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Sitting on a chair and gazing continuously at computer screens for at least 8 to 9 hours every day pretty much sums up the corporate life. After the long working hours, people do not have time or they are too exhausted to hit the gym and workout. It takes a toll on their fitness level and often leads to declining health. In addition to health problems, the long working hours start affecting the productivity and creativity of employees that hit their self-growth and development of the company.

We understand you may not have the golden choice to limit your working hours. But there are some quick and easy fitness tips that you can try during office hours to feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Read further to know the tips that will help you stay fit and healthy at work.

Take Short Breaks

Make sure you do not stay at your desk for too long. Try to take short breaks every 1-2 hour. Even if it is just a small walk from your work desk to the washroom or a 5-min walk around the block. The short periodic breaks will recharge your brain and increase your ability to concentrate more on work.

Stay Hydrated

It is crucial to drink plenty of water not just for your body, but the mind as well. When you are having trouble concentrating on work or you are low on energy, say hello to hydration. The water will ward off your tiredness and boost your mood.

Cut Down Your Caffeine Intake

A cup of black coffee may give you instant energy in the middle of the shift and help you stay active for the rest of the day. But caffeine isn’t a good long-term strategy from the health perspective. Too much dependence on caffeine can have severe side effects and lead to gastrointestinal problems leaving you feeling shaky. Do not completely quit coffee but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Take a Walk after Lunch

The lunch break is the only time that people have to themselves during the entire busy day at the workplace. It is the perfect time to give your mind some rest and feed your body. Go for a walk after lunch or take a stroll around the block. It will help burn calories, regulate the digestion process, and refresh your mind.

Maintain a Good Posture While Sitting

Sit up tall and straight in your chair. As sitting in a bad position for a long time can cause neck and back pain. You need to make sure that your eyes should be level with the top of your computer screen. While sitting in the chair, your shoulders should be relaxed and not hunched up. Your lower arms should rest on support instead of being held up. The screen of the computer should be a full arm’s length away from you. The upper back should be straight and the curve of the lower back should be supported by your chair.

Mini Workout at Your Desk

Do you know there are exercises that you can do at your desk? Or we better call them desk-ercises. Try leg planks. You can simply sit on the edge of your chair where your knees bent and feet on the floor. Now, extend the right leg out in front of you until it is straight and parallel with the floor. Hold on the pose for at least 10 seconds, then release and repeat with another leg. Similarly, there are strengthening exercises, such as foot drill, back twist, shoulder raises, and chair dip that you can do sitting at your work desk to improve your well-being.

Keep Healthy Snacks for Cravings

Those cravings in the middle of the day are inevitable. But you can always regulate what you put in your body. Instead of chips, trail mix, and bakery items, stock up your drawer with healthy snacks, such as nuts, dried fruits, protein bars, etc. So that whenever you feel hungry, you can feed your body healthy snacks and keep it fit.

As quoted by Joe Frazier, “A sound body keeps a sound mind.” A few changes to your routine will allow you to stay healthy and productive at work.

Getting married is a big deal. You commit to staying with someone for the rest of your life and love him/her, no matter what! You cannot take this decision in haste. But being married is a part of our life and surely does make your life more beautiful. Here are a few reasons to get married:

You Are 25 Now
You Are 25 Now
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Once you are 25, you should start thinking about getting married because it is the right age. If you do not start looking at the age of 25 and wait until 27 or 28, it will be too late. All the good ones are taken by then.

You Have To Get Married Someday
You Have To Get Married Someday
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You have to get married one day or the other, why not now? I mean you can have kids whenever you wish to, you’ll get to spend quality time until then.
“Kyunki Shaadi se pehle toh ghum fir nahi sakte ab!”

Last Wishes
Last Wishes
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So there is this one relative whose last wish is to see us married and maybe play with our babies. It is our responsibility to fulfill their wishes. It really doesn’t matter if we are mature enough to handle the consequences.
“Last wish h, karna padega!”

Because All Your Friends Are Getting Married
Because All Your Friends Are Getting Married
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Since all your friends are getting married, you should get married too! The fact that they feel more settled in life than you do is completely irrelevant for you not getting married. All your friends are getting married, you should get married too.
If you don’t “Akele reh jaoge!”

Biological Clock- Tik Tok!
Biological Clock- Tik Tok!
Image Source – Giphy

If you don’t get married on time, you won’t have kids on time.
Late Shaadi=Late Kids.
This is really going to affect your entire life because “Life ka aim bache paida krna h”

Also, it is completely okay to have a kid even when you are a kid!

Financial Dependability
Financial Dependability
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Getting married means sharing expenses with someone. This way you’ll have a better life financially. After all, it is not like you can take care of yourself.

Acha Rishta Hai
Acha Rishta Hai
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You should get married right away if you get that acha rishta.
“Foreign se padhke aya hai”

“He earns really well!”
You should get married right away, it really doesn’t matter if you are too young or they’re too immature.

You Have A Job? Get Married!
You Have A Job? Get Married!
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Now that you have a job, you need to get married now! I mean you’re done with your studies, you have a job and it’s not like you have anything else in your life. It is not like you want to earn, travel, spend time with yourself or live your dreams.

What About Your Younger Brother/Sister?
What About Your Younger Brother/Sister?
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If you don’t get a chance how will they? I mean your sister is only 13 but if you don’t, how will she?

You’re Bored? Get married!
You’re Bored? Get married!
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If you’re bored, the best thing is to get married. It is not like you can read a book, watch Netflix or start with a hobby.

Bohot Time Se Kisi Shaadi me Nahi Gaye- Tu Hi Karle!
Bohot Time Se Kisi Shaadi me Nahi Gaye- Tu Hi Karle!
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Just because I haven’t been to a marriage in a long time, it is your obligation to get married! Come on get married now!!

Agla Number Tera Hi Toh Hai!
Agla Number Tera Hi Toh Hai!
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Your elder brother/sister just got married?
It’s your turn next!
It’s not like you have your dreams to fulfill or a life to live.

Your Parents Are Getting Retired
Your Parents Are Getting Retired
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Since your parents are getting retired, you need to take the burden off their shoulder. Get married and make their life easier.

Your Mom Needs Help with Household Work
Your Mom Needs Help with Household Work
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Your mom needs help with the household work, it is not like you can hire help. You have to get married!

These are some of the lamest reasons people have given me, asking me to get married. What lame reasons have people given you for getting married? Comment Below!

When everything seems to be turning against you and feels like nothing is going my way, his arms are where I find solace. They are magic, and when he holds me while dancing, it seems like nothing ever went wrong.

Here is a playlist you can listen with Bae, and it has songs for different moods!
  1. Agar Tum Saath Ho- Tamasha

This song is one of my favourites. It can put you into a peaceful mood anytime you listen to! Play this song in the background while having deep conversations with bae. There is something about this song which sets the mood right.

  1. Perfect- Ed Sheeran

Madly in love with her? This is song is just perfect! It is for one of those modes where she is feeling gloomy and you want to let her know how pretty she is. Ed Sheeran has magic in his voice, and it certainly makes the song more beautiful.

  1. Comfortable- Alessia Cara

Past your honeymoon period? It’s time you dedicate your babe this song. This song is all about how you love all parts of them and are comfortable with them.

  1. Hooked On A Feeling- Blue Swede

With the funky beats and happy lyrics, this song is perfect for one of those happy modes. Maybe you are celebrating something, or maybe you are just in a very energetic mood and just wish to dance around with bae. This song is perfect for a new couple.

  1. Far Away- Nickelback

The perfect song for long distance lovers. Meeting after a long time? Play this song and dance in their arms. Warning- You may start to sob while dancing.

  1. Who You Love- John Mayer ft. Katy Perry

Sure about her? It’s time to show bae that you are ready for commitment. This is song is perfect when you’re having a romantic date with bae, let them know you accept every part of them.

  1. Say You Won’t Let Go- James Arthur

Everyone’s love story is like a fairytale and there are absolutely no exceptions. This song talks about how you wish to hold on to them, and never let them go. Play this song at the end of a date and let bae know that you would never want to lose them.

  1. Forever- Beach Boys

Winning hearts of different generations since 1961, Forever is one of the greatest hit by the American rock band Beach Boys. This song not only has beautiful music but beautiful lyrics. Let bae know that no matter what it is, you’ll do it if it makes them happy.

  1. Bubbly- Colbie Caillat

It’s about those comfortable days spent with your bae. Dedicate this song and let them know how bubbly and happy they make you feel.

  1. I’ll Be There For You- The Rembrandts

So, heard of that dialogue by SRK which is- Pyaar Dosti Hai!”
Well, your bae is your friend. Let bae know that no matter what, you’ll be there for them.

Spending romantic time with boo, doing nothing while listening to love songs! This is one of the best feelings in the world. Okay, maybe that something you don’t enjoy, but I sure do and there are way too many hopeless romantics like me.

The world of online shopping is like an escape from reality with vast opportunities. You can explore a variety of options without travelling, and that’s what makes it a dream come true for lazy people. A very small, yet beautiful part of this world is made for stationery addicts which for people like me is paradise. So, it is basically Disneyland for someone lazy and loves stationery.

Little pieces of this Island constitutes of:

The Fairy Dust Studio
The Fairy Dust Studio
Image Source – Google

Floral print diaries, beautiful cushion covers, hand-embroidered frames, cute invites, phones cases and so much more. They believe in sprinkling magical fairy dust to all their products which makes them bewitching.

The Souled Store
The Souled Store
Image Source – Google

If you’re a stationery addict, you must have heard about them. They have quirky notebooks, amazing mobile covers, badges for your bags, and most of all lit af stickers. The souled store has official merchandise for many famous Cartoons, movies, music artists, sports artists and merchandise for crazy Bollywood enthusiasts.

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It is the perfect shop for someone who can not hide their love for notebooks. Fangled has a wide range of notebooks for almost all situations, greeting cards, compliments cards, postcards, and a lot more beautiful merchandise. It is not only their products which are creative but when they pack the products in these cute little bags.

Image Source – Google

One of my personal favourites, propshop24 has it all. They have quirky notebooks, sweet notebooks, planners for all occasions, greeting cards, and even cute gifting accessories. Propshop even has desk accessories like stationery desk organizer, personalised pens, unique sticky notes, and cute trash cans. And guess what? They even have do it yourself stationery kits. It is an absolute paradise for nerds like me.

Daily Objects
Daily Objects
Image Source – Google

Popular for funky office stationery, daily objects never fails to surprise people. From quirky notebooks and element pouches to mousepad and greeting cards, they have it all. They even have some cool mobile accessories, so if you wish to dress your phone with amazing merchandise, they can help you.

Ferns N Petals
Ferns N Petals
Image Source – Google

Champions in the game of personalised gifts, they have some really trendy personalised stationery. Personalised notebooks, personalised pens, personalised keychains, personalised desk organizer, personalised lamps and so much more. You name it, and they have it personalised. Yes, even a desk watch! If you like to customize your stationery, they have the perfect store for you.

So, whenever you’re feeling gloomy and lost, you can visit these islands of magic. These places are heaven on the world of the internet and a single purchase would make you feel better. I mean to me, it does. I feel sad, I buy stationery. Try it out, maybe this therapy works for you too.

World Heart Day is observed every year on 29th September. In the year 1999, the WHF or World Heart Federation in association with WHO or World Health Organization announced that World Heart Day will be observed every year to raise public awareness about cardiovascular disease, its prevention, and the global impact. The first observance of World Heart Day took place in the year 2000 (24th September). Cardiovascular or heart diseases are common across the globe and in the early 2000s, nearly 17 million people died from these diseases which is why people should be made aware of it more.

The statistics of heart diseases and consequent deaths in India is also an alarming one. Reports show that adults born after 1970 are more vulnerable to heart-related diseases. Heart diseases and stroke resulted in 28.1% of total deaths in India in 2016. In the years between 1990 and 2016, this percentage has gone up 13%. From air pollution to high cholesterol level – there are many reasons behind these statistics.

The theme of this year’s World Heart Day is “My Heart – Your Heart” and people will be urged to take up a promise to take care of the self and the others around. Taking a cue from that, here is a list of the easy and simple ways that anyone can follow to maintain a good heart.


A brisk walk or smooth walk for 10 minutes minimum is very important. There is workload in office and at home and thus you may not be getting that ample amount of time to go for running or gym. But you have to manage this 10 minutes at least. It is better if you can wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to walk on the grass in your garden, on your concrete terrace, or simply walk on the empty road. Just 10 minutes every day will save your life.


A healthy breakfast is another important thing that should not be missed at any cost. Have whole grains, bran flakes, oatmeal, whole-wheat toast, milk, fruit juices, smoothies, and fruits. If you cannot sit down and finish your breakfast, then, carry it with you.

Fruits & Vegetables:

Have all the seasonal fruits and vegetables which will not only give you a healthy heart but also make sure that you don’t fall sick at all. Have at least 2 types of fruits and 3-4 types of vegetables daily. It will be wonderful if you can choose the leafy vegetables and have a stew or salad of them but it is ok even if you are having those vegetables cooked in spices.

Cut Down Sugary Drinks:

Ok so you cannot adopt this habit readily but over some time, you can if you have the will. Cut down at least one sugar-sweetened soda or drink from your daily intake and you will notice a change slowly. If you have 3 cups of tea or coffee all through the day, then start with removing sugar from 1 cup of tea or coffee. Check your weight before and after when you start this practice- you will definitely see a change.

Nuts or Dry Fruits:

A handful of almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, or any other dry fruit is essential. They are loaded with antioxidants which fight against the free radicals and give you a healthier heart. Instead of that packet of chips or cookies which you have as your evening snack, have these nuts and dry fruits. In fact, you can have some of them before lunch and after breakfast also. They will also keep you full for a longer time.

Fish & Sea Food:

Any kind of fish and seafood can be eaten once a week instead of mutton or red meat. They contain omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B2, and D along with calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. They are also low-fat and high-quality protein food which will keep your heart healthy along with your brain.


Smoking damages the lining of the arteries leading to a build-up of fat. If you have a habit of smoking, you definitely cannot quit it overnight. You will need time – so, take your time to cut down 1 cigarette per day and turn that into 2 then 3 and then eventually a time will come when you won’t need it anymore. Always remember that it is always a strong will power that brings a change in life.


Get a chart of how much water you must have daily and follow that strictly. Water flushes out the toxins from the body and helps the organs to function better. Also, many research and studies reveal that having a glass of wine per day is good for a healthy heart.

Deep Breathing:

Whenever you are tensed at the workplace or home, simply close your eyes and take 10-15 deep breathes. You will feel a lot easier then. Tension leads to stress and that leads to anxiety and all these things are just not good for your heart. So, make a practice of it. In fact, many doctors say that if you take deep breathes before going to bed, you will enjoy a night of better sleep.

Laugh & Make Others Laugh Often:

There is only one life and one chance to witness this beautiful planet. Life never happens minus problems. So, brooding over your problems won’t be a solution. Laughing often eases off the load you have inside you. Make laughing a practice and you will feel a lot better and your heart will also be ok. And remember that everyone you see in the crowd, in the metro, on a bus, in office, in malls – is going through some kind of problems in their lives. You cannot make everyone laugh, but at least make an effort to make those laugh who you know personally.

Last but not the least, you also need to bring a more positive attitude towards yourself, towards others, and towards life.

Are these steps too difficult to maintain? If you think so, or in case you want to be a bit more methodical, then, you can start adopting one habit per month. By imbibing these simple practices in your life, you will become a healthier person. Share these points with your loved ones too and inspire them to stay fit.

People travel mainly to remove monotony from their lives. Travel is something that makes people more responsible, valiant, and agile. The experience that one draws from traveling can be used in every other department in life. The birth of tourism industry happened to aid the travelers in every way. The industry of tourism is a vast one and it is one of the budding sectors which holds tremendous caliber to invest in the economy of a country.

India is a vast land of diversity. This diversity is something that attracts people from domestic as well as international locations to explore. From breezy sea beaches to lofty mountains, sultry deserts to engaging plain lands – there is an interesting facet to every place here.

World Tourism Day is on 27th September and this year India is the host country. The theme this year is “Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all’. The discussions would be mostly on how tourism can be more convenient for creating more avenues for jobs and secure future of people. As India is the host country, learning some startling facts about Indian tourism would be imperative.

Know Some Interesting Facts About Tourism In India Below:
  1. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) calculated that only from tourism, India generated INR ₹16.91 Lakh Crore.
  2. Tourism in India contributes to 9.2% of the GDP.
  3. Tourism in India provides job to 42.673 million people which is 8.1% of the total employment.
  4. In India, tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors. It is expected that by 2028 the contribution from tourism to our economy would be 32.05 Lakh Crore. This figure will then be 9.9% of the GDP.
  5. What is startling is the fact that many people from across the world come to India for medical treatment. As per Wikipedia, in October 2015, India’s medical tourism sector was estimated to be worth US$3 billion, and it is projected to grow to US$7–8 billion by 2020. Also in 2014, exactly 184,298 foreign patients traveled to India to seek medical treatment.
  6. The two major gates of foreign tourism in India are New Delhi & Mumbai.
  7. Do you know which those countries are that mostly take a tour of India and increase our income? They are – France, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, USA, and Bangladesh.
  8. There has been a growth of 15.6% from 2016 to 2017 in terms of the number of tourists visiting India. In 2016, the number was 8.89 million foreigners while it grew to 10 million foreigners in 2017.
  9. As per the “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019” India is at 34th position among 140 countries. The improvement as compared to the last year is almost 25% which is a great sign.
  10. When it comes to the worldwide ranking of cities in terms of foreign tourist arrivals, then Delhi ranks 28th, while Mumbai is ranked 30th, Chennai 43rd, Agra 45th, Jaipur 52nd, and Kolkata 90th.
  11. Do you know that the people from Bhutan, Maldives, and Nepal do not require a travel visa to enter India? Also, know that the citizens of Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, DPR Korea, Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, Nepal, South Africa, and Uruguay are not required to pay any fee when obtaining an Indian visa.
  12. You must know that you would require a PAP or Protected Area Permit to enter the states of Nagaland, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, some parts of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh? You would also require a RAP or Restricted Area Permit to travel to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and some parts of Sikkim.
  13. The National Tourism Day in India is 25th January.
  14. The 2011 Kumbh Mela saw the largest gathering of people ever on this planet. The count was over 75 million and this gathering was so huge that it was visible from space also
  15. The Taj Mahal alone witnesses a footfall of at least 7-8 million people annually.
  16. During Brahmotsavam held annually at least, 500,000 devotees visit the Tirupati Temple and that makes Tirupati one of the most-visited holy places in the world.
  17. Another startling fact is that the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is the richest temple in the world in terms of donations.
  18. India has the second-largest network of roads in the world and that aids the huge flow of tourists visiting our country.
  19. There are many factors for people visiting our beautiful country and our cuisine is one of them. Do you know that Indian cuisine is the oldest continuously prepared cuisine in human history?
  20. Also, you must know that India is the home to the 60% total tiger population which is one of the attractive factors for wildlife photographers or adventure tourists to visit our country. The lovers of history and culture never forget to take a trip to the Varanasi which is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Our big country has many such interesting factors. Aren’t these aforementioned factors inspiring you to travel some more and know our country a bit more?

If someone ever asks what according to you the most desirable thing in the world is, what would your answer be? You’d probably say money, fame or success. These might be the right answers in the long run. But what most of the people desire more than anything else is- to have a flat and toned tummy. Yes, the Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner sort. It’s a dream of millions.

Does measuring the circumference around your waist disappoints you at times? Or maybe you want to remove the muffin top that gets particularly noticed in everything you wear. Well, guess what? Getting rid of those love handles may be hard but not impossible. There are just a few food items that you should avoid or limit to lose the stubborn belly fat.

Avoid Sweeteners & Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Too much sugar consumption is bad for you. If you have diabetes, then having sugar will increase your blood sugar and triglycerides, which can be a risk factor for heart disease. The soft drinks or soda might make you feel good and energized for some time. But they leave you craving for more that increases blood sugar level and leads to the accumulation of fat around the belly and other areas of the body. You can try and swap the artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup.

Ditch Dairy Products

Gas and bloated tummy are usually the symptoms of lactose intolerance. If you suffer from a mild or severe case of this ailment, you can try and swap cow’s milk for lactose-free milk or nut milk. Limit your cheese and yogurt consumption. Doing so will help better your digestion and aid the loss of belly fat.

Cut Down Unhealthy Snacking

We all often try and satiate the midnight cravings with snacks like salty potato chips or French fries. These snacks are loaded with unhealthy hydrogenated oils called trans-fat. It contributes to increased cholesterol, increased weight, and heart diseases. Potatoes are healthy when consumed boiled, not fried. You can try and replace potato chips with nuts or baby carrots to satisfy untimely hunger pangs and cut down those extra pounds.

Eliminate Processed Baked Goods

The processed baked goods may come across as a convenient or delicious snack but they aren’t easy to digest. These high-carb foods are loaded with refined sugar and preservatives with very low nutritional value. Including them in your diet may never allow you to achieve your dream body and make you look all puffy and bloated.

Say No to Fried Food

The fried chicken wings may cater well to your taste buds but they don’t do any good to your body and heart. Loaded with sodium and trans-fat, fried food has very little vitamins or minerals. They contribute to weight gain and cholesterol levels that can clog the arteries over time. Therefore, you need to learn to say no to fried food for a flat tummy and a healthy lifestyle.

Cut Back on White Carbs

White carbs are processed which are digested rapidly by the body to be stored as fat. If you want to achieve a flat tummy, then you should replace white bread, rice, pasta with fiber-rich whole grains, such as brown bread and rice.

Minimize Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol and losing weight don’t go hand-in-hand. Alcohol has significantly more calories but low in nutritional value and drinking too much of it can completely crush your weight loss efforts. It can also lead to dehydration and water retention that may leave you feeling bloated and puffy. You should try and minimize your alcohol consumption to achieve a flat tummy and better overall health.

Avoiding these food items will help you maintain a healthy diet and lose those unwanted pounds around your belly.

A friend can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself.

Frances Ward Weller

With good friends around, life becomes an occasion that never runs out of happy moments. When the clouds of sorrow appear, friends make them go away with the light of their love. They make you smile, shine, and sail through the hardships of life. Friends are the people who accept you for who you are and stand by your side, even when the whole world turns its back on you. You can pretty much be yourselves in front of your pals without the judgment of being judged.

But what do you do when your best friend moves to another city/country and you end up becoming long-distance friends? Yes, much more painful than being in a long-distance relationship. Because one moment you two were together deciding your party dresses. And the other moment they are gone away to another place, which is not even in your time zone. Having a long-distance friendship becomes tough when you are not even able to catch up once in a while. But it’s not impossible to preserve what you had and try to stay in contact even being miles away.

Read further to know the ways to maintain a long-distance friendship.

Make Good Use of Technology

No matter whether your friend is in another country or continent, you two are always just a text away. Well, thanks to the Internet. So, use the technology to your advantage and keep surprising your dear long-distance friend with sweet text messages and random pictures from time to time. This way, the physical distance will become like a virtual barrier between you two.

Plan an Annual Meet

It might be probably tough to meet your long-distance friend frequently. But try and plan at least an annual meet. Something that you can look forward to. A day when you two can get together, talk about things happening in your life, and cherish good old memories.

Video Chat Often

Regular texting is a good option to stay in contact with a long-distance friend but it is also important to see them once in a while. And that’s what Skype and Facetime are for. A five-minute video chat every week or at least once in two weeks is enough that’ll make you feel more involved with your friend.

Remember Important Occasions

Birthdays and anniversaries become even more special in long-distance friendships. Remembering these special occasions go a long way that nurtures the friendship and keep it intact. Keep track of your friend’s birthday or anniversary and try to send a card or gift to make them feel loved and cared.

Write Letters

This may sound a little bit old school but nothing can replace the charm of opening the mailbox and seeing a letter from your long-distance BFF. The words in the letter will make more sense than a simple text. And it will stay with your buddy forever just like the sweet memories of your friendship.

Stay Connected Through Little Things

Pick a movie or series, watch it at the same time and keep texting each other your thoughts throughout the entire session. It’s just like having your BFF by your side that will give you the feeling of enjoying things together even when you are miles apart.

Take Trips Together

Travelling with someone allows you to know that person better and explore their personality. Explore the world with your friend one at a time. Take trips to new places. It will be like a mini-reunion where you’ll get to see each other. Amidst the long talks and long walks, you can have all the fun and adventure like you used to have earlier.

Rejuvenate your long-distance friendship and keep its charm intact with these amazing tips.

“Once a year, go someplace you have never been before” – Dalai Lama

Apart from Dalai Lama, even doctors and psychiatrists also suggest going somewhere once in a while to rejuvenate the mind and body. There are many stress or tensions in life concerning both professional and personal situations. Traveling to places amidst brings a breath of fresh air to tackle everything in life easier and better ways.

Now, to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political, and economic values worldwide the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has been celebrating World Tourism Day since 1980 on 27th September. Tourism, undoubtedly, is a big industry today with the increase in the number of modes of transportation across the globe. Through travel and tourism, a great relationship within and outside the country is promoted. It helps people in knowing the foreign culture, tradition, history, and thus aids in binding people.

Every year, UNWTO chooses one host country and theme to raise awareness regarding tourism. This year, India is the host country and the theme is “Tourism & Jobs: A better future for all”. There are many such unknown facts about WTD which you can know from below:

  1. Do you know that the word “tourist” had been in use since 1760? It was used for individuals traveling for recreation.
  2. Are you familiar with the name Thomas Cook? Well, he was an English businessman and was the first one to organize a trip from Market Harborough to Loughborough for a temperance meeting on 5th July 1841. By 1845, his tourism industry had grown to offer trips to Glasgow only for a guinea.
  3. The 1st foreign trip that he organized was in 1861 and it was a 6-day package. The British tourists were greeted with a cannon salute and band music.
  4. It is really startling to know that tourism industry generates 5% of the world economy.
  5. In 2018, there were 1.401 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide. The growth compared to 2017 was of 5.4%.
  6. The top 10 countries with maximum numbers of tourists were- France, Spain, United States of America, China, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. (source:
  7. The international tourism receipts in 2018 were US$1,451 billion which saw a growth of 4.4% compared to 2017. The USA was the top earner in this tourism sector.
  8. The Asia Pacific recorded the highest growth in terms of footfalls. In 2018, there were over 347 million international tourist arrivals to Asia-Pacific and compared to 2017, the increase was of 7.3%.
  9. The top 10 countries in the Asia Pacific with record international tourists were- China, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, India, Vietnam, South Korea, and Singapore.
  10. As per reports, China was the top spender in international tourism last year.
  11. Tourism, according to various estimates, will continue to grow at an average of 3.3% annually until 2030.
  12. This tourism industry represents an estimated 10% of the world’s GDP and 1 in 10 jobs globally.

As India is the host country this year, you must know something interesting about the tourism industry in India too. India is an ancient country where Guests are believed to be the representation of God. The land of diversity, India has been a center of attraction internationally.

So, Here Are Some Interesting Trivia About Tourism In India:
  1. In India, the National Tourism Day is celebrated on 25th January which is an initiative taken up by the government to promote awareness about tourism in the country.
  2. Tourism is definitely not the primary source of income among Indians but it is a growing industry here. In 2015, it generated 124.8 billion dollars which were 6% of the total GDP of the country. Now that amount rose up to 240 billion dollars in 2018 which was 9.2% of the total GDP of India.
  3. The figures also state that the tourism industry in India provided 42.673 million jobs or 8.1% of India’s total employment.
  4. In terms of tourism (both national and international), India made a world record in 2011. Kumbh Mela entered the Guinness Book of World Records for witnessing the largest mass gathering. That year saw 75 million pilgrims from all across the world.
  5. The Guinness record for the largest mass gathering in the world was broken in 2011 in India during Kumbh Mela. More than 75 million pilgrims were gathered making the mass gathering visible from space. This festival is an auspicious Hindu celebration that happens once in 12 years.

Hope this blog helped gain insight into the tourism industry.

Hey Cherry, can you please get me a cappuccino from Starbucks on your way back from the salon?

Cherry- Sure, why not.

Riya, can you please lend me the black dress that you wore on your date last week?

Riya- Of course, take whatever you want.

Asmita, I need a favour, can you please prepare MOM for today’s discussion as I have to leave early from office.

Asmita- I’ll take care of it, don’t worry at all.

Did you notice any similarity in the conversations above? Yes, all of them answered in the affirmative to questions or requests made to them. Just like Cherry, Riya, and Asmita, several other people who find themselves saying ‘yes’ to people only to regret it later. They have a hard time saying ‘no’ to things they don’t want to do or the tasks that cause them inconvenience. They put other’s needs before them or just hate the thought of hurting other’s feelings by saying ‘no’ for an answer.

But the truth is that it is hard and unfair to spend your entire life pleasing people. In the process, you end up losing yourselves and getting too much on your plate that you hardly get to enjoy the things you love.

Read further to know what happens when you always reply to people’s request in affirmative.
It May Hit Your Self-Esteem

Trying to please others all the time can make you feel miserable. People may only remember or try to get in contact with you when they need a favour and that can take a hit on your self-esteem. You’ll soon realize that you only matter to people as long as you are doing favours to them. That may make you feel worthless, which is not good for your self-esteem.

You May Come Across As a People Pleaser

Saying ‘yes’ to every request can portray you as someone who just wants to please others. People may believe that you have a lot of time in your hand. They would put their own needs first and start believing that your life revolves around pleasing them.

You’ll Feel Lonely

In the process of doing everything for others, you tend to ignore your desires. You are so busy doing things for others that you hardly get any time to fulfill your wants. You may start to think that people like you for what you do for them and never actually try to understand you. That may lead to a feeling of loneliness. That’s where you need to stop and think whether you actually share meaningful relationships with these people. Or are they only using you to get things done?

How cultivating the habit of saying ‘no’ will enable you to be more honest with yourself and others.
It Saves Your Time

Saying no to things that are not important to you will allow you to spend more time on things that are of great value to you. With time on your hands, you can grab the opportunities that come your way and make the most out of life.

Helps Build Real Relationship

Learning the art of saying ‘no’ may make some people in your life feel that you are letting them down. Well, if that’s the attitude, then you surely don’t need these people in your life. For people, who do not feel disappointed with your any and try to understand your situation and want to see you happy are worth keeping in life. Saying no will help you set boundaries that will let your true friends understand that your own needs come first and they are ok with it.

You’ll start to Love Yourself

The constant urge of doing things for others take the energy and concentration away from you that you may channel towards your self-growth and happiness. Saying no to things that you don’t feel like doing will make you feel good about yourself. You will learn to love yourself and self-love is the best form of love that allows people to accept and celebrate themselves.

It’s impossible to make everyone happy and once you realize it life becomes easy. Learn to say no to things which aren’t important. It will open doors for great opportunities in life. It will teach you the importance of self-love, which goes a long way.