7 Cool & Crazy Signs That Prove- You Are Joey In Your Friends Group

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Friends – the most-watched TV series all across the world will complete its silver jubilee year this September 2019 and officially the makers will celebrate the legendary show. Their celebration has started – as you can see on social media. For the fans of Friends across the world – this is not just another TV show – it is an emotion, a sentiment, a piece of nostalgia. The characters are loved for their golden youth appeal – an appeal that is reluctant to lose its charm over generations. Imagine the youngsters of 1994 who watched that show felt the same excitement which the millennial’s of today’ age feel. I am sure our next generation will also have no problem in connecting with this show.

After this popular show, many groups of friends across length and breadth of the globe were trying to be just one of these characters and maintain a friendship just like these guys – now that’s what you call a successful show.

Joey Tribbiani is the only character who got another show with the name “Joey” post the success of Friends. He is loved for his adorable innocence and his stupid questions can make even the grumpiest person also laugh. All through the show, we saw him try various weird things and win our hearts

Check the list below minutely and if all the traits match with you then you are definitely “The Joey Tribbiani” of your group.

Food Is Life & You Don’t Believe In Sharing That:
Food Is Life & You Don’t Believe In Sharing That
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Food is everything for you. If the refrigerator is out of order, you will cancel all your appointments and sit back home to finish every item so that they are not wasted. You always make a point to save your food from getting wasted. Sharing food – the very thought appalls you. If you see a packet of food (or pizza box) lying in front of someone’s door or beside the dust bin – you feel no shame in checking if there is food inside it. If it has, you simply take that home and finish it. To you – food is love, food is freedom, and food is also a very big part of your dreams.

No Job Is Misfit for You:
No Job Is Misfit for You
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If you feel that no job is small or big for you – then you definitely belong to the Joey group. He is an actor by passion and tries to fit into characters but when he is out of shows or plays, he takes up any job. That job can be of a waiter at the Central Perk coffee shop or just standing in a Casino in Vegas wearing old Roman outfit. As long as it pays your bills – if you are also happy doing any kind of job, then, you have a Joey inside you.

Your Reaction Upon Learning Dirt of Your Friends:
Your Reaction Upon Learning Dirt of Your Friends
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Joey always had the funniest, craziest, and the most memorable expressions when other friends used to reveal their secrets to him. Remember that episode where he finds out Chandler and Monica are seeing each other? If you also have the same way of reacting to your friend’s secrets – you know who you are in your group. And your friends also share the gossips with you – just to see you react!

You Do Anything For Your Friends:
You Do Anything For Your Friends
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A friend in need is a friend indeed and you live by that phrase. You simply don’t care about anything when you have to save your friends. And you will pick up a fight with the neighbor next door for your friends. You console your friends when they need and like Joey, you can also pee on your friends if that’s the call of the hour.

Your Best Friend Is Your Soulmate:
Your Best Friend Is Your Soulmate
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In the group of friends, Chandler and Joey were the best friends. More than that they were soulmates, to be honest. The place Chandler had in Joey’s mind, heart, and life – was the most special one which he never gave to anyone else (not even to all those girls he dated). Do you feel the same bond with your best friend? Do you look at the chair next to you and feel like ringing him up and share your thoughts when he is not around?

You Are Proud of Who You Are:
You Are Proud of Who You Are
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You never ever apologize for being yourself even when people think you should. This means you accept the way you are. You know that you are perfect in your own sweet way and this self-confidence is what many people lack.

You Are A True Fashion Guru:
You Are A True Fashion Guru
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Like Joey do you have great looks and a fit body? Is there hardly any outfit in this world that you cannot pull off? For Joey – from the doctor’s dress of being Dr. Ramorey or the Soldier outfit in the Casino to the properly suited look for Ross’s wedding – Joey rocked in whatever he wore. Also not to forget – the ladies handbag that Joey carried for some time.

Defeat Never Defeats You:
Defeat Never Defeats You
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Joey has been chucked out his shows many times, he lost many auditions, he lost many jobs, and many girls left him. But all these setbacks never ever let him go down. He has a funky and cheerful spirit for life. Joey is the strongest of the lot and this trait of him is salute-worthy. That’s why his friends love him so much for his “never say die” attitude. If you also carry the same attitude, you are the Joey of your friend circle.

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