5 Reasons Why You Cannot Be Friends With Your Ex!

Let bygones be bygones!
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When you fell in love that may have not been because of any reason but when you end up with them that definitely has some back story. Break Up by actual terminology mean the separation of something into several pieces or sections. After a relationship ends, there are 100s of questions dancing in our head. One very prominent one is “Should we stay friends? Or can we stay friends?” The answer to that question is NO! Why? Well here are 5 reasons why you cannot be friends with your ex!

1.    The heart wants what it “Needs”!
 The heart wants what it “Needs”!
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When you separate from your partner and decide to stay friends, it impacts your healing process. To let go & move on you need to distance yourself from your ex and grieve the breakup. Your heart needs to heal from the separation to have a better next. In order to have a better next, you first need to grieve about the present situation.

2.    Friendship = Friction!
Friendship = Friction!
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To have a better next-relationship afterward you need to cut the ordeal with your ex. Being friends may cause friction in your next. Your new partner might feel slight insecure or threatened with your awkward friendship with your ex. In order to have a healthy relationship, one must cut the ties with their exes.

3.    You’re Inviting More Pain!
You’re Inviting More Pain!
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While being friends with your ex can be casual & cool, it isn’t easy when you cling onto hopes & expectations. You’re simply inviting more pain for yourself. It was difficult in the first place, and then clinging onto hopes of winning them back might get you messed up. It only gets worse after the break up because you’re clearly not over them and they have moved on. Now, what joy it is to see someone you loved one is in love with someone else? Do all your loved-ones around you a favor and please move one. Saying it is easy but is equally difficult. But it isn’t doing any good to you.

4.    Simply NOT “Necessary”!
Simply NOT “Necessary”!
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The world is full of nice people who’re looking for love & friendship. Why do you want to cling onto the past? All that “Let’s be just friends” drama isn’t at all necessary. Be open to opportunities, you never know what or who may surprise you! And if not, life’s all about learning & growing. I’m sure you’ve heard of “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince!” So, get your lazy-sad bum moving and go find some frogs before you find your Prince!

5.    Boy, Bye!
 Boy, Bye!
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This one isn’t exactly a reason to not be friends with your ex but just something that actually makes sense. All these exes teach us lessons or make us realize our flaws (if one wants to accept). When you’ve learned about yourself, you might want to find someone better to match your standard (no offense). With all ‘Knowing self-worth’, you really don’t want to waste your time anymore on the last one, right? So don’t be friends with your ex!“

There you go with reasons to not be friends with your ex. Is there any good reason to stay friends with your ex, kindly share. We’d love to know.

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