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There cannot be any other TV show as astounding as Friends. Can you believe it is going to be 25 years old in a few days? It is still so fresh and relevant and will always be that. I mean it is like the Bible to the ’80s and 90’s born or raised and it is watched by the Millenials too. It has achieved an unbelievable success rate in the showbiz world. The 6 friends or stars of the show still earns $20 million each year doing nothing basically. Warner Brothers earn $1 billion per year through syndication.

As this magical show enters its silver jubilee year, there are reasons to celebrate. So, here is my list of the best 25 moments from the show (it was really difficult to choose them as there are countless)

Rachel Entering Central Perk In Wedding Gown
Rachel Entering Central Perk In Wedding Gown
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What an entry that was! Just imagine someone enters in her wedding dress and sits next to you in a café – how would you feel? Surprised. Surely, this first episode is one of the best episodes and moments to cherish forever. She enters and everyone turns their head towards her and listens to her with interest.

When Emma Is Born

Ross and Rachel still don’t know they would be together or not but one thing they know – now they have a string to stick them forever. Rachel is sweating and tired from the labor and Ross is there touching his baby. They had tears of joy and victory in their eyes.

Turkey Dance of Monica
Turkey Dance of Monica
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In one of those Thanksgiving episodes, Monica reveals one of the old Thanksgiving secrets and that leads Chandler to get angry on her. She then wears Turkey on her head and dances – ridiculously funny and awesome that was!

Phoebe Saving Marsel

The lady from the animal department finds Marsel in a storeroom and aims a mild tranquilizer at Marsel. But Phoebe – the greatest animal lover we know jumps (and the camera goes slow just like in the old dramatic movies) to save Marsel and gets hit by that tranquilizer at her bum.

Chandler Admitting His Love

So everyone by then knew everything and still pretending to know nothing. Joey was getting confused the most to hide his words. So, Rachel and Phoebe plan to trap the new lovers. On the other hand, super-competitive Monica boosts Chandler to carry on his act. But Phoebe turns desperate and Chandler had to confess, “…..because I am in love with Monica”. Monica comes out from the bathroom all shy and amazed. Oh! that was such an adorable episode.

Monica Proposing Chandler
Monica Proposing Chandler
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So after all the planning, speculations, and apprehensions, Monica and Chandler are finally in a state where they can commit for a lifetime. Who will propose who – this game also went on for some time and then one fine day Chandler returns to a candlelit home and a Monica seated on her knees.

Ross Taking Rachel’s Name Instead of Emily

Nowhere in the history of sitcoms have I ever come across such an engaging and funny scene. Rachel didn’t go to attend the marriage ceremony of Ross in London because of her ego and realizing that she still loves Ross. But in the end, she travels to London to say Ross that she loves him but couldn’t. On the other hand, Phoebe is on call listening to the marriage ceremony and Ross takes the name of Rachel while the Minister asks to repeat after him. The whole crowd went berserk.

Monica Learning About Her First Kiss

Many years later when she is married to Chandler, she gets to learn that no Prince Charming was kissing her when she was in High School but it was Ross – her very own elder brother. On the other hand, Ross realizes it was his sister and not Rachel. Chandler exclaims – where am I married into?

Las Vegas Marriage for Ross & Rachel
Las Vegas Marriage for Ross & Rachel
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Ross drew a mustache on Rachel’s face with a marker which didn’t go off and she ends up staying in the hotel room and get drunk with Ross (the bill for which Ross had to pay for drawing tat mustache). After getting drunk, she draws something on his face and they both set out to roam around Vegas and ends up marrying each other.

Joey Learns Chandler & Monica Are Dating

Monica bluffs that she lost her eyelash curler and asks Rachel to lend hers. A few minutes ago Joey received a call from the hotel where Chandler checked in. They were saying the guests left an eyelash curler. It took 10-15 seconds for Joey (late bloomer) to crack this one and then he gives historic expression.

The Wedding of Phoebe & Mike

It was dreamy, simple, and elegant. Phoebe was the only one who had almost no family, who led a tough life on the streets, unlike others. She dated many guys before ending up with Mike. Her dreams of settling down with a man who promises to take care and be proud of her madness finally come true. I cried on that episode!

Finally, Rachel Getting Off the Paris Plane
Finally, Rachel Getting Off the Paris Plane
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We were all gasping what would Rachel do now (like Ross who was playing the recording machine). A few seconds later we find Rachel entering Ross’s apartment – finally, she got off the plane to Paris just to be with Ross forever.

Rachel Going To Airport With Flowers

With love in her heart, she goes to the airport to receive Ross and let him know that she loves him. But she finds out Ross brought someone as the love of his life.

Ross & His Sandwich

It was that phase when Ross was having anger issues and someone at his office ate his sandwich. He shrieks out loud and everyone gets terrified.

Armadillo & Holiday
Armadillo & Holiday
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Ross wants to educate Ben about his Jewish roots but Ben is too excited about Santa and Christmas. Ross gets into an Armadillo costume and tells the tale.

Joey & Chandler Missing Each Other

Joey leaves Chandler’s apartment because he is earning well now. But they terribly miss each other. They watch the same show on TV while talking to each other over the phone.

Phoebe Realizing She Mugged Ross

It was one of those episodes when they were talking about past school days and Phoebe realizes that many years ago, she was the one who mugged Ross. Later she takes pride in the fact that like others she also knew at least one from the group years ago.

All Those High School Days from down Memory Lane
All Those High School Days from down Memory Lane
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Ever single time, they talked about those High School days, it used to be a fun ride. The fat Monica, the Rachel without a Nose Job, Chandler and Ross with weird hairdos!

Phoebe Meeting Her Dad

All her life she wanted to meet this man and when that day finally arrives she gets jittery. She later discovers that the tune “Smelly Cat” and her talent of being a musician was gifted to her by her dad.

Phoebe Bluffing to Rachel about Her Pregnancy

It was Monica’s marriage and these girls were inside the washroom to test pregnancy. Phoebe bluffs Rachel that she is not pregnant and we could see Rachel breaking down and regretting not being a mother. Phoebe then says she was joking to see her reaction.

Joey & Rachel Realizing They Are Way Too Good Friends To Date Each Other

So, almost everyone around them is finding love, getting married, having kids, settling down, etc. Rachel is unable to find love and Joey is unable to fall in love. They end up dating but when they were supposed to get intimate – they simply couldn’t. They realize they are too good friends to date each other.

Monica & Chandler Getting Twins

Ok so the lady giving birth to their child never knew she is having twins. So, Monica and Chandler were super-excited to get 2 babies when they expected only 1. Ross asked – does the hospital know you are carrying two babies?

Phoebe Donating Her Free Money

She got some 7K in her bank account but she cannot accept windfall income so she donates that to a poor lady who collects dust bin garbage. In this world, you really got to have such a valiant heart to do that.

The Science Boy

Phoebe mugged Ross but saved whatever his bag had. Later she hands over the “Science Boy” journal to Ross which he made as a kid. Such a wonderful feeling – when you know you lost a piece of your childhood but later find out that was saved by someone.

The Last One
The Last One
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Only nostalgia rules for this last one. The apartment of Monica is devoid of any furniture, Monica & Chandler are moving to the suburbs to settle down, Ross & Rachel promises not to leave each other, Phoebe had Mike, & Joey is stable in his acting career now. We don’t know how they will meet because Monica & Chandler can’t travel every day to Central Perk. The last time, they all hand over their keys to Monica’s apartment and for the last time they go for a coffee.

The last episode aired 15 years ago and all the fans of Friends still hope for a reunion. But till that time you can simply rewind and re-watch.

Yoghurt or yogurt or Dahi is a dairy product that is consumed all over India in various ways. In some places, it is served with hot paranthas while some prefer it only during lunch or dinner. At some places, it is served as a refreshment too. Yoghurt is prepared from the bacterial fermentation of milk. The name of the bacteria is Lactobacillus that ferments milk into yoghurt. It is a great ingredient for proper digestion. Most of India prepare yoghurt at home but it is also sold profusely in dairy shops. It is also used in various food preparation. But the best health benefit is gained when consumed in its raw form.

In every 100gms of yoghurt, you will find the following measure of nutrition:

Water- 83.56gms

Energy- 73kcal

Protein- 9.95gms

Carbohydrate- 3.94gms

Sugar- 3.56gms

Calcium- 115mg

Fatty acids (total saturated)- 1.23gms

Fatty acids (total monounsaturated)- 0.49gm

Cholesterol- 10mg

Know how the daily consumption of yoghurt helps you in staying fit:
Digestive System Is Improved:

The presence of active bacterial strains in yoghurt makes it highly digestible. Plus, the same bacterial strains help in eliminating signs of constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, and the infections caused by peptic ulcer. That’s why it is recommended to have at least 100 gms of yoghurt along with meals. If you look closely, in India, actually, yoghurt is served after the main course is over and probably that has a reason – right? So, if you don’t like it much, still make sure if you are having a heavy meal, you must have yoghurt.

Effective In Weight Management:

Various studies and researches have proved that yoghurt aids in fat loss and reduces central adiposity during energy restriction. It helps in filling you up and you can avoid overeating. So, weight loss and weight management – both are controlled with this amazing food. Yoghurt especially helps in the reduction of belly fat.

Keeps The Body Temperature Cool:

Yoghurt is an effective source of cooling. Consumption of yoghurt during the summer season helps in keeping the body temperature low even when the sun is scorching outside. The probiotics will help in staying cool both physically and mentally. Plus the fluid balance in the body will also be maintained.

Bone Health:

Yoghurt is a dairy product and that’s why there is a presence of a large amount of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These calcium and magnesium are effective in maintaining bone and dental health. In fact, doctors also suggest having yoghurt to patients suffering from osteoporosis, rheumatism, and arthritis. Moreover, yoghurt has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Alleviates Hypertension:

Hypertension has become quite a common problem among people these days. The challenges are thrown by both work and domestic life often takes a toll on the mind and body. It has been studied over the period of time that regular consumption of dairy products like yoghurt is an effective way to lower hypertension by reducing sodium reabsorption.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels:

Bad cholesterol or LDL in your body is definitely a poor sign. But if you consume yoghurt daily then there will be a reduction in serum LDL or bad cholesterol. As the bad cholesterol is removed, you can be sure of the fact that your heart is in good condition.

Thwarts Vaginal Infections:

Among diabetic women, vaginal infection is a common disorder. With daily consumption of yoghurt, this problem can be solved. The daily consumption of yoghurt will actually degrade the pH level of the vaginal tract and prevent further infection.

Skin & Hair Care:

Yoghurt is excellent for skin and hair care. To deep condition your hair, once in a week application of yoghurt with or without oil is recommended. To remove tan from the skin or to improve the shine of your skin – dab yoghurt every alternate day. Additionally, the dandruff of hair or texture and volume of hair are also improved. All kinds of skin rashes, acne, and pores of the skin are also improved.

Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, yoghurt also helps in treating asthma, preventing anemia, boosting immunity, eliminating bad breath, and providing you a happy life. So, enjoy the bowls of yoghurt along with your meals, salads, or smoothies.

Relationships can be broadly categorized into two – one, that is formed right at birth (family and relatives) and two, that we choose ourselves. Relationships bind us with people, make us more responsible, and make us learn about patience, the joy of sacrifice and many such things. But again, some relationships can be toxic or hazardous. Instead of contributing constructively, these relationships destruct people from within. A little bit of hurting or fighting happens in every relationship and people get over them, patch up, forget and forgive each other. But that is not the character of a toxic relationship. There comes a point when “taken for granted” becomes the rule in this relationship and all that this relationship can then ignite are a pain, suffering, sadness, anger, and frustration.

Additionally, there is always an inexplicable kind of tension running in the head when you are in a toxic relationship. One cannot enjoy properly, sleep properly, or work properly, because of the presence of toxicity in life. Coming out of such a relationship seems like the only solution and one must do that. If a relationship feels like a hell hole, then, there is no expectation of beauty there – right? But once you are out of such a relationship, never forget the lessons that you have learned from that.

Here Are The Learnings That You Can Take Away From A Toxic Relationship:
Understanding Self Worth:

The relationship might have been physically or mentally or emotionally jerking which left you with a scar for life. One of the basic characters of every toxic relationship is that you are not aware of your self-worth at all. During your toxic relationship, you were at an all-time low because your partner always made you feel like a dust particle. In fact, during that relationship, you have perhaps never wanted to see things differently or understand your real worth. Now when the relationship in the graveyard, you are a new person altogether who understands the meaning of “self-worth”, “self-confidence”, or “self-esteem”.

Considering Your Happiness First:

Now, when you have started to understand self-worth, you also know that considering self-happiness is the most important goal of life. Pleasing the people around you is also good but there is also an extent to do that. The moment you cross that line – people start to neglect you or take you for granted. Therefore, you now learn to take good care of yourself and keep your happiness in front always.

Understanding the Arrival of Danger:

It’s not like initially, you never understood the arrival of red flag or danger in your relationship. You simply used to ignore them. That’s where things actually faltered – now you know that too well. Be it possessiveness or shouting at public places, or any other signs of toxicity in the mind of your partner – addressing that issue right at the first time is the best solution and no one knows it better than you now. In a certain way, you also become more intuitive in sensing the arrival of danger.

Relying More on Friends & Family:

The group of close friends and family members can always judge who would be a better person for you. Because they know you more than you think you know yourself. Perhaps your friends and family members have disapproved of this person you dated but drunken in new love, you didn’t listen to them at all. And now when you have faced a bad phase in your life for that love- you tend to rely more on the choices of your friends and family members.

You Develop Confidence:

In the case of alarming situations in life, intuitions and instincts play a major role. They tell us what next is waiting for us. After breaking up from your toxic relationship, you now are more confident about your gut feeling. You now seem more confident about every step in your life and you never ever miss the call of your instincts.

You Now Draw Boundaries:

It is very important to have boundaries in a relationship. Initially, you thought that you need to share yourself, your life, your choice, etc. with your partner. But now as that relationship didn’t live well, you now know to set your boundaries. It is not at all ok to overstep those boundaries.

Self-Defense Mechanisms:

There are people who have never ever stood up for themselves. Are you one of them? Then, obviously, a toxic relationship must have taught you the most important life lesson – right? That is if you don’t take up a stand for yourself – no one else will. To conclude that bad relationship, you had to stand up, push back, and go away. Now, this self-mechanism will always live with you.

These important lessons from noxious relationships will definitely make you a better version of yourself. And now that you know about the outcome of these relationships, you can also share your learnings with those who need help.

Ross Geller & Rachel Greene entered our lives 25 years ago on 22nd September 1994. The most popular TV show ever made in the world – Friends has touched our lives intensely. We all wanted a friendship bond like the six of them. Among the six friends, Monica & Chandler and Ross & Rachel became lovers later. But the love story of Ross & Rachel was crazier and dramatic as compared to the other one. Ross always had feelings for Rachel since the school days but back then she was not interested in him (blame his Afro hairdo!!!). Years later when they find their lives condensing in New York Central Perk coffee shop – they not only became best of friends but also found comfortable love in each other.

Like all love stories, their journey was also not a cakewalk. They also had to face challenges and many a time they broke up. But in the end, after covering 10 years of their adult relationship, they also realized that they simply cannot run away from each other. Because a certain string of strong emotion binds them.

Check These 6 Important Things That Ross & Rachel’s Story Teaches Us:

You Simply Cannot Give Up:

Love just like life is not meant to be smooth always and that’s all right. Despite the incessant muck ups, the idea that perseverance unavoidably wins the hearts of lovers finally got them together. Fighting for what you really want is never passe. Ross was about to marry for the second time and Rachel was there to try to stop that (although she couldn’t). Rachel got a job in Paris and Ross had to stop her from leaving New York which he did quite dramatically. They were on a break, they were dating other people but no one could actually slip into the space of where they were.

Surprisingly Things Come Together:

Things were pretty complicated between Ross & Rachel. There was a drunk marriage, dating, divorce, and a child together. In spite of the biggest glue in their love story – the baby who they name Emma, Rachel agreed to go to Paris and pursue a new life. But until the last moment when she saw Ross expressing his love by almost stopping her flight, she didn’t realize the depth of their relationship. Great things perhaps take time to happen and when it happens it surely surprises you.

Hooking Up Is Not The Solution:

Ross & Rachel both have multiple hookups after they broke up and also after having a baby together. But what they find in each other was never completed by those prospective lovers. They hated each other at a point but that hate also came from deep love. Ross’s failed marriage with Emily or Rachel’s attempt to date other guys always failed miserably. They desperately wanted to move on but somehow certain bonds never wither away and that’s what Ross & Rachel’s story teaches us.

Certain Dreams Do Come True:

As per Phoebe, lobsters are mates for life. So, when you find your lobster, err… someone with whom you want to spend your “forever”, you should hold on to them and never let them go. Ross fell for Rachel in school days and never thought that one day he will be the father of Rachel’s child. Some dreams do indeed come true and that’s why you should never stop believing in your dreams.

Time Takes Time:

From the hopeless romantic school crush to the time when Rachel really got off the flight to Paris- there were plenty of crazy times this couple goes through which leaves them wondering if they were actually meant for each other? But the best part is this couple finally get their acts together and promises not to leave each other again. Time actually takes time and that’s the way to think when you are crazily and deeply in love with someone.

But…. Friendship First:

It is not necessary that your relationship has to be based on love. You can be best of friends, support each other relentlessly, and understand each other like no other – and then let love gradually come to you. Starting into the space of romantic love might not be always relaxing but with friendship as your foundation, you will always find the right kind of comfort. Ross had a huge crush on Rachel but love happened gradually over time. That’s how it should be – right?

In the end, I would love to quote Ross from the last episode “I don’t want to get over her…I want to be with her”. That’s what this sweet and valiant love story teaches us in the end. You simply cannot get over your true love and with each passing day this love just increases.

Papaya is the plant Carica Papaya and it originated in the tropics of America & Southern Mexico. The raw green fruit is often used in vegetables here in India. The more popular version is the red/yellow/orange flesh ripe pulpy papaya. It is loaded with many natural vitamins and makes people healthy. In 2016, the world production of papayas was 13.05 million tonnes. It was led by India. India produced 44% of the total world total production of Papaya.

The raw papaya pulp carries 88% water, 11% carbohydrates, and almost negligible fat and protein. So, in a 100-gram amount, papaya fruit provides 43 kilocalories and is a significant source of vitamin C (75% of the Daily Value) and a moderate source of folate (10% Daily Value).

Papaya is also known as “fruit of the angels” because of its deliciously sweet taste and butter-like consistency. Adding papaya to your daily diet through smoothies, vegetables, fruit bowls, or salads would keep your body healthy and free from toxins.

Read the reasons why you should have papaya daily:

Make Weight Loss Easier:

It is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. Plus, it is an excellent source of fibers that your body requires during your weight loss regimen. Therefore, having papaya will boost up your metabolism, digest fats, and assimilate the carbohydrates. All these things will make your weight loss easier. Therefore, never forget to have papaya. In fact, many people have a bowl full of papaya or medium-sized papaya as their lunch or dinner.

No Worries About Cholesterol:

If you have high cholesterol or your family history suggests that you may develop higher cholesterol, then, having papaya will help you. Papaya is known for lowering higher levels of cholesterols by preventing the oxidation of cholesterol. The vitamins and antioxidants in papaya offer protection against health risks that come with high cholesterol like heart diseases.

Boosts Immunity:

Papaya is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants. It also contains a generous amount of vitamins A, C, and E. These nutrients are the ones which your body require to boost your immune system. So, with a daily intake of papaya, you can be sure that your body will face the challenges better.

Keeps Cancer Away:

In this highly advanced time also, we human beings are petrified of cancer. There are medicines invented but still, cancer is something that frightens because of its huge impact physically and mentally. Papaya is one such fruit that fights or keeps cancer away. It has flavonoids that act as antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants like cryptoxanthin, beta carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein, are crucial for fighting cancer. Additionally, papaya also controls the production of oxygen-free radicals that may deteriorate the body.

No Signs of Ageing:

With daily consumption of papaya, you can keep your real age away. Literally, papaya makes you look younger. Vitamin C, E, and antioxidants fight the free radicals, prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. The dark spots on your skin or the shadow of age on your face won’t be visible if you have papaya daily. You will enjoy your soft and supple skin while the rest will envy your youthful and glowing skin.

Relieves Stress or Anxiety:

The part of parcel of modern urban life is stress and anxiety. There are too many things that bother a person and slowly eats away the mental peace. With stress in life, every single thing gets affected. So, it is suggested to take care of the self at an early stage. Vitamin C is believed to be a stress-releasing ingredient and in papaya, you will find a good amount of Vitamin C. With a daily intake of papaya, you will notice a change in your behaviour for sure. Of course, other things also matter when it comes to stress but with the right kind of diet, you can at least keep your stress at check.

Who Doesn’t Like Healthy & Shining Hair?

Papaya is also a great agent for hair health. The presence of Vitamin A makes it effective for healthy and shining hair. Vitamin A produces sebum and that keeps the hair naturally moisturized. Many shampoos also contain papaya. You can make a hair mask at home by blending ripe papaya and mixing it with olive oil and honey.

Apart from all these aforementioned things, papaya also renders a good digestive system and fights against diabetes. Won’t you now you start your papaya diet from tomorrow?

The year was 1994 and the month was August. Yes, that was the time when there were no fancy and over-the-top marketing & publicity of Bollywood. Even the trailers of the movies used to be prolonged footage of the songs. A time when mostly action flicks or family revenge dramas were releasing and ruling the charts, Hum Aapke Hai Koun surely didn’t stir much anticipation. In one of the old publication of a filmy-magazine, a close source of the leading lady was quoted saying, “I don’t know, maybe the consecutive songs in the movie may bore people”.

Upon release, it was a slow show but with positive word of mouth and the melodious music, it managed a stronghold. And the rest, as they say, is history…..or rewriting history. Bollywood currently is going gaga over the 100 crore club, but, do you know it was HAHK back in those days that made even more than 100 crores?

I remember it watching it in Rajmandir, Jaipur (Rajasthan) which was decorated like the set of the movie. As a kid, I was fascinated and still am. A simple family and love saga – this movie is surely something that will always release your tensions. Like all the Barjatya movies, this one is also made without any slight touch of violence and in all the frames, you will find only positivity. After 25 years of its release, it has become a wedding album, a handbook of Indian culture and traditions, and a benchmark which many aspiring directors look up to.

I feel like they are my family and as it enters its 25th year – I am in a jovial mood. The celebration must be a special one and for that one needs to revisit the magic created by this gem of a movie.

  1. I don’t know it happened before HAHK or not but the name of the leading lady appeared before the lead actor. Back in those days, Madhuri Dixit was a golden name that saw superstardom which none of the leading ladies of today can even imagine. This movie gave her the strongest foothold in Bollywood and among the millions of cine-lovers.
  2. The magic it spread couldn’t even leave M.F. Hussain. He admitted it how he is besotted by the grace and beauty of Madhuri Dixit. He went on painting her in many shades and immortalized her perhaps.
  3. Many say that this kind of family doesn’t exist anywhere but then why is it such a loved movie? Maybe because it cannot be seen in real but in a part of the mind, everyone wants to be a part of this kind of family. What say?
  4. The servants of this family were never treated like servants. They were treated equally and loved dearly and that’s how it should be always. One should respect another on the grounds of humanity and this movie is amazing in that aspect.
  5. The beautiful home décor shown in the movie is another point to be talked about. With the splurge of nuclear families, all we see these days is smaller space and furniture or décor all are made to suit those smaller areas. Back in those days when big Indian families were still relevant, the palatial space shown here is no less than a kingdom. The big bejeweled chandelier or the sofa set, the bog swimming pool or the garden – everything is so well-maintained (I surely want to live here). Special mention is Madhuri Dixit’s room where yellow is the theme color and the walls speak of her innocent beauty. The spacious terrace where she has an armchair, fan, and all other things to relax – that’s something like a dream to many!
  6. The costume is another thing worth mentioning. Who can forget that purple saree with that diamond or rhombus cut blouse? That became (and still remains) a rage among the girls across the country. All want to have that kinda saree or look like her. That pink dress with a big crystal earring and pearl necklace (pehla pehla pyar hai) is another favorite. How can she manage to look drop-dead gorgeous all the time? The white net dress (dhiktana song), red dress (ye mausam ka jadoo), or those oversized multicolored coats – all were sensational. Her costumes were partly western and partly Indian and that midway really rocked.
  7. Nisha wears a golden-colored lehenga for her wedding. Why do you think that was the chosen color? Well, I guess, because golden color symbolizes wisdom, courage, compassion, knowledge, and generosity that’s why. She dares to sacrifice her love, the wisdom of a good human being, compassion towards the family, generosity to own someone else’s child and be a wife to someone she doesn’t love, and knowledge that what she is doing is right. On the other hand, she wears purple during “Didi Tera Dewar Deewana” song. Purple is linked with creativity, extravagance, mystery, and grandeur and she embodied all that in that song.
  8. Tuffy became the most-loved dog in Indian cinema I guess. If that wouldn’t have dropped the letter with the necklace to the wrong guy (Mohnish Behl), the story would have remained tragic for Prem & Nisha. And Karan Johar still asks “What was the name of the dog in Hum Aapke Hai Koun?” in all his seasons of KWK. In a way, Tuffy was the real star of HAHK.
  9. Anupam Kher and his recipes looked so yum. Kachori or Ragda Patties – they are superbly put into the fun flair of the movie.
  10. However cool or happy you are – there will always be a “not so happy relative in your family. In HAHK, it was the mami who is materialistic and selfish. All she knows is money and she has no sense of “what and when to talk”. Those people really need a slap to get things right which is what she got towards the end.
  11. When you fall for someone, you want to know the favorite food of that person because you want to win over that person. That’s what Nisha did by asking Lallu about Prem’s favorite food items. She cooks like a PRO and again makes us realize how important good food is in building a relationship. (On the other hand, Rita doesn’t know the difference between salt and sugar and we all disapprove of her – right?)
  12. Love comes in the most unexpected places and sometimes when you expect it too strongly. Rita never thought she could settle for someone like Bhola. Her Prince Charming was Prem who is handsome, well-built, funny, sporty, and modern in outlook. Bhola is someone who is researching on Shakuntala of Kalidas. Rita, on the other hand, is a “hip and happening” girl who enjoys kittie parties and loves everything modern and fashionable. But Bhola sees the Shakuntala in her and eventually, Rita also falls for the simplicity of this man.
  13. The other name of love is sacrifice and patience. Prem and Nisha both were ready to sacrifice their love for the sake of the family.
  14. Last but not the least, this movie also shows – family is everything. In crisis and happiness – no one can be with you like the way family members are. And that’s truly what we call being Indian – isn’t it?

Years will pass and followers of this movie will keep on increasing. There cannot be another Hum Aapke Hai Koun because magic happens once.

When your relationship experiences a stormy phase, who do you turn to?

Do you trust your friends with advice coming from them about your relationship?

The same friends, who haven’t invested in your relationship as much as you have? Or invested in any relationship in general. Do you turn to your “Single Friends” for advice on your relationship? You may want to continue reading further!

We understand why we turn to our friends for everything that stresses us. It’s them we trust the most. And why not? They have been with us through thick & thin. These friends have supported us for everything, they were there when you wanted to woo this partner of yours till today when it’s rocky. But not every time you must go running to them. Friends may be the chosen family but they don’t always need to have an opinion and you don’t have to run to them while your boat’s stuck in sea-storm!

Here are 3 absolutely important reasons why you shouldn’t be taking advice from your Single Friends:

Third Wheeling? Okay! Third Person? No!
Third Wheeling? Okay! Third Person? No!
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Remember when you started this relationship, it was you two. Remember those times when you went on romantic dates, there were only two people in the restaurant. If you recall, those intimate times, it was between you and your partner. Now if you think about all the good times, it has only you two then why to turn to your friends or anyone else for that matter for advice on your relationship. We’re not asking for you to turn against your friends, but asking them for advice is not we would suggest. The relationship you share with your partner includes two people, not your friends. They may speak from experience but no experience equals to what you two have faced in this particular relationship. Nobody else understands your relationship better than you & your partner.

Not All Relationships are the Same
Not All Relationships are the Same
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We absolutely get the “experience” part. Your friends might be experienced but it’s you who’s experiencing YOUR relationship. It’s a fact that not all relationships are the same. They haven’t invested in your relationship as much as you have. A relationship is about two people, and it’s only you two who know what goes or what went by. Have the confidence to believe in your gut feelings. Our friends are our definite support system but learn to balance the opinions of other people, be it your friends or family about your relationship with your own.

The Difference Between Need & Want
The Difference Between Need & Want
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Sometimes your friends may tell you what you want to hear and not what you need. Our friends don’t want to see us upset, which is why their advice & opinions might be optimistic or rose-tinted. It could be true that whatever they think of your relationship, they might not be able to say it because they don’t want to jeopardize your friendship. It’s you, who needs to understand the difference between what you need to hear and what you want to. Unless you understand this, you wouldn’t be able to work on your relationship the right way.

Here are three main reasons why you should never listen to the “Expert Advice” coming from your single friend. It is your relationship and none of their relationship. Sometimes it’s okay to vent out on friends and get that frustration of your relationship out from your system. It’s true that you must listen to your heart when it comes to your relationship.

Life without any stress is impossible. In today’s world, this problem is cropping up more than it used to be. When you or your partner is stressed – the relationship may go through a tough patch and cause many other emotional damages. What are the possible causes of that stress? Maybe the work-life is loaded with sky-high targets, maybe the finances are not prosperous, maybe there is some health-related issue, etc. The cause of stress can be anything – personal or professional. Being a dutiful lover, you must know certain simple things that can relieve your partner.

Here are a few simple things to do when your partner is stressed. Apply these things and show your care for your lover which will strengthen your bond.

Identify The Signs of Stress:

You are lucky if your partner is an extrovert and shares every single thing happening in his/her life with you readily. But all are not the same. That’s why you need to understand the signs of stress. The change in regular habits is one of the prime signs of a stressful life. Your darling may be facing sleeping issues, there can be a recurring headache, or he/she may be keeping too silent – observe these things minutely to understand the situation. Once you see the changes – you can tackle things better.

Let Them Vent Out:

Sit with your partner and talk with kindness and patience. Let them vent out whatever is going inside their head and heart. Until and unless your partner releases the tension bothering him/her from within – things cannot go normal. That’s why you have to create a situation where he/she can talk without any inhibition. Play an emotional movie so that he/she connects with such a situation and then it will be easier to talk. And while your partner is talking – never ever pass your judgment. Your only job in that situation is to listen carefully and attentively (keep your phone and other distractions away).

Encourage Physical Activity:

You can do some physical activity together like going to a dance class, going for a morning walk or running, or learning sword fighting, etc. These physical activities increase the production of testosterone and that in turn reduces the stress hormone. He/she may or may not talk to you about what lead to stress but one thing is sure that your partner will be able to de-stress. Other ways of increasing testosterone are to encourage him/her to go and meet old friends, attend parties, or have sex.

Talk Calmly & Be Patient:

You have to understand the fact that something important is bothering your partner and that’s why you have to be clam while talking to him/her. You cannot lose your temper, raise your voice, or be adamant in this situation otherwise things will worsen in your relationship which you will lament later. Whatever he/she is asking – just fulfill them and when you cannot – be polite and compassionate in addressing that.

Take Your Partner To a Spa:

You cannot undermine the benefits of a spa session. The massage with aromatherapy oil, the soothing music playing behind, the floral bath, and the whole ambiance of spa relaxes people. The aches in joints, the stress clouding the mind will be erased and the heart will be filled with happiness. Even doctors suggest going for a spa session when life becomes stressful. So, book a day for your partner in the nearby spa centre and let him/her heal.

Plan A Gateway:

Traveling is always a great medicine to handle grave situations of life. The problem that your partner is facing may not be solved with a trip but surely he/she will get a great amount of positive energy to tackle the stress-causing factor. There’s plenty of amazing places in our country to choose from. Take a break from work to be with your partner and plan a gateway from mundane work life.

Give Some Space Too:

Personal space is very important in successful relationships. The simple thing to understand here is that your partner is going through a stressful time and not you – that’s why you can just help him/her from outside. Ultimately, your partner is the one who has to take the final action to come out of that situation. Therefore, give that space to your partner to think and evaluate after you are done with all the above points. Then again some people don’t like to share sorrows or challenges readily with anyone – if your partner falls in this category, then, you should respect that and give the required space.

All those humorous remarks about my body and people looking at me like my body is not normal, this feeling was overwhelming. My confidence had gone down tremendously and I was like my existence didn’t really matter to anyone. I had gained 25 Kgs, and everyone had started to ask “What have you done to yourself?” “Oh My God! What is wrong with you?” “It is so weird to look at you this way, you were so thin!” and all this was followed by weight loss advice like “You should eat less”, “You should start a diet”, “Why don’t you try gym?”, “Let me share my doctor’s number with you.”
I had started to feel like I had some disease and started to stay inside the house, avoided to meet old friends, or attend any family events. I was afraid of the snarky comments people made and started to feel like I didn’t deserve to go out of the house.

But was it my fault? Not really! I realized when I was 20 Kgs lighter, people teased me for being thin. They called me names like “Tilli”, “Broom Stick”, and told me things “Bahar mat jana, hawa chal rahi h udh jayegi”, “Teri Hadiya chubhti h”, “Tu kuch khaati bhi hai?”
Moreover, people gave me their unasked advice about weight gain.

So did it really matter to people? The problem was not in me, but the problem was “people.” Yet, I was the one to blame and I agree. People around me were stupid enough to pass crappy comments and I was stupid enough to believe them. I learned no matter how I looked, people will always pass comments, and that I could deal with them in a better way.

Ways to Deal with Body Shaming
Some effective ways to deal with stupid and snarky comments about your body are:
  1. Smile & Nod While You are Shooting Them in your Imagination
    Smile & Nod While You are Shooting Them in your Imagination
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    It’s never a crime to kill someone in your imagination. I have learned, no matter what you say but some people just won’t shut up. They may think you’re smiling because you’re enjoying the conversation, but they don’t know you’re happy because in your head you’re about to pull the trigger. Ignorance is bliss, especially when it is about dealing with an imbecile.

  2. Quirky Responses
    Quirky Responses
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    Try this at your own risk! You can’t use this trick on everyone like your relatives, or maybe even more on them. That’s for you to decide.

So let’s say someone says “Hey, you’ve become so fat! Did you eat an elephant?”
You could say-“Yes! I did, yet I am hungry. I could really eat someone dumb like you.” You don’t have to hurt them, but just let them know that their opinion does not matter to you.

Some responses you could use are for fat-shaming:

  • I am just fat, I can lose weight. What about your ugly face? Even Ekta Kapoor’s Plastic Surgeon can’t fix this.
  • Do you think I am fat? Well, at least I am not dumb.
  • I really feel like sitting on you, like really!
  • While gaining weight, I gained I’ve gained a bit of extra brain as well. Maybe you’d want some.
  • Thanks for the concern. Well, I am concerned about your level of dumbness as well. I suggest you educate yourself as soon as possible.
  1. Educate Them
    Educate Them
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    It is okay to educate someone you think will understand. Sometimes people close to us body shame us, and that feels awful. In such situations, it is best to take a stand for yourself and confront them. Let them know how you feel and how do all these comments affect you. Let them know that their remarks affect you mentally, that you feel emotionally weak and helpless. Educate them about body positivity and its effects. The people who love you, care about you might not just understand at once but eventually will. You just have to keep taking a stand for yourself.

I felt it too! I know how it feels to be shamed for something which isn’t your fault. You don’t have to fit into a particular dress to be pretty. And just remember, no matter what body type you have, people will always find some fault in your appearance- maybe it be being thin, fat, tall, short, dark, fair, and even for the type of nose you have. You are pretty, and the world would believe it when you do! So go ahead and take stand for yourself.

India is a beautiful place of diversity. From culture to food habits, religion to locales – our country is vivid. It is a gem for travel enthusiasts. For every season, you will find a proper place to go and relax and learn something new about our great culture.

In today’s blog, I will write about those places that are famous for their boating. Boating is a leisure time activity when you go to travel somewhere. You can paddle yourself or hire a bigger steamboat to roam around the beautiful lakes and other water bodies. The painters, poets, or writers will get an extra boost romanticizing the breath-taking view and cool breeze of these places.

Here is the list of some famous boating paradise you can go and enjoy.

Ganga Ghat, Varanasi
Ganga Ghat
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Our ancestors said that nothing is purer than the water of the Ganges or Gangajaal. This holy river is worshipped by followers across the country. However impure one can be – with just a sprinkle of Gangajaal – that person or for that matter, any object is sanctified.

This river is older than our country perhaps and Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world. So, if you are visiting Varanasi – then, don’t just walk through the narrow lanes, enter the countless temples, and taste the local delicacies. Also, go to the Ganga Ghats and enjoy a boat ride. The sunrise and sunset timings are the best ones to seek the blessings of this river. Remember that from mid-July to mid-October, the prices of the boats remain high due to more current in the water. The view of this old city from mid-water is spectacular. The boat rides also halt for you to visit the nearby market and visit the Durga Mandir built two centuries ago. Yamaha Engine Boats costs INR 3000 for two hours of the ride. The boating services start from 8 A.M. and continues till 5:30 P.M.

Naini Lake, Nainital:
Naini Lake
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Nainital is one of the most famous tourist destinations in this country. The name of the lake is Naini and Tal means lake which is why the city is named Nainital. Boating is mostly seen as a summertime activity and that’s why most of the crowds are seen here during the summer months. The interesting fact is the shape of this lake resembles an eye and that’s why the name is Naini. The boating services start at 6 A.M. and continues till 6 P.M. You can also rent a yacht here.

While riding the boat – you will feel how small you are in the vastness of the lofty Kumaon ranges and the gleaming water.

Kumarakom Backwaters, Kerala:
Kumarakom Backwaters
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This one is perhaps the most famous in the country. The view of the dense greenery and refreshingly cool water attracts people here in Kerala backwaters. A small town named Kottayam in Kerala receives thousands of footfalls in peak seasons. The most popular thing here is the houseboat. The short stay here in houseboats breaks the monotony of the normal fast-paced life. The disease-free and toxin-free air that you inhale here will rejuvenate the senses in your body and you will return with an energetic mind at work. For the boat cruises or rides, you must get the booking done in advance to avoid unnecessary rush. The most exciting part is these houseboats are fully built with eco-friendly materials. And in case you are staying overnight, the houseboats will remain stationary from 6:00 P.M. till 7:00 A.M., the next day. Depending on the number of rooms you book on the houseboats, the prices will vary. But still, it may cost you anything between INR 9000 and 12000.

Nakki Lake, Mount Abu:
Nakki Lake
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Mount Abu is a renowned hill station located in the Aravallis. Nakki Lake is a famous tourist spot there and you should not miss the boating service here. As per the legendary stories, the Gods dug out this lake with their fingers and nails while seeking protection from the demons. Nakki Lake is also told to be the first man-made lake that is 11000 meters deep and a quarter of a mile wide. Another famous fact about this lake is that Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed here in this lake. While you boat around this lake, you will get to see the hill-station in its enchanting best. You can also enjoy the view of Toad Rock on a hill nearby where the rocks are strangely shaped like toads. Moreover, you can enjoy the local dishes too here. The boating services start from 9:30 A.M. and continues till 6 P.M.

Dal Lake, Srinagar:
Dal Lake
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No blogs on boating can be complete without mentioning the “heaven on earth”. Like always, the breath-taking view of Dal Lake still fascinates even when there is unrest in the state. From old Bollywood to today’s Instagram pages – you must have come across millions of pictures of this place. The beauty of this place is mesmerizing and you will believe that no pictures can do justice to its beauty. The awe-inspiring panoramic view of the lush green landscapes surrounding the lake, the cool and patient ripples forming on the lake waters, or the floating flowering garden – there are millions of reasons to visit this place and enjoy this boat ride. So, rent the famous Shikaras (houseboats of Srinagar) made from Deodar woods and take a ride to tourist spots like Shalimar Garden, Hazratbal Mosque, or Nishat Garden, etc. You can enjoy your boating between 8 A.M. and 6:30 P.M. An hour-long boat ride may cost you up to INR 4000.