more than most things in life. They simply cannot function without their coffee, but after consuming it, they come up with the most creative ideas. If you ever get a chance to test, you’ll find more coffee in their veins as compared to blood.

Occasional Coffee Drinkers
Occasional Coffee Drinkers
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These people can go for days without sipping coffee. But they never mind enjoying a hot cup of coffee occasionally on a date or along with friends. And sometimes they crave for coffee just because it smells great. They do not share a love-hate relationship with this hot beverage compared to other types of coffee drinkers.

Caffeine Addicts
Caffeine Addicts
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You would be surprised to know that caffeine addicts don’t actually care about the taste of coffee. They just need their regular dose (10-12 cups of coffee per day) to function properly. Because trust us without it they look like dehydrated zombies and you would not want to talk to them when they are not at their best behavior.

Frappuccino Lovers
Frappuccino Lovers
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For these types of drinkers, coffee is all about more cream, sugar, and syrup. Actually drinking coffee is their excuse to gobble whipped cream and sauces, which are in more quantity in their cup than actual coffee.

Decaffeinated Coffee Drinkers
Decaffeinated Coffee Drinkers
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97% of the original caffeine must be removed from coffee in order to be labeled as decaffeinated. The decaffeinated coffee lovers like coffee for taste and not for its effect. In fact, decaf is good for the liver and reduces the risk of diabetes as well.

Soy/Almond/Rice/Coconut Coffee People
Soy Almond Rice Coconut Coffee People
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These people keep finding new and exciting ways to ruin the taste of coffee. Some may do it because of the dietary requirements. While others are willing to do it just because the internet said that it holds certain health benefits. These coffee experiments are nothing but compromise with the flavor and quality of true coffee.

Elite Kopi Luwak Drinkers
Elite Kopi Luwak Drinkers
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All the coffee lovers out there must know that Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. It is a type of coffee that is made from the coffee beans, which are excreted whole in the droppings of the Asian palm civet. While most of us can only try it once in a lifetime, there are some serious Kopi Luwak lovers who take great pride in being able to afford to drink it daily. Hence the name elite Kopi Luwak lovers!

The Connoisseur
The Connoisseur
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They only like to drink the best coffee. No compromise with that! And they can actually enlighten you with their knowledge of the best coffee beans, how to brew them and how to drink them. They know when to brew a coffee in a French press or use some other fancy gadget to brew the Columbian coffee beans. Being an expert, they never shy away to try new brewing methods.

“Post on Instagram” Type
“Post on Instagram” Type
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For these people, it’s not about the taste of the coffee. They choose the coffee that looks best so that they can get an awesome picture to post on Instagram. You can easily spot them in fancy coffee shops capturing their coffee shots under the perfect lighting. They don’t even finish their coffee most of the time.

So, what’s your type?

Chicken is the supreme non-vegetarian food enjoyed by many people across the world. Each culture and country have a traditional way of preparing chicken with their kind of favorite spices and methods. India is a vibrant nation and I guess every state comes up with its unique chicken preparation. For example, Butter Chicken is Delhi’s favorite while Kosha Mangsho is Kolkata’s signature. Inspired by many chicken dishes, I never stop experimenting a bit in my kitchen. So, during the last get-together with close friends, I prepared this “Lemon Garlic Creamy Chicken” and the results were outstanding. This chicken dish is delicious, juicy, creamy, and full of flavors. I didn’t use any ginger for this preparation and the result is still amazing.

Take a look at the process of Lemon Garlic Creamy Chicken and enjoy with your pals.

Step 1: For Marinade:

Chicken: 1 Kg

Salt: 2 Tsp

Lemon: 3 if big and 4 if small

Black Pepper: 5 Tsp

Oregano: 3 Tsp

Marinade Process:
  • Bring the chicken and wash it very well.
  • Now, squeeze the lemons and keep it aside.
  • Take a big bowl and place the washed chicken pieces followed by lemon juice. Massage the lemon juice nicely on the chicken pieces.
  • Now sprinkle all the dry ingredients – salt, black pepper, & oregano.
  • Spread them well and keep the chicken in refrigerator for minimum 30 minutes and maximum 2 hours.
Step 2: Fry The Chicken

Oil – 3-4 Tsp

Butter – 2 Tsp

Garlic – 10-12 Finely Chopped

Frying Process:
  • Take out the chicken from the refrigerator and allow it to stand the room temperature for like 20 minutes.
  • Heat some oil and butter in the frying pan.
  • Sprinkle some salt on it and some garlic.
  • Fry the chicken in a batch of 4-5 pieces.
  • Make sure that you put few finely chopped garlic cloves, every time you put the fresh batch of chicken to fry.
  • The fried chicken should have a golden brown color and prick the chicken to check its softness. While frying the chicken, your chicken should be 80% cooked.

Tip To Remember: The basic reason for frying the chicken is to enhance the taste. Frying the chicken before preparing the gravy adds crunchiness to the chicken pieces, makes them softer, and easier to digest. So, never forget this step of frying chicken well before going for the gravy process.

Step 3: For Gravy

Onion – 3 to 4 large

Garlic – 30 cloves

Butter – 20 grams

Cooking Oil – 4-5 Tsp

Fennel Seeds – ½ Tsp

Cumin Seeds – 1 Tsp

Salt – As Per Taste

Sugar – Just About a Pinch

Cumin Powder – 2 Tsp

Coriander Powder – 1 Tsp

Cashew Nuts – 10-12 Pieces

Milk – 3 Cups

Yoghurt – ½ Cup

Green Chilies – 5/6 Pieces

Black Pepper – 5-6 Tsp

Gravy Making Process:
  • Make a paste of the cashew nuts with water and keep it aside.
  • Take one onion and prepare a paste with the green chilies with a spoon of curd and 1 spoon of water in it.
  • Longitudinally slice rest of the onions.
  • Peel the garlic cloves and finely chop them.
  • Whisk the ½ cup of curd very well so that there are no lumps at all.
  • Take a clean wok or kadhai and put the oil followed by butter.
  • Once the oil+butter heat up, add the fennel seeds followed by cumin seeds. Let them crackle and then put the sliced onions.
  • Fry the onions for 3-4 minutes and then add the chopped garlic cloves and keep the flame on medium.’
  • Keep on stirring every now and then for 5-6 minutes so that the onion and garlic don’t stick to the bottom.
  • Take the cumin powder and coriander powder in a bowl and mix in 3-4 spoons of water or as much as required. Now pour this in the fried onion & garlic.
  • Let the spice mix well with onion & garlic.
  • Now add the onion paste and close the lid for 2 minutes.
  • Once the onion paste has left the raw smell, add the whisked curd & cashew nut paste and stir very well so that everything mixes properly.
  • Put the instructed amount of black pepper at this stage and let this mixture boil for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Now pour the milk and give a nice stir.
  • See the consistency and you can add some water because once the whole mix cools down, it will thicken more.
  • After adding the milk let the mix boil for 5 minutes and then add the fried chicken pieces in it.
  • Pour some water and close the lid for 7 minutes so that the chicken pieces soak the amazing spices well.
Step 4: Garnishing & Presentation

Coriander Leaves – 3 Tsp Finely chopped

Cream – About 6-7 Tsp (for whole 1 Kg)

  • Slit Green Chilies – 4 or 5 (or more depending on taste)
  • Once the chicken is cooked, divide it in separate bowls depending on the number of people to be served.
  • Now, garnish every chicken bowl well.
  • Sprinkle the coriander leaves and green chilies first followed by cream.

Enjoy this tasty chicken with paratha, roti, or any preparation of rice.

Oh, God! It’s that time of the month again!

The killer cramps, non-stop bleeding, fear of staining the bed sheet & clothes – the list is endless! “Periods” – that’s surely not a disease, it is a sign that your system is fit and fine but going through the tribulations of those days is like hell for most of you. You cannot sit at a place or at a posture for long, you need a cushion for your back and a hot bag for the stomach. People surrounding you say that “why are you being so cranky?”

You crave for some specific kind of food too! But keeping your fitness in mind, you should eat the right kind of food items during this time of the month. Read below & know more about them:

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Ginger is one of the common ingredients in most of our Indian dishes. It is a grandma recipe and that’s why it is bound to work wonders when you are going through those traumatic pain. Sipping fresh ginger water helps a lot in curbing the abdominal pain. During the first 3 days of menstruation, if you take 1 gram of ginger powder and mix it in hot water followed by a slice of lemon – it will ease your pain a lot. The effect of ginger is as strong as the drugs mefenamic acid and ibuprofen which are anti-inflammatory painkillers.

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Research and studies reveal that women who consume omega-3S experience milder periods-pain as compared to the rest. Omega-3S contains anti-inflammatory fats which you will get in sufficient quantity in salmon, mackerel, trout, and sardines. So, if you start consuming salmon at least twice a week, you will be fitter during your menstruation days. Additionally, you can also have walnuts or flaxseeds too!

Green Vegetables
Green Vegetables
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Green leafy vegetables are never on top of anyone’s craving list – right? Kale, broccoli, spinach and every other green leafy veggies are really rich in magnesium which has anti-cramping qualities. Thus, consumption of these food items either in your soups, smoothies, salads, or curry would help you ease the menstrual pain a lot. Apart from magnesium, these green veggies carry vitamin A, B6, C, E, calcium, and potassium too. All these ingredients are great at alleviating your PMS symptoms.

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Yoghurt is full of calcium which has been found to help ease menstrual cramps. Not only that, one large study found a diet with calcium-rich dairy products lowered the risk for developing PMS by as much as 40% (yes please!) Probiotic yoghurt always contains “friendly” bacteria which supports a healthy digestive system and may help to ease persistent bloating.

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One of the worst feelings during menstruation cramps is that bloated feeling. Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin B6 and these ingredients make bananas a strong contender in alleviating your menstrual cramps and pains. Have it during breakfast or before lunch and it will relieve you much,

Dark Chocolates
Dark Chocolates
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Some women crave for chocolates during this time of the month and having that is absolutely fine. But replacing that with dark chocolate would be a better idea. Dark chocolate is a great source of magnesium and that will really ease your cramps and pains.

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Papaya has amazing health benefits. It is low in sugar, rich in fiber, full of antioxidants, helps in easy digestion, and low in calories. It also has a rich source of magnesium, Vitamin A, potassium, and Vitamin C – all these are ingredients that your body requires to treat the menstrual cramps. Have a bowl of papaya or make papaya shake or smoothie and see the difference.