10 Bollywood Movies That Made A Mark A Decade Ago

Celebrating 10 Years of These Gems
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Every year more than 200 movies releases in Bollywood and some of them becomes blockbuster, some become a super flop, and then there are some that go beyond all these parameters and becomes iconic. Today’s blog is about those iconic Bollywood movies that released 10 years ago and made a mark with heart-winning stories, stupendous performances by the lead cast, beautiful music, and top-notch direction. The on-screen characters since then became a part of our lives – inspiring us, making us laugh, making us cry, and permanently making a home in our hearts and minds.

Take a look and remember some of the gems that released a decade ago.

3 Idiots:

Release Date- 25th December 2009

It is perhaps still the best from Rajkumar Hirani’s School of films. All his movies have beautiful concepts and are presented in a way that touches your hearts. 3 Idiots will always remain a special film because it reinforced a very simple logic especially to the parents – let your children be what they want to be rather than pressurizing them. Rancho said “run after excellence, success will follow you” – this phrase is still a motivation for many. The tale of friendship, love, ego, faith, and reunion is loved by people of all generations. It made all of us cry and laugh at the same time.

The spectacular Ladakh, Manali, Delhi, the “baby delivery with a vacuum cleaner”, gate-crashing a wedding, going to dinner at Raju Rastogi’s place, Bhindi – 12 Rs/kg, etc. – frame by frame this movie has become a memorable one among audiences. Above all, it is one of the highest-grossing movies of all times.

Wake Up Sid:

Release Date- 2nd October 2009

It is a cult movie and coming from a hugely commercial production house that has produced only love stories this movie was quite unexpected. The beautiful love story between just out of college Sid and an aspiring writer from Kolkata, Aisha who is way more mature than Sid was knitted beautifully. 2009 was quite an exceptional year for Dharma Productions which is absent in 2019. Karan Johar patronized this coming-of-age drama of a rich, casual, and spoilt brat who becomes a responsible guy. It was the first movie of Ayan Mukerji and he was flawless in his presentation of Mumbai, its people, the outsiders, the monsoon, job life, jazz space, and so many more. Sid Mehra played by Ranbir Kapoor was impeccable and so was the always charming & intelligent Konkona Sen Sharma.

The soulful music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy & Amit Trivedi and cinematography by Anil Mehta won the extra laurels for WUS.


Release Date- 13th March 2009

Directed by Anurag Kashyap, Gulaal is about the pursuit of power, an expedition for legitimacy, perceived injustice, and hypocrisy of the powerful. Set in the present-day Rajasthan the plot is provided by student politics of a university and a fictional secessionist movement consisting of former Rajput leaders who have become present-day elite. Kashyap handles such issues brilliantly and allows his actors to give a performance of a lifetime and this movie is no exception.


Release Date- 6th February 2009

It released before the Valentine’s Day celebration and the prime USP was the unique poster. Bollywood has never seen such an interesting poster. Anurag Kashyap wrote the story along with Abhay Deol and gifted four brilliant performers to Bollywood – Kalki Koechlin, Mahi Gill, Abhay Deol, and Amit Trivedi. The unconventional music and quirky yet meaningful lyrics became the face of this movie. The modern-day rendition of Devdas was well accepted and still make us feel good and bad at the same time. It went on to win many awards and accolades.

Rocket Singh- Salesman of the Year:

Release Date- 11th December 2009

Newcomer Ranbir Kapoor essayed the role of Harpreet Singh Bedi, a middle-class salesman who has been a mediocre student all his life. But he dreams of being a successful businessman someday. And he does that really well. He is bullied in his office but he beautifully befriends all his colleagues (just like a smiling salesman) and ends up building his own company where everyone is a boss. A gripping story directed by Shimit Amin and edited by Arindam Ghatak, this movie fared well at the box office. It came from the Yashraj and was quite an un-Yashraj movie.


Release Date- 4th December 2009

Who would have believed that a 67-year-old man would portray a 12-year-old boy and that too with conviction? Amitabh Bachchan played the role of Auro who has progeria – a rare disease where a child looks like an old man. He has the heart of a 12-year-old but his physical body looks and feels 5 times older. His mom is played by Vidya Balan and estranged father is played by Abhishek Bachchan. It is a heart-warming movie with stellar performances. And yes, Mr. Bachchan won another National Award for this role.


Release Date- 20th November 2009

This is the first serious movie from Dharma Productions. The sizzling chemistry between the then NEW couple Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor was the prime highlight of the movie followed by Rensil D’ Silva donning the director’s cap after writing a stellar Rang De Basanti. This movie had a very interesting setup and first half and not so amazing second half. But the performances from the cast was top notch. The story was about underground organizations attempt at instilling fear among people through mechanisms of terrorism in the USA. Although a flop movie, the movie is still remembered for its bold & mainstream attempt at global terrorism and soothing music by Salim-Sulaiman.


Release Date- 14th August 2009

Shahid Kapoor is one of those talented actors who never got his due in Bollywood. The year was 2009 and he was fresh out of his long term relationship with Kareena Kapoor – and this is when all the great roles started to land in his lap. Kaminey is one of those career-changing roles in Shahid’s career which is one of the unique caper thriller movies of Bollywood. An exceptionally gripping narrative that gives Amol Gupte, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Priyanka Chopra, and Shahid Kapoor ample opportunities to shine. The story is set against the Mumbai Underworld backdrop and sees the rivalry between two brothers – one with a list and the other with a stutter. It is also remembered for presenting a sweet love story and of course, the nostalgia-ridden Gulzar lyrics supported by soul-stirring Vishal Bhardwaj music.

Love Aajkal:

Release Date- 31st July 2009

Love is love across time. The definition of love may change over generations but the feeling of pure & sacred love never changes over time. But yes, the perspective of comprehending one’s soul mate surely has changed over the years.

This is the basic premise of the cult movie. Imtiyaz Ali with his brilliantly Sufism romance came up with this breezy tale post Jab We Met and won hearts again. Personally, I didn’t like this movie while witnessing in the theater but gradually over time, I have developed a strange liking for this movie. Two souls who belong to each other are meant to be with each other – and no geography or theory or logic can keep them apart. Rishi Kapoor plays the older generation lover Veer Singh at whose restaurant Saif Ali Khan or Jai & Meera (Deepika Padukone) breaks up mutually throwing a party because their careers are beckoning them somewhere else.

Veer Singh shares his bold, dynamic, fearless, & romantic tale to Jai who finds it pretty strange because in his modern generation love has become quite casual. But he also never knew how strangely he will fall for Meera again and vice-versa. Meera even ends up marrying her boss (Rahul Khanna – oh so hot!) but breaks up the next day realizing her love for Jai never ended. This movie is remembered for its beautiful cinematography by Natarajan Subramaniam, exceptionally amazing music by Pritam, and of course the quirky yet heart-warming dialogues by Imtiyaz Ali – Tu Hamesha Correct Baat Bol Deti Hai Jaaneman…

Luck by Chance:

Release Date- 30th January 2009

That’s Zoya Akhtar’s maiden movie. That is one of those movies that never made numbers at the BO and still is a much-loved piece of cinema among the film lovers. Over the years the fans of this movie have just increased.

Grown up in a filmi-family, Zoya selected to tell the tale of 2 outsiders who want to work desperately in Bollywood and become famous. One of them simply focuses on good acting with little hope from a movie producer she is dating while the other one simply flows with the demands of time. He not only focuses on his craft of acting but smoothly fits into the shoes of the big Bollywood game. It is a movie about how movies and stars are made in Bollywood. Without being biased, this movie beautifully narrates the passion of a girl who wants an identity & zeal of a man who wants to be a star. Supported perfectly by Konkona, Farhan, Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, and Juhi Chawla – this movie had its heart in the right place.

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