The Most Affordable Home Decor Market in Gurgaon!

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Home décor is like everyone’s personal style. Some might like it way too loud & bright some might go subtle & contemporary! This gem that I’m talking about has it all. If you’re looking for some décor for your new abode or if you’re updating, this is one place you can head over to and give it a shot! I am so happy to have discovered this market. People in Delhi/NCR are profound jugaadu! And this is one more jugaad that is equally amazing to Sarojini Nagar.

If you are in Delhi/NCR you must check out this flea market in Gurugram.

Name- Banjara Market or Chappan ki market

Location- IILM Institute, Sector 56, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

How to reach-Nearest Metro Station Huda City Centre or Sector 56 Rapid Metro.

When I first heard of Banjara market, I didn’t think of it as a huge gem. Once you step down to this treasure you can find a plethora of furniture, décor, metal or brass décor pieces, handicraft, frames and so much more. What amazes more is the prices of all the stuff.


The sense behind Banjara is that the people who sell there, are nomads basically. The market is run by nomadic Rajasthan people. This also is one of the biggest flea markets in Gurgaon/Gurugram. You can literally find a variety of antique furniture, mirrors, frames, idols, and festive décor for not only your home but office too.

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Things to Know for Shopping in this Market

The trick to shopping here is that you don’t have any specific shops. You have to dig in the pile of things to find something that goes with your home’s vibes. Talking about vibes, the things that you get here can enhance any sort of décor. The market offers a huge variety of décor since there’s no particular type or category that you wish to shop. You can literally get a teeny-tiny jewelry box to a massive piece of furniture.

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Coming to shopping in this market. Bargaining is the name of the game here. These people may quote extreme prices but do not hesitate to go as below as 200 or 150 for a décor piece quoted for 700-900. You’ll be amazed to know that you can actually bargain for 5000 rs furniture for 1000-2000 rs. There could be stuff that is priced high, but they surely are way less than what you might get in showrooms and malls. One thing that you might take care of while shopping in this market is to check for damages in the products. Since they’re just lying there in the pile, there’s a possibility of breakage or cracks.

Ceramic Pots
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The market not only offers wooden furniture, but you may also find brass, metal, plastic and ceramic items too. You can find frames of all sizes and mirrors too, to decorate the tiniest corner to a huge wall of your home. The items might look a lot dusty but once you make the purchase, they will clean it up and pack it accordingly.

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So if you’re looking to update your interiors, you must give this market a try. It’s affordable definitely and offers you so much to pick the best from. What are you doing this weekend? Well, now you have a plan I guess!

Happy Shopping!

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