August 2019


The personality types of people can be broadly divided into two parts – introverts and extroverts. Introversion is one of the major personality mannerisms identified in many theories of personality. People who are introverted tend to be inward turning or focused more on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation. Introverts are those shy people who have fewer friends and don’t like talking much to people. Instead, they love talking to the self and think on varied subjects. How is it like dating an introvert? Well, you are really lucky if you happen to date any of these shy and quiet bunch of people. Their silence is often taken as arrogance but there are many perks when you are dating them.

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy while dating an introvert.

Mostly They Are Readers & Writers:

Most of the introverts are avid readers. Many of them are great writers too. So, they always have beautiful stories to delight you and some amazing words to sweep you off your feet. Also, because they are quite observers and read a lot means they will come up with the best advice for anything and everything bothering you. They will also surprise you with handwritten notes or sometimes describe the regular day into beautiful phrases which will leave you in awe. In total, they will always make you feel good!

Their Sensitive Mind:

These introverts carry a sensitive mind and thus they will understand your pain and agony like no other. If you trust them and tell them about your problems, then, know one thing for sure – they will stick to you through your thick and thin. They are always supportive and will never leave you disappointed. Introverts are the ones who will derive their happiness in your smile. If you are dating an introvert, then, there will be no situation when you feel alone or low because they are very emotional and sensitive.

Eyes of Observation:

Things are bare both in front of you and your introvert love interest – but he/she will see those things which you cannot see rather observe. That’s because these introverts have a keen eye for observation. Their curious gaze lets them unravel many different aspects of things and people around them. They may even say something unique about you which you have perhaps never noticed about yourself. So, in their company, you will always learn something new about yourself and the world around you. Their unique perception about things in the world is so different that you will be amazed at how they can associate so many thoughts with simple things in life. Isn’t that a treat?

They Never Quit:

See the thing is – what is a piece of cake to the extroverts is a long struggle for introverts. It means that mingling with people, being social, and making good friends is the character of an extrovert. Whereas an introvert is never comfortable in social circles and almost pathetic in making friends. They also pick their friends and are very protective of them. So, if you are dating an introvert, he/she will make all efforts to bond with you. When you are having some issues in your relationship this person will try every way to make this relationship work. They will never leave you easily and thus with an introvert partner you can be sure of commitment and loyalty.

Always Attentive:

When you have gained the confidence of an introvert – you have all the attention of them on you. They will always focus on your presence and listen to you minutely. For your introvert lover, you are one of those very few people who can make them comfortable and thus they treasure you. Therefore, they will direct all their energies towards you. You will always be appreciated for all big and small things you do for them and thus you will never feel left out.

Introverts Are Thoughtful:

The most amazing part of an introvert’s character is that they will think a thousand times before acting or reacting to any situation. Therefore fights with them will be devoid of yelling and will be more like an intense discussion over a particular or varied topic. The conversation that you are enjoying/fighting with them has been rehearsed many times in their head. So, when you are in doubts about where the relationship is heading while having a fight, they are already making changes to save it. Apart from that when it comes to happier moments, like a birthday or anniversary celebration, be ready to experience the most thoughtful gifts!

They Listen Carefully & Patiently:

Introverts are always the best people to-go when someone had a bad day because they allow people to speak their mind calmly. So, don’t worry at all – you can come back from work and tear your heart out in front of your introvert partner. That person will not miss a single word uttered by you and after you are done, he/she will surprise you with the kind of coffee or food or movie you prefer so that you tend to feel better. They are that kind of persons who will also appreciate your achievements rather than judging you on your mistakes.