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7 Signs That Romance In Your Relationship Is Dying

Take Care of Your Romance Before Its Too Late
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Romance is oxygen in love relationships. It is a strong adhesive that keeps the couple intact. In fact novelist, Elinor Glyn said that “Romance is the glamor which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze”. Romance is thus a much-needed element in a successful relationship. Whether you are in a live-in relationship or are married for years – romance should be there in your relationship. Without romance, things may fall apart. Actually, when you observe a lack of romance in your cute love story, you don’t feel the strength in your relationship anymore the way you felt when you started. If you see the following symptoms in your relationship, then, darling, those are signs of the dying romance that you once shared with your partner.

Read and analyze your relationship and do something about it now!

  1. He/She Is No More The 1st Person To Share The Big News

There is a place for your best friends in your life. But the reality is when you are in love or in a serious relationship with someone, then, that person quite generally becomes your best friend, companion, and secret-keeper. And that’s quite a common phenomenon across the world. You always feel the urge to share the big news or breaking news like losing a major client, winning a lottery, getting promoted, or getting a free pass to a concert, etc. with your partner. If you observe (both in your & your partner’s case) that all the big news are shared with a best friend, a new friend, or a family member, then, probably there is a lack of romance.

  1. Thinking of A Break-Up Constantly

If nowadays, the thought of a “break up” is constantly buzzing in your head, then it is a serious warning that romance has already died in your bond. Deep down in your mind, you always know the truth but the acceptance of that reality takes a long time to transform. If your gut feeling is saying “break up” quite often, then probably you should now take a step forward.

  1. The Feeling of “Loneliness” In His/Her Presence

Nothing can beat this one truly. There are two types of couples basically. The first kinds are the ones are extremely opposite to each other & have different choices, yet, they share a room/home and feel complete in each other’s presence. They both may be enjoying two different movies or books but there is a comfort in that silence and difference. The other kind of couple is the one who is perhaps watching the TV or the same movie & one is enjoying while the other is not. Or they are eating at the dinner table and one is expecting attention and conversation while the other is totally investing in his/her phone or tablet. If you belong to the second category, then buckle up, please. Always remember that in a romantic relationship, the differences are meant to be respected and not ignored.

  1. Weakness Pushes The Strengths Away

In the initial phases of your romantic union, everything seems good. The differences, behavior, sleeping pattern, the taste of food, or cleanliness – everything seems “cute” and you just “AWWW” those moments. But then of late, if you see these things more than the understanding and the romantic evenings spent together, then, definitely there is a problem.

  1. Avoiding Spending Time With Each Other

For any relationship to prosper, spending time with each other is mandatory. If you or your partner is avoiding or re-scheduling or canceling the promised times to spend together, then, you should worry. Is he/she spending more time on social media than spending time with you? What is there on social media that real people cannot fill? Find that out if he/she has started to talk to random people on facebook or insta. Maybe he/she is bothered with something and feeling afraid or shameful to talk to you which is resulting in this turmoil. If you don’t find suitable answers, then you are smart enough to figure out what to do – isn’t it?

  1. Are Your Conversations Boring?

After a considerable period of time, the conversations between partners turn to these – “have you bought the medicine?” “Didn’t you feed the dog?” “Where are the groceries for the week?”. But that’s ok also like both of you have to run a house. The problem is if you are not talking beyond these things. If there is silence after these question and almost monosyllabic answers, then, definitely you should worry. You must have spent some amazing times together, shared laughter, and made jokes at each other. Start all that again and if you see a reluctance in your partner, then, of course, talk it out so that romance can be back again.

  1. A Significant Change

Yes, it is true that “change is the only thing permanent in this world”. You must not forget that a little of both of you have changed since your relationship started. More than “change” that is called adaptation and adjustment to accommodate love & romance in life. But if you have recently noticed a significant change in your partner, it could mean romance has started to evaporate from your love for sure. You may see your partner change his/her entire wardrobe, visiting family & friends more than before, spending more time in the office, shifting the taste of music & movies, or spending money on very unusual things that are totally opposite to that person’s dictionary. These are symptoms that either he/she wants a new life, found a new love, or simply is done romancing with you!

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