Essential Electronic Gadgets When You’re Travelling!

Make your travelling easy!
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“One must travel light!” it’s easy said than done. Why not travel with essentials to make it easy than light? Here’s a list of all (Well whatever I could think of is important) important electronics/gadgets that might accompany you to make your traveling easy.

  1. Universal Adapter with different USB Ports
Universal Adapter with different USB Ports
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Whether you’re going for a short trip or a long vacation a universal adapter is a must have in your bag. It has a universal design that allows a multitude of plug options.

  1. Optical Camera lens for smartphones
Optical Camera lens for smartphones
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With an optical camera lens that can be used with smartphones, you need not to carry a heavy DSLR camera. You may want to carry less gear, improve the quality of your photos, or push the limits of your phone.

  1. Extension cords
Extension cords
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A simple extension cord is best to keep in your bag, ready at all times. It’s easy when you have to charge quite a few things all together, an extension cord is all you need.

  1. Extra pair of charger
Extra pair of charger
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It gets difficult when your charger gives up on you right when you need it the most. We’ve all been there. To avoid such situations, carrying an extra pair of chargers saves ourselves the wreck of the Bewafa (betraying) Charger!

  1. Small phone
Small phone
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Smartphones are too many things in one. Old small phones are something that goes a long way when it comes to batteries of the phones. Strongly recommended is keeping your smartphone on airplane mode and using the smaller phone for communication. The phone runs for a longer time, also you can use it when you are traveling to somewhere you might require a local sim.

  1. Spare Batteries
Spare Batteries
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So while you’re traveling you might run short on battery power, rather than finding a way to charge which actually might get difficult. You can use spare batteries provided either they’re new or they’re already charged.

  1. Power banks
Power banks
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With carrying spare batteries point we cannot forget to mention Power banks. A gadget that is a savior (literally!) in modern times.

  1. Pen drives /Storage cards
Pen drives /Storage cards
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While you’re on the go and take loads of pictures & videos. Transfer them to storage cards at the end of the day. This will help you keep your gadget with some free space for your further adventure.

  1. Insulated stainless steel travel utensils
Insulated stainless steel travel utensils
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Traveling with an insulated stainless steel travel utensils it keeps your food (if you’re carrying) heated. It’s a good option when you’re camping or hiking.

  1. Torch
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Ensuring that your torch including the bulb is reliable should be a key factor in which torch to choose. LED Bulbs, CFL, or incandescent it really depends on your traveling destination or purpose how to use your torch. LED bulbs are the most durable & most preferred.

  1. Wireless & Bluetooth Speaker
Wireless & Bluetooth Speaker
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One thing that goes perfectly with traveling is music. And for having music by our side all the time, it is possible with wireless & Bluetooth speakers.

  1. Extra pair of air pods/earphones
Extra pair of air pods/earphones
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Talking about music and not forgetting the lifesavers, air pods or earphones. While traveling you must have these and having an extra pair comes handy. Why an extra pair? Earphones can call it quits anytime or might just feel like wandering off and never come back (sad when they get lost).

  1. Lightweight tripod
Lightweight tripod
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Now last but might not be the least, lightweight tripods are the newest dependable gadgets. Selfie sticks had their own charm but tripods are stable & easy-to-carry and surprisingly cannot give up on us because of no Bluetooth, battery or charging issue. Now wirelessly take photos & videos!

Share with us with if the above list was any help for your next vacay!


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