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How To Maintain Long Distance Friendship?

Tips to keep your long-distance friend closer...
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A friend can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself.

Frances Ward Weller

With good friends around, life becomes an occasion that never runs out of happy moments. When the clouds of sorrow appear, friends make them go away with the light of their love. They make you smile, shine, and sail through the hardships of life. Friends are the people who accept you for who you are and stand by your side, even when the whole world turns its back on you. You can pretty much be yourselves in front of your pals without the judgment of being judged.

But what do you do when your best friend moves to another city/country and you end up becoming long-distance friends? Yes, much more painful than being in a long-distance relationship. Because one moment you two were together deciding your party dresses. And the other moment they are gone away to another place, which is not even in your time zone. Having a long-distance friendship becomes tough when you are not even able to catch up once in a while. But it’s not impossible to preserve what you had and try to stay in contact even being miles away.

Read further to know the ways to maintain a long-distance friendship.

Make Good Use of Technology

No matter whether your friend is in another country or continent, you two are always just a text away. Well, thanks to the Internet. So, use the technology to your advantage and keep surprising your dear long-distance friend with sweet text messages and random pictures from time to time. This way, the physical distance will become like a virtual barrier between you two.

Plan an Annual Meet

It might be probably tough to meet your long-distance friend frequently. But try and plan at least an annual meet. Something that you can look forward to. A day when you two can get together, talk about things happening in your life, and cherish good old memories.

Video Chat Often

Regular texting is a good option to stay in contact with a long-distance friend but it is also important to see them once in a while. And that’s what Skype and Facetime are for. A five-minute video chat every week or at least once in two weeks is enough that’ll make you feel more involved with your friend.

Remember Important Occasions

Birthdays and anniversaries become even more special in long-distance friendships. Remembering these special occasions go a long way that nurtures the friendship and keep it intact. Keep track of your friend’s birthday or anniversary and try to send a card or gift to make them feel loved and cared.

Write Letters

This may sound a little bit old school but nothing can replace the charm of opening the mailbox and seeing a letter from your long-distance BFF. The words in the letter will make more sense than a simple text. And it will stay with your buddy forever just like the sweet memories of your friendship.

Stay Connected Through Little Things

Pick a movie or series, watch it at the same time and keep texting each other your thoughts throughout the entire session. It’s just like having your BFF by your side that will give you the feeling of enjoying things together even when you are miles apart.

Take Trips Together

Travelling with someone allows you to know that person better and explore their personality. Explore the world with your friend one at a time. Take trips to new places. It will be like a mini-reunion where you’ll get to see each other. Amidst the long talks and long walks, you can have all the fun and adventure like you used to have earlier.

Rejuvenate your long-distance friendship and keep its charm intact with these amazing tips.

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