Prefer Comfort Over Fashion? Try These 6 Outfits

This Summer, Stay In Style!
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Summer is around the corner, and so are all the trendy outfits. Outfits which are a struggle to carry and to wear! Those complicated outfits which are apparently chic.

There are 2 types of people:

  1. Who slay these complicated outfits
  2. Who just can’t because being comfortable is their first preference

This blog is for the second type of people! Who said comfort can’t blend with fashion? Try these 6 outfits:

The Casual Trendy Look- Flair Top with Ankle Length Pants & Sneakers
Ankle Length Pants & Sneakers
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Like wearing loose clothes? Why not a flair top? It will be comfortable and look pretty at the same time. Pair up the top with an ankle-length pants & Sneakers! This outfit will give you a casual and trendy look!

The Simply Pretty Look- A Simple Floral Dress, Earrings & Flats
Floral Dress, Earrings & Flats
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Well, hello summers! Nothing looks chicer than floral designs. A simple frock style dress will not only make you look pretty but will make you feel super comfortable in summers. Pair up the dress with small earrings & flats!

The Super Confident Diva Look- Culottes & Crop tops With Sneakers
Culottes & Crop tops With Sneakers
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The trend was brought in by our Bollywood divas! Culottes are super comfortable, airy and they look dapper! Pair these up with crop tops & sneakers for maximum comfort. What is the best thing about this outfit? It looks dapper, is super comfortable and you can slay this look at work. Go ahead and feel like a super confident diva!

The Relaxed Summer Look- Simple Top/T-Shirt With Cotton Shorts & Sneakers or Block Heels
Simple Top/T-Shirt With Cotton Shorts & Sneakers or Block Heels
Image Source – Myntra

Who said denim shorts are the hottest? Ever tried the cool cotton shorts? They not only look great but are super-duper comfortable! You can pair the cotton shorts with a simple t-shirt/a top and block heels, and tada you are ready with a fashionable yet relaxed summer look.

The Classic Look- Classic T-Shirt Dress with Denim Jacket & Boots
Classic T-Shirt Dress with Denim Jacket & Boots
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Nothing says chic like a t-shirt dress! They are really comfortable and are super trendy. Add more style to your outfit by pairing the dress with a denim jacket & flat boots. You can wear this outfit to brunch, an evening with friends or maybe to the office.

Comfy Professional Look- The Cotton Linen Pants with a Loose Shirt/T-Shirt & Shoes
The Cotton Linen Pants with a Loose Shirt/T-Shirt & Shoes
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Cotton Linen Pants are super comfortable! They almost feel like pyjamas but they look professional & stylish. Pair it up with a comfortable tee, and if you want to wear it to the office, just tuck-in the t-shirt. Wear this outfit with shoes & slay it!

So, these are a few outfits you can slay and still be comfortable. These outfits don’t require time or effort but just the will to be comfortable. So, now when someone suggests you that you have to compromise your comfort for being fashionable, let them know you can be both!
Go ahead and be the diva you always wanted to be! Be Stylish, Be Dope!

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