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Little Things You Do That Make Her Smile

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Do you love making her smile? I am sure that her smile brightens up your day, and knowing that beautiful smile is because of you is one of the greatest feelings in the world. At times making her smile might be easy, but at times it will be really difficult to turn that frown upside down. Well, that’s what you think! It is very easy to make her smile. It’s not about the big romantic gestures you do but about those little things you do without realizing things which make her feel like you care, and things which she finds adorable.

  1. Asking Her How Is She Doing?

    You may not realize this but you’ve stopped asking her, and that is bound to happen. You talk to her every day, and it is not like you don’t know what’s happening. If there is something wrong, she will tell you, you don’t have to ask her this question formally. At times, she needs to feel like you care. Maybe she was feeling a little low last night when you do ask the next morning “How are you feeling now?”

Trust me, even if she was feeling low, this will uplift her mood.

  1. Send Her a Voice Note

    You might be busy and do not have time to write a text, so you decide to send a voice note. Well, listening to your voice makes her smile. This makes her feel like you’re taking efforts and makes her feel special.

  2. Mid-Day Calls

    You may call her at night when you’re free and have time for her. It is okay to do so, but when you call her in the middle of a busy day just to tell her that you love her, it will make her beam with joy. Even if it is for a minute, it will make her feel important.

  3. When You Get Jealous

    She just came back from the party and starts telling you all about it. She tells you about her friends and then tells you about her guy friends, that little jealousy you have makes her smile. It makes her feel like you value her, and are afraid to lose her. Off course not being extremely jealous but a little jealous.

  4. Share Things with Her

    When we go through problems, we share it with our partners. When you do share your problems with her, she not only tries her best to solve them but feels happy. She feels happy that you trust her enough to share things with her. She feels happy that you consider her as an important part of her life, hence your problems are not a burden for her.

  5. Respect Her Choices

    Be a gentleman, and value her point of view. When you do that, she feels respected and valued. Make her feel like your equal, and she will be happy in true sense.

  6. Send Her Songs

    You’re listening to a song, and it suddenly reminds you of her. Maybe because of the lyrics, or the music but it just reminds you of her. Send her the song, it will make her smile like a fool. She knows that you think about her, and makes her feel secure.

  7. Send Her a Text Telling Her How You Feel

    You don’t have to send a long text with fancy words but simple words telling her how you feel. This makes her feel super special, and even a single line telling her how you feel makes her more special than a 3-page essay. You just need to be true.

  8. Honest Opinion over a Sugar Coated One

    No matter what she says, she loves to hear the truth. This makes her feel that no matter what it is, you will tell her the truth and won’t cheat her because you are not someone who lies. She will always seek your advice because she knows it is genuine.

  9. When You Explain a Sport You Love

    Almost every guy does it! She may not even know the basic rules of football, but when you explain it to her, she loves it. It makes her feel included and honestly the glow in your eyes make her feel happy.

  10. When You Do Silly Things to Get Her Attention

    She may have been busy or angry at you, and you start acting silly just to make her smile or grab her attention. She likes it. You’re taking efforts and she likes it.

  11. When You Remember Something She Told You

    Maybe you got her favorite chocolate or ask her how was her presentation at work? You remember something she told you, and you remember it. This is incredibly adorable to her.

You don’t have to make grand gestures to make her smile, but small things which do not take any time. What do you do, which makes her smile? Comment and let us know!

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