The Best Beaches of West Bengal That You Must Visit

Take the Cue from the Beaches from Bengal
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The Bay of Bengal is the largest bay in this world. It is the Northeast part of the vast Indian Ocean

West Bengal is one of those places which enjoys both the lofty mountains and the sprawling beaches. So, people here have good options to roam around. When the rest of India goes gaga over Goa and its beaches, people here are very happy visiting Bengal beaches. From Kolkata, it takes 5 hours’ drive to reach the Bay of Bengal and thus, the beaches here are quite a hotspot among city dwellers wanting to break away on a weekend. If you have not been here, then, you must visit and enjoy your time. Here are some of the best beaches in West Bengal

  1. Digha or New Digha

Digha or New Digha is still the hot favorite tourist spot for people in Bengal. 90-95% of the economy there runs for the tourists. With years, it has become more congested. A new hotel is built every season and all are earning well – imagine the crowd! It is less than 200 Kms from Kolkata and it takes less than 4 hours if you are going by train. You should not go beyond the popular bathing zones here as this place has much quicksand. Old Digha is more crowded than New Digha. The fabulously served fried pomphrets would make you come back to this place again & again. But apart from the evening strolls at the beach or getting soaked in the morning sun, you can also visit the Biswa Bangla Park – it looks really awesome when lit up in the evening. You must also visit the marine aquarium and the Science Centre in Digha.

  1. Mandarmani

Probably a decade ago this place was discovered and since then it remained a crowd puller. I visited it 7 years ago and noticed some heavy electricity problems here but I guess that is sorted for now as many rich and famous people have started to invest here. Rose Valley is one of the most famous accommodations here and that is not only a hotel, but it is also a world in every right. It has nicely crafted lawns, pools, temples, and toy trains. Plus, you get to enjoy the gurgling sea waves and its turquoise waters. It is just 30 km away from Digha. You cannot miss the red crabs playing on their own at the beaches. Wake up early in the morning and take a walk on the beach – believe me, that would be one of the best sunrise moments you will witness here!

  1. Bakkhali

Bakkhali is near about 130 km away from Kolkata and is quite popular among the masses. Located at the edge of the mangrove forests of the Sunderbans, the water appears muddy sometimes. The inter-tidal zone gives you a glimpse of the local marine fauna. It is a peaceful place without the clamor of the city. Agriculture is non-existent here due to the saline water and thus people have taken up fishing as a means of livelihood here. Frasergunj, Jambu Dweep, and Henry Island are some of the interesting places to visit here.

  1. Tajpur

Since the time Digha and New Digha became crowded or rather overcrowded, the discovery of new beaches has been rampant in West Bengal. The discovery of new beaches is also helping the economy of the local people. Tajpur is one such newly found beach love of West Bengal. It is 170 km away from Kolkata where you can enjoy some adventure sports along with a relaxing stay at amazing resorts. Take a walk along the beach, enjoy local food, and have a nice quiet time here.

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