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Romantic Gestures That Say ‘I Love You’ Better Than Words!

Put Words into Action!
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When in love, actions definitely speak louder than words. The phrase ‘I love you’, over the years has lost its charm. But what works like magic are a few gestures that are not only romantic but can convey your love swiftly. These are the signs that you know someone’s head-over-heels in love with you. And if your partner does nothing like these, we’re pretty sure they love you but maybe in a different way!

Now if you want to express your love through your actions, these are the things that you need to follow. Or if you want to know if he/she feels anything for you, you can tick them off from this list!

1. Love Letters

Love Letters
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Now, these old school love expressions have faded away over the generations. Nevertheless, they are actually pretty adorable. Pouring your heart out on a piece of paper is the easiest way of letting your feelings out of your system. Make your partner read them and let them know how much they mean to you. Love letters are precious and can be treasured for life!

2. Making a Playlist

Making a Playlist
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Sharing the same love for a particular music genre is a steal! If you and your partner can listen to the same playlist and enjoy, then go ahead and make one with all the songs that express your heart’s sayings divinely. You can combine the lyrics of their favorite love songs into one song!

3. Three Taps

Three Taps
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Whenever you are out in public, hold their hand and tap thrice. They’ll know, they adore you at the moment and want to say ‘I love you’ but cannot! Isn’t that adorable?

4. Ride Together

Ride Together
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Take a ride together to work! If you both work, and live separately. Just drive together. If he/she shows up after work to pick you up just because they want to see you is an absolute heart melting gesture!

5. Back Rubs

Back Rubs
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Back Rubs work both ways. If your girlfriend/wife is on her periods or if your boyfriend/husband is sick, rub their back for a little relief. The big relief is they will know they have you! Now even if you’re tired at the end of the day, rub their back to sleep. The feeling of having someone to take care of us is so romantic!

6. Hold Hands

Hold Hands
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Holding hands all the damn time gives a sense of touch which makes your heart warm & relaxes at the same time. Go out on random walks holding hands! Explore places whilst holding hands! The sudden demonstration of affection will definitely have your partner smiling from ear to ear.

7. Forehead Kisses

Forehead Kisses
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Forehead kisses scream love! I personally love them. No intimate gesture is as romantic as this one. This romantic gesture speaks volume of your feelings or your partner’s.

8. Cook up a Storm

Cook up a Storm
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Chill, it’s an idiom. If you’re bad at cooking or specialize only in boiling water, then you surely can nail this gesture. If your partner enjoys food cooked by you, they surely are in love with you. It’s a thoughtful gesture of cooking for someone when you don’t know how to cook, but it’s more about the other person if they don’t complain! Embracing our partner’s flaws and accepting them is the true meaning of loving someone.

9. Random Texts

Random Texts
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When in love, they’re our favorite notification. And receiving random texts from them is the highlight of any regular day. Now the text could be anything, text that says miss you, love you, thinking about you, kiss & hug emoji, or something that they want to talk to you about. It simply means, you matter! They’re thinking of you at that very moment. Don’t only receive them, send them too! They too deserve to know they’re special! Calls work the same charm as texts!

10. Getting Gifts

Getting Gifts
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Who doesn’t love gifts? It’s as amazing as receiving texts or calls. Show that they mean the world to you with getting them gifts. One doesn’t need occasions to shower your lover with gifts. Spoil them with their favorite things, tickets to someplace they want to go, gadgets for your man, make-up or a dress for your lady, book if they love reading. It’s definitely the thought that counts here.

If you aren’t brave enough to say those three magical words, just think of gestures that can convey the same. But at times, it’s important to let your partner know with words as well because it’s always special to hear those little somethings that aren’t little!

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