The Road Trips That You Must Look Forward To In India

Explore India Through Its Roads...
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Road Trips – a very big deal indeed! It is quite a publicized thing now for the current generation. That doesn’t mean our grandparents didn’t enjoy road trips – of course, they did but they didn’t have social media as a proof of that happiness. As Bollywood made Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara, and TVF made Tripling – there seems to be a whole new fan following of road trips. Undoubtedly, this is a good thing because these trips make you believe in the good things of life.

As your life progresses ahead, you may feel like taking short breaks for road trips more. Why? Maybe because road trips make you face with your fears clearly and you always come back energized and more confident about yourself. As Tripling says – “Zindagi mein saare problems ka solutions road trip hai” (The solution to all problems in life lies in road trips). In case you are new to this concept, then, you must be searching “where to go?”

Here is a list of 5 wonderful road trips that you must take once in your lifetime.


This is just a 94 kms ride and that will take around 2-3 hours to reach the destination. Mumbai-Pune is considered one of the best road trips in India. The green belt would soothe your eyes and soul and you can have amazing food at Sunny Da Dhaba & The Kinara Village Dhaba here. Most Mumbaikars take this road trip to enjoy their weekend offs. Before reaching Pune, you will cross through Lonavala which is the prime USP of this trip. The beautiful scenery would refresh your mind. Also, don’t forget to savor the famous “Chikki” in Lonavala.

Bangalore-Bandipur Forest

This one is not so hyped but this is included in the list here because of its unusualness. The Bandipur forest route will give you some of the most memorable forest views. You can take the route from Mysore to Ooty and cross through this forest area. You will see deers quite easily crossing the roads. So, drive safely. The highway is also charming. Running along the picturesque Mysore Road, the total distance is 220 kms and that means 4-5 hours of journey. You will also spot your MacD and CCD on the way!


This one is perhaps the much-awaited road trip you want to take because you have heard rave reviews from every road trip enthusiasts about this route. You have also seen iconic Bollywood movies shot here like Jab We Met. So, get ready for some memorable #instaworthy pictures. The total distance is 479 kms and you will take 2 days to reach here. Unlike other routes all over India, this one comes with challenging topography and that’s why the time taken to cover the route would be longer. Plan your trip during summer to mid-October. The experience of this route is perhaps inexplicable – and you would know that once you are there.


The total distance to cover is just 155 kms and you will take only 3 hours to reach your destination. You have to take the State Highway 24 to check off 3 essentials from your list and they are Jaipur, Ranthambore, and the beautiful stretch in between these two. You can also stop by the Bassi Wildlife sanctuary in between.

Mumbai-Mount Abu

The total distance is 758 kms and the time you will take is 12 hours (or more). Mount Abu in Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful locales in Rajasthan. So, if the mundane city life of Mumbai is bothering you much, then, just drive your way to this scenic place and enjoy your stay here. The relatively cooler temperature would soothe your senses. You have to take the NH 8 from Mumbai to Mount Abu through Vadodara and Ahmedabad. You may stop by and explore these two towns for their authentic culture and Gandhian history respectively. You will find lovely food all through this journey.

What are you waiting for now? Just manage a few holidays at work and go ahead to experience road trips. Remember, you will come back with a rejuvenated mind and body.

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