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Why Old School Romance Is Better Than Modern Dating?

Old School Dating Was Magical...
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Love and romance have become the thing of the past. This is the world of modern dating where relationships have become a way to pass time instead of having something substantial in life with an actual goal.

People meet on dating apps, exchange numbers, and get in a casual relationship sans any commitment. When things don’t work out they call it off over a text. Surprising? But that’s the truth of modern dating. However, love in old school days was really special that made relationships happier in the past than they are in the modern world.

Here are some significant reasons why we believe old school romance is better than modern dating.

Those Were the Times of Romantic Love Letters

In the old times, when there were no Whatsapp, FB messenger, or emails, love letters were the only means for lovers to express their feelings for each other. There were no emoticons to express instant emotions but only handwritten love letters with teardrops on them that expressed a vast ocean of feelings without saying anything.

The Charm of Occasional Meetings

There was no such trend of going on dates every weekend or partying till the wee hours. Lovers back then had to make a lot of arrangements to meet each other just once or twice in a month. But even that one meeting meant so much to them. And every moment they spent with each other gave them memories galore to cherish till their uncertain next meet.

There Were No Dating Apps

Yes, there were no dating apps like Tinder, bumble, and Happn in old times still the relationships were quite sorted. People actually used to meet in real life to get to know each other better. And on the basis of their compatibility quotient, they would get into relationships.

Relationships Used To Grow Organically

In old times, getting into a relationship was more about finding a companion with whom you can share your feelings, happiness, and sorrows. Holding hands, exchanging glances, and stealing kisses were the initial steps that lead to physical intimacy after a long term of understanding and knowing each other. Unlike modern romance that is based on the foundation of physical attraction rather than emotional connection.

Relationships Were Meant To Be Enjoyed Not Controlled

In the modern dating process, everything happens so fast that people hardly get any time to enjoy and absorb its beauty. One little mistake can ruin the entire relationship within seconds. While in old times, people used to be very forgiving of their partner’s little mistakes. Instead of fighting over silly things they used to work on their weaknesses to make their relationship better. People used to enjoy each other’s company even if their relationships were full of unpredictability. They never knew till when they would be together, still they used to enjoy it as much as they can that made their relationship more passionate.

Relationships Were Not Meant To Show Off

Declaring love on social media platforms has now become a relationship rule. The more you show it off on Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform, the truer your love exists for your partner. Or at least, this is what millennials like to believe. While in old times, people didn’t feel the need to announce their love to the whole world. It was more like a sacred thing between two people that the world didn’t know about. It made old school romance more magical and priceless.

Pain & Gain of Commitment Is Missing

Commitment- the biggest phobia that every millennial has which keeps them away from any sort of long-term relationship. We understand relationships are not always about love, roses, and mushy conversations. There are challenges, failures, and barriers but they can be overcome if you try a little harder. In old times, relationships used to be the priority of people and they were fully committed to it. They teach us that you cannot let go of an important person in your life simply because he/she has some weaknesses. Always remember, nobody is perfect and everybody deserves a second chance.

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