Don’t Plan Your Summer Trips Without These Essentials

Summer Travel Essentials Checklist...
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The sultry weather, scorching sun rays, or the constant perspiration – none of these can stop the travel enthusiasts from planning their trips in the summer season. The excitement to know a new culture, taste the exotic food items and be amazed by the beautiful view of nature keep the engines of travelers alive. Many people eagerly wait for the arrival of summer vacations to get out of the periphery of the city and explore other parts of the world. Traveling is a relaxing activity but as the season is summer, there are certain essential things that you should not forget while packing your bags.

Check these things mentioned below before stepping out for your summer holidays.


Traveling means extra work out than your normal routine for sure. You need to walk more and as most of the sight-seeing is done during the daytime, sunscreen is a must if your bag. Otherwise, the harmful UV rays of the sun may leave your skin dry and tanned. Apply calamine before sunscreen and take good care of your skin. Applying sunscreen should not be limited to the face only. Apply it on the exposed part of your body – neck, leg, arms, etc.

Perfumes & Deodorants:

No matter how many times you take your shower, you will end up sweating while roaming under the sun in the summer season. While traveling, of course, you can enjoy your shower only when you return to the hotel room. Constant sweating and dust also lead to body odor. Thus, to keep yourself refreshed all through the day- keeping perfumes and deodorants in your bag is necessary. Choose the floral and fruity tones and stay energized and fragrant.

Wet Wipes:

Handkerchief or tissues are carried by many people to wipe the sweat. But when you use wet wipes instead of a handkerchief, you feel refreshed. Wet wipes are available in various fragrances like lemon, sandalwood, aloe vera, rose, jasmine, etc. Apart from adding fragrance, they also remove dirt from your face and don’t allow your skin to become sticky.


When you are traveling you cannot expect “home-cooked” meal and constant eating outside may sometimes lead to a stomachache or loose motion. The heatwave may also lead to severe headache. So, to mitigate these small ailments – you must keep the medicine box handy. Because you cannot let stomachache or headache come in your way of enjoyment – right?

Cotton Scarf & Hat:

Cotton scarf for summer season helps to provide protection against the sun rays. Opt for the pastel shades or floral print summer scarves and keep yourself cool. Also, a nice hat would be a nice addition to your overall personality.


Your eyes also need protection against the sunshine. Buy sunglasses that suit your face structure and save your eyes from dust, dirt, and heat.

Cotton Clothes:

Cotton clothes are comfortable for any season but the intensely hot summer season seems the best time for cotton clothes. They are soft and friendly to the skin and that’s why they are preferred the most. Wear loose cotton clothes while traveling for your comfort.

Hair Ties:

Both for long and short hair – carrying hair ties is a must. Your hair will be safe and you will feel more contented with a tied up hairdo. Make a ponytail or tie into a bun – matching the dress that you are wearing. Buy various colors of hair ties and stay cool tying up your hair.

See this list and jot down what all you would require for your upcoming travel. Depending upon the geography of the pace, you may like to add some more items to this list. But don’t forget to buy all these things beforehand so that you can travel well.

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