11 Important Tips For People Travelling Overseas For The First Time

Gear up for your first trip overseas...
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Travelling involves a lot of planning. You need strategic planning to ensure a smooth journey and a pleasant stay. It is always exciting to travel to new places, explore new cultures, and learn about new traditions. And this excitement doubles up when you have to take your first trip overseas.

Travelling internationally for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. You may feel thrilled and scared at the same time, which is very obvious and happens to a lot of us. But efficient planning can ensure a stress-free first trip to a foreign land.

Here is a list of simple yet important tips to ensure your smooth sailing in a foreign country.

Get Your Passport Ready

The first and foremost tip when travelling abroad- get your passport in order. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months before you enter a foreign country. Don’t forget to carry hard copies and soft copies of your passport just in case the original one gets lost or stolen.

Check If You Need Visa

Make sure if you need a visa to travel your chosen country and how long it may take to process. There are also some countries where you can travel without a visa or receive one on arrival. You need to check this before booking your flights and making travel arrangements.

Check Immigration Requirements

You need to get ready with all your immigration documents that state your reason for travel or what you intend to do in a foreign country.

Check Entry & Exit Fee

There are some countries that ask travelers to pay entrance and exit fee. And always remember this fee is not included in your flight ticket charges.

Make Photocopies of Travel Documents

It is always advised to carry photocopies and scanned copies of all your travel documents, including Passport, Visa, proof of identity, and permission letter of entering the country. Keep them in a separate folder so that they come handy if you lose your original documents.

Get Vaccinated

Depending on the country you are travelling, you may require to get specific vaccines or medications as a precaution against the diseases floating in the air. Check with your doctor to ensure you have all the proper vaccinations. If you are already taking any prescribed medication, make sure you have stocked enough to cover the duration of your travel. Don’t forget to carry painkillers and antibiotics for occasional headaches and stomach issues. Ensure whether your medical insurance is valid in the country you’re travelling or if you need to add extra coverage.

Take Care of Your Finances

Before you travel overseas, check the exchange rates to get a fair idea of how much you are going to spend. Make sure you exchange the currency at banks and ATM’s as they won’t charge anything extra. Talk to your credit card and debit card providers to check whether your cards will work in the country you’re visiting. Always try and carry local cash whenever commuting through public transport like trains and buses.

Make Bookings in Advance

Make flight and hotel bookings 50-60 days in advance to get a good deal. Look for discount coupons while booking tickets online. There are many search engines that offer attractive discounts to students on flights and accommodation. It is important to have pre-booked exit flights for each country as many airlines won’t let you board the plane if you have a one-way flight.

Get an International Driving Permit

If you are planning to drive on the roads of a foreign land, then make sure you have an international driving permit. Get familiarized with the local driving laws of the country you are travelling. You can also get in touch with the foreign embassy regarding official rules and regulations of driving in that country.

Get Necessary Electronic Items

Electrical power points are different all over the world. Make sure you have adapters that allow plugging your electronic devices into foreign sockets. Check the strength of the electrical current of the country you are visiting to make sure your devices are compatible. Invest in portable phone chargers and laptop charges to keep your devices fully charged.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Last but not least, you need to prepare yourself mentally when you are about to go on your first international trip. Be open to connecting with people from other cultures. Take it as a great chance to learn something new in life. Don’t stress much and embark on a new journey with confidence and positivity.

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