8 Steps To Follow And Become A PRO At Bargaining While Shopping

Be A Smart Shopper…
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Some people say that “bargaining comes naturally to Indians” while some simply cannot bargain at all. Some even get scolded for paying a huge chunk to the shopkeeper. Then there are some people who bargain like a PRO and make their shopping companions feel safe. They are called for all shopping trips by the family members and relatives. One of my bargaining expert aunts says that bargaining is an art that shines with time and age. It is something that requires a lot of patience to roam around the market and continuous argument with the shopkeeper. So, if you are ok with these two conditions, then, becoming a PRO at bargaining would be cheesecake for you.

Here are some easy steps that you can follow which will definitely help you become a smart shopper.

Give A “Shocked” Expression Hearing the Price:

You must have watched Ekta Kapoor serials – right? So, play the melodramatic expressions of the leading actors getting surprised and shocked in your head and repeat them in real life. It works really well. Whatever the shopkeeper is quoting – you must be shocked and that ways it will be easier to coax the seller. Bring disbelief in your eyes and sound dramatic – this will be fun!

Be Smart When The Seller Is Cutting Down The Price:

The moment you sense that the seller or shopkeeper is ready to cut down the quoted price – seize the opportunity right away. Now push some more and see the limit how far he/she can cut down the price. It will definitely save you from spending some extra money.

Don’t Be Expressive:

The sellers or shopkeepers are way smarter than you are. They see thousands of people like you every day and thus it will take just a 5-second glance at your eyes or body language to know that you have liked a certain product at the shop. And once they know this fact, they also know that you will pay extra to own that object. So, never be expressive about your liking towards a particular thing you want to buy. Instead, be critical and ask questions about the price.

Walk Away & Make Them Run After You:

This may seem funny but it really works wonders. This trick always gets you what you want at your price. When you start bargaining and the seller is not ready to sell away the product at your price – simply walk away. Don’t go too far from the periphery of that shop and you will find that person coming back to you and asking “how much will you pay?” The seller will also negotiate to say “itne mein kaise hoga? (how to manage in this amount?) But you cannot give up. This movement is an indication that you will get your desired product.

Buy Multiple Items:

Always remember that the more you buy from one shop or seller – the brighter are the chances of getting lucrative discounts. Some shopkeepers won’t give that easily and you have to fight for it. Say the same thing repeatedly that you brought so many things and will recommend this shop to other friends and all the jazz. The shopkeeper cannot miss this chance of publicity after all.

Be Shameless:

Always remember that it is your hard-earned money that you will be spending on buying things and thus you have every right to bargain. So, be shameless in asking for more discounts or asking for cutting down the price a bit more.

Lie About Discounts Given To Friends:

Just tell the shopkeeper that a friend bought the same thing from this shop a week or a month ago at a reasonable price. So, why can he/she increase the price so much? Also, add emotional lines like “I came here because my friend said that this is one of the best shops in town and the owner is one gem of a person”. You will surely get what you want that way.

Always Believe That Everything Is Negotiable:

Last but not least, you have to believe that “everything you see in a market is absolutely negotiable”. Until and unless you mug up this point – you cannot be a PRO at bargaining. Try this even at shops where you see “price not negotiable”. A display board cannot decide what you are willing to pay after all.

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