5 Food That Are Best For Your Hair!

Time to prepare a nutrients list!
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For women, they feel their hair is their asset. No doubt hair can make or break the look. Women are beautiful in their own way, but hair sure does enhances it more. Good hair is basically influenced by a lot of factors. That could be genetic, nutrients, age, hormones. Etc. We have all heard of food that are important in order to have healthy hair. If you have issues related to hair, you might want to have a check on your diet. For someone who isn’t blessed enough with genetics, that hair looks like commercial ready hair, that’s where nutrients-required-for-healthy-hair-enriched-food comes in. A lot of women complain about hair thinning while ageing, age’s a major factor where to have hair issues. Again, to combat hair thinning or any other issue while ageing one need proper nutrients enriched diet.

If you get influenced by fashion bloggers, actresses or commercial models looking like a dream is because they have tons of filters in their pictures, gets their videos photoshopped and layers of chemical making them look like that. Filters and photoshopping are not possible in real life, but chemicals are. But why torture your hair where you can get them to look naturally good. In this blog, you wouldn’t read anything that hasn’t been said before but if it’s being told so many times it works. Read further to know the 5 foods that are best to have a lustrous mane!

1.    Egg
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Eggs, world known remedy for healthy locks. They are enriched with Vitamin B- a vitamin that is required to help with hair growth. If you’re diet lack biotin, you’re more likely to experience hair loss. Eggs aren’t everyone’s preference, like vegetarians. For them, the alternatives for biotin are almonds & avocados. Including eggs in your diet or if you cannot intake try an egg hair mask (best home remedy for hair ever).

2.    Fish
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Deficiency of iron can keep shining odd from your dome. To have a fair amount of balance of iron in your body, try Fish! Healthy omega 3 acids in the body help foster hair growth & sheen. Salmon is the fatty fish for hair. For people who cannot have fish, can have these nutrients through supplements or leafy vegetable, flaxseeds, soy or canola oil works just how fish does. These would provide the omega 3 acids to your body & hair.  One way to have omega 3 acids for hair is by using fish oil.

3.    Soymilk/Soybean
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Soybean is a popular choice for nutrients in the diet for vegetarians. It’s a rich source for omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, vitamins B & K, protein. Soybean perfect hair food fights three issues at one time, dry hair, hair loss, & hair that has lost shine. Combat all this with soybeans and soymilk. They provide the proper nourishment and is definitely beneficial for damaged hair.

4.    Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits
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This category of fruits includes lime, oranges, grapefruits & lemons. They have a high citric acid content and contains a high level of Vitamin C. To have shiny, soft & long locks make citrus fruits your friend. Vitamin C is a magic nutrient for healthy hair. Citrus fruits help in fighting dandruff, strengthening hair and also prevents hair loss. It locks the shine in your hair and removes the dullness making them look dreamy.

5.    Figs (Anjeer)
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The last food on this list is Fig or Anjeer in Hindi. Not a lot of you might be aware of this fruit providing all the right nutrients one needs to make hair grow fast & long. This fruit or dry fruit rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A & C. Figs also help in conditioning the hair.

We are sure you’re somewhat sorted but if you still encounter hair issues even after a healthy diet you can consider a hair dermatologist. But give these ones a try and we’re sure the results would reflect on your mane.

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