13 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Single Child

Single Child Diaries...
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Are you a single child?

Do you feel alone?

Who do you play with at home?

Hmm, that’s why you are so spoiled and stubborn!

These are a few comments and questions that single child often comes across. Being a single child is quite different and fascinating. It comes with a fair share of perks and moments of extreme boredom when one actually yearns for a meaningful sibling bond.

Of course, a single child gets undivided attention from parents and have everything at the very first command. But growing up without any sibling also means no play buddy at home. It is actually a blessing and a curse.

So here are 13 things all the single kids out there can relate to:

  1. Your parents are never tired of showering their love upon you. You share a very close relationship with them. You are loved, pampered, hugged, and kissed by them all the time. Yes, even in front of your friends and girlfriends/boyfriends, which can be embarrassing at times.
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2) Ah, the joy of keeping all the presents to yourself on Ester, Diwali, and Christmas. Because there is no didi or bhaiya or younger siblings with whom you have to share your gifts.

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3) You are used to staying alone at home when your parents are out of town. Actually, it very much feels like you are the emperor of the castle and can do whatever you want. Not to miss all the parties that you end up having with your buddies in your parent’s absence.

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4) You don’t ever have to share a room. The entire room is yours to sing, dance, sleep, or for whatever you want to do with it. You don’t even have to share the bed. And there are never any fights or arguments about the way you want to decorate it with your favorite actor or sportsman’s posters.

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5) Be it your favorite cake, candies, or toys, you never have to worry about sharing them with your siblings. Because you don’t have any. We understand that sharing is caring but you can always learn this life lesson by sharing things with your friends.

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6) Being a single child, you must have a long list of friends whom you treat like your siblings. Because being alone at home all the time, you actually love to have people around to talk, play, and share your favorite things.

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7) You don’t have anyone to back you up when you have to sneak out of your room for late night parties. You are always the sole planner who has to carry out all the mischievous plans themselves. Also, you can never blame anyone for your mistakes and bad habits! Sad but true!

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8) A single child never has to use an older brother or sister’s hand-me-downs. They get everything of their own, be it new toys, books, clothes, or mobile phone.

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9) Your teddy bear is your best friend. You play with it, eat with it, and sleep with it each day, every day. In fact, your teddy bear is your best friend and confidante with whom you share all your joys and sorrows. After all, you’ve mastered the art of imagination and no one can beat you in that.

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10) Being a single child and the apple of your parent’s eyes, they always have too many expectations from you. Your parents have all their hopes and dreams dependent on you. They expect you to focus and excel in every field, be it studies, sports, or dramatics. Sounds too much pressure? But you can at least try for the sake of their happiness!

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11) Being a single child people always assume that you must be a weird or spoiled brat because of all the love you get from your parents all the time. Well, that may be true to some extent and you are sometimes spoiled with excessive love but people are no one to tell you this. It’s between you and your parents and should stay that way.

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12) Every single child out in the world will relate to the fact that they love their privacy more than anything else. They often feel shy in large groups and feel uncomfortable. They prefer to stay quiet and socializing at parties or gathering is not their forte.

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13) The single kids learn cooking quite late in life. They are way too pampered by their moms and are never allowed to enter the kitchen. Or never had any sibling to experiment with online recipes. They only learn how to cook when they actually starve and online food is just not an option.

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No matter how lonely single kids feel or how wrong they are judged by people. They’ll always be their parent’s favorite who will never stop loving, caring, and pampering them.

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