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7 Things To Do When Your Partner Is Stressed

Be The Relief He/She Is Looking For...
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Life without any stress is impossible. In today’s world, this problem is cropping up more than it used to be. When you or your partner is stressed – the relationship may go through a tough patch and cause many other emotional damages. What are the possible causes of that stress? Maybe the work-life is loaded with sky-high targets, maybe the finances are not prosperous, maybe there is some health-related issue, etc. The cause of stress can be anything – personal or professional. Being a dutiful lover, you must know certain simple things that can relieve your partner.

Here are a few simple things to do when your partner is stressed. Apply these things and show your care for your lover which will strengthen your bond.

Identify The Signs of Stress:

You are lucky if your partner is an extrovert and shares every single thing happening in his/her life with you readily. But all are not the same. That’s why you need to understand the signs of stress. The change in regular habits is one of the prime signs of a stressful life. Your darling may be facing sleeping issues, there can be a recurring headache, or he/she may be keeping too silent – observe these things minutely to understand the situation. Once you see the changes – you can tackle things better.

Let Them Vent Out:

Sit with your partner and talk with kindness and patience. Let them vent out whatever is going inside their head and heart. Until and unless your partner releases the tension bothering him/her from within – things cannot go normal. That’s why you have to create a situation where he/she can talk without any inhibition. Play an emotional movie so that he/she connects with such a situation and then it will be easier to talk. And while your partner is talking – never ever pass your judgment. Your only job in that situation is to listen carefully and attentively (keep your phone and other distractions away).

Encourage Physical Activity:

You can do some physical activity together like going to a dance class, going for a morning walk or running, or learning sword fighting, etc. These physical activities increase the production of testosterone and that in turn reduces the stress hormone. He/she may or may not talk to you about what lead to stress but one thing is sure that your partner will be able to de-stress. Other ways of increasing testosterone are to encourage him/her to go and meet old friends, attend parties, or have sex.

Talk Calmly & Be Patient:

You have to understand the fact that something important is bothering your partner and that’s why you have to be clam while talking to him/her. You cannot lose your temper, raise your voice, or be adamant in this situation otherwise things will worsen in your relationship which you will lament later. Whatever he/she is asking – just fulfill them and when you cannot – be polite and compassionate in addressing that.

Take Your Partner To a Spa:

You cannot undermine the benefits of a spa session. The massage with aromatherapy oil, the soothing music playing behind, the floral bath, and the whole ambiance of spa relaxes people. The aches in joints, the stress clouding the mind will be erased and the heart will be filled with happiness. Even doctors suggest going for a spa session when life becomes stressful. So, book a day for your partner in the nearby spa centre and let him/her heal.

Plan A Gateway:

Traveling is always a great medicine to handle grave situations of life. The problem that your partner is facing may not be solved with a trip but surely he/she will get a great amount of positive energy to tackle the stress-causing factor. There’s plenty of amazing places in our country to choose from. Take a break from work to be with your partner and plan a gateway from mundane work life.

Give Some Space Too:

Personal space is very important in successful relationships. The simple thing to understand here is that your partner is going through a stressful time and not you – that’s why you can just help him/her from outside. Ultimately, your partner is the one who has to take the final action to come out of that situation. Therefore, give that space to your partner to think and evaluate after you are done with all the above points. Then again some people don’t like to share sorrows or challenges readily with anyone – if your partner falls in this category, then, you should respect that and give the required space.

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