6 Alarming Signs That You Are A Shopaholic

Know The Life of Shopaholics...
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Who doesn’t love shopping? A new shoe or sunglasses, a home décor item or even a teacup make us happy. Shopping is fun and many doctors say that it relieves stress too. But there is a difference between shopping normally and being a shopaholic. If you shop occasionally like before your birthday or before major occasions like Diwali, Christmas, etc. then you are ok. There is nothing to worry about. But if you are someone who loves to shop and cannot stay away from the shops or malls for more than 2 days then you are a shopaholic. If you don’t go shopping, then you may feel exhausted or anxious. There are some more signs that prove you are a shopaholic. Check if you have some in the following paragraph?

  1. Credit Score

Are you the one with multiple credit & debit cards in your wallet with at least 1 or 2 credit cards crossing the maximum limit? Then surely, you fall in this list. If you don’t pay off your balances each month and show more interest in continuing the habit and not at all worrying about the mound of debts that you have to clear, then, you surely need to check this behavior.

  1. Do You Save?

A savings account is a savior of course, where you can always go when you need to look after yourself or anyone in your family in times of emergency. So, if you have some disposable income (5-10% of your income) then you should put it towards savings on a monthly basis. Recurring deposits or fixed deposits are common to every regular people and in case you don’t keep anything like “savings” and keep on spending as soon as the money comes – it is a concern! You are a shopaholic.

  1. Review Your Closet

Pay close attention to your closet. If there are multiple colors of the same shirt/tee/skirt/kurti/dress belonging to the same brand, then probably you are a shopaholic. You simply cannot stop with just one item while walking through the mall. And check properly, in your closet, you may have clothes which you have never worn and also forgot when and from where you bought it!

  1. Shopping Works Like Medicine

Do you go shopping whenever you feel sad, depressed, or hurt? If yes, then, it is a sign that you are a shopaholic. Also, if you happen to leave with a grin on your face with so many shopping bags, then also you are tagged as a shopaholic. If you feel that, by shopping your state of mind, relationships, and current condition in life would change for betterment, then also you are a shopaholic. But this feeling of happiness & optimism may melt into challenging financial consequences too.

  1. Struggling With Overdraft

Financial strains are quite common and can happen once or twice. That can be the result of a bad budget plan or a forgotten transaction. But if you are causing bank overdrafts on a regular basis – then dear, that is a big problem. Check if you are the one who makes big purchases without checking your current bank balance, then you must be a shopaholic for sure. The passion for shopping the “desired object” is so strong that you simply buy it in an impulse.

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Another habit of all shopaholics is that they tend to hide the shopping trips they make all over the week, month, or year. So, if you are one among them, who hide their purchases just out of fear of a lecture session from mom, then, you are a true shopaholic. You often feel embarrassed or enraged when people ridicule this habit of yours. But for a change, do listen to some wise advice as that would save your money!

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