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13 Silly Things Every Married Couples Fight Over

Stupid Things Couples Fight About...
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Marriage is an institution based on the strong foundation of companionship. But there are some bouts of the squabble in every marriage that even the oh-so-in-love couples cannot avoid.

Yes, the silly, stupid fights where married couples get angry with each other over complete nonsense. Sometimes these fights can be really funny that has no solution, but married couples still fight over them all the time. But in the end, these fights always bring them closer to one another more than ever.

So, here is a list of silly things that married couples often argue about:

  1. Every day and night they end up fighting over the AC temperature. Like how hot or how cold the room needs to be. Two different bodies need two temperatures. And that mean temperature that suits both of them just doesn’t exist.
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2. The universal issue that leads to a fight between couples all the time. What to watch on TV? I mean the fight is sure to happen when the wife wants to watch a Rom-com while the husband is a huge fan of the action thriller. These are the two choices poles apart.

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3. Who would have thought that people can actually fight over how to arrange dishes in the dishwasher? Well, married couples certainly make it look easy! They always pick up a fight about whether the dishes must be pre-cleaned before placing them in the dishwasher or just hope that the dishwasher will itself clean them efficiently.

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4. Who will answer the door when maid rings the bell first thing in the morning? Because our bed is so precious to us that we just never want to leave it and would even pick up a fight with our partner for an extra 5 minutes sleep.

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5. The curious case of ‘keeping things from where they were taken out.’ Every wife is tired of reminding this thing to her husband a thousand times a day but men won’t change and they’ll still leave things where they are not supposed to be.

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6. Those irritating, loud snores at night that sometimes make you want to strangle your partner. And the worst part is that your partner would never accept that they actually disturb your sleep with their bad snoring habit. In that case, the fight is bound to happen!

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7. What? Did you just say your parents want to visit us? But they went back last month after staying with us for a full three months. Yeah, the same old story where every woman goes into the state of despair after knowing that her in-laws are visiting. I mean, there’s nothing personal but nobody likes to be corrected about doing things the right way or should we say according to the in-law’s way.

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8. There’s no doubt that sometimes men baffle their wives with their inappropriate dressing sense. I mean checks over checks for men’s dressing is quite a weird choice. That is sure to make their wives ask, ‘What are you wearing?’ And there goes another hour of argument over a pointless issue, which could have been easily avoided in the first place.

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9. To attend or not to attend family functions! Sometimes both the partners do not agree on attending a family function. One thinks that it is important to go and socialize with the people who are an important part of their life while the other one just wants to pass and spend some relaxing time at home instead. And guess what the final decision is never easy to make without getting in a fight.

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10. What to order? This happens all the time and with every couple. You are too tired to cook dinner after a busy day at work and just want to order from outside. As simple as that. No, actually not! To order food, first, you need to decide what you want to eat and then it should also match with your partner’s choice, which doesn’t happen most of the time. Your partner wants to eat Chinese but you do not because that’s what you ate last week. You like Mughlai but your health-conscious partner cannot afford to eat all the oily stuff. And that’s how food discussion ends up in a silly argument.

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11. Falling asleep on the couch can be your favorite thing to do but you can only imagine how much it annoys your partner. Because you end up ruining the setting of the sofa cover that your cleanliness conscious partner absolutely hates.

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12. Leaving wet towels on the bed. Men do it all the time. Now, the sheets are wet. The towel smells bad. And your partner’s temper is an all-time high. You are in trouble man. Save yourself if you can or maybe just change your habit!

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13. The million dollar question, who is going to get back out of bed to turn the light off? I mean you can just take turns and call it a truce. But that’s not the most viable option with couples, I guess. They’ll fight over it for another half hour and then the person who has to get up early in the morning will go and turn off the light.


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No matter how big or pointless arguments get, married couples still have them all the time and end up getting a good laugh about them later.

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