What To Do If You Have Feelings For Your BFF?

When your friend is more than a friend...
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Friendship is a relation that we develop out of choice and something which is not provided to us. Finding someone with whom we can share our secrets, joy, and sorrow is priceless.

A best friend is someone who accepts us for who we are and respects our choices without any judgment. And if you have a great friendship with someone from the opposite sex, it’s an added advantage. Apart from having someone who understands you, there is a great opportunity to explore more about both genders.

But with opposite-sex friendships, there’s always a fine line between loving your friend and falling in love with them. Well, the feelings can be really intense in the latter scenario and you may not know how to exactly deal with them. So, here are some tips to help you decide your next step in such a scenario:

Analyze Your Feelings

Sit. Relax. Think. It is also possible that you may be just infatuated to your best friend and mistaken it for love. So, think about your feelings just to make sure if it is actually love or you are just being emotional or it is just a passing phase of your life. It may be possible that you are jumping to conclusions based on some momentary reactions. Like, your friend was looking hot one night, and suddenly you started drooling all over them. Because in that case, it is just a feeling and not actually love.

Don’t Drop the Bomb on Them

We know it’s hard to keep your feelings when you’re in love. But make sure you don’t scream at the top of your lungs to declare your love for your friend. If you have made the choice to tell them how you really feel, then wait for the right time to talk about it. Probably when you two are alone and spending time together. Start showing your affection in sweet little gestures and then observe how your friend reacts to it.

Be Honest About Your Feelings

If your friend responds to your gestures and feelings, then be honest to acknowledge your feelings. Sit and talk about how you feel for them and want something more than the friendship you two share. Without actually destroying the friendship that is the very foundation of your relationship. There may be confusions in the beginning, but if you two are really good friends who understand each other, then the wind will definitely clear in a while.

Respect Their Response

If your friend lets you know that the feelings are not mutual and they do not see you as anything other than a friend, then respect their decision. Don’t be pushy or try to convince them to be in a love relationship with you. It may ruin your friendship. There is someone waiting for you. You just need to wait for the right time. If their response is positive and things are great, then work towards building a loving relationship that doesn’t come on your way of friendship. Always remember you are friends first and then lovers!  And let it nurture your relationship.

Falling in love with your best friend can be a blessing or a curse. If you ever end up in this situation, then count your blessings, analyze the risks involved and take your decision wisely.

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