8 Summer Special Tips For A Fit Mind & Body

Simple Summer Mantras To Stay Fit...
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Every year, the mercury is rising to newer heights leaving the people in a frenzy almost. The school and college students and teachers are the luckiest ones as they get to enjoy one and a half months of summer vacation. Sadly, the regular office goers and business owners cannot have the fancy of giving themselves off. And summer is a season that really can drain out your energy by noon if you do not prepare yourself to stay fit. Staying fit in this season is quite challenging but in order to have a productive work life and peaceful domestic life, you need to take up some measures – that’s all. A fit body means the zeal to work and a fit mind means a calmer decision making process. Both are important for a better life.

Thus, take good care of your mind and body this summer season with these mentioned simple tips.

  1. No Over-Intoxicating:

When a colleague invites you for a beer or vodka post office work or when you have planned for a weekend get-together – always keep in mind not to over-drink. Be it noon or afternoon or evening, the heatwave and temperature remain the same and that will dehydrate you further. As a result, you will perspire and urinate more. In case you cannot control certain parties, then, make sure that you have plenty of water between your drinks.

  1. Never Skip Breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people just wake up, get ready, and rush to their work life – and that’s really bad. Your body needs nutrition and without a proper breakfast, your body will wilt in summer. You may faint too. So, have a high protein breakfast in the morning like eggs, grains, fruit, milk, and juices or smoothies. A good breakfast will kick start your metabolism and you can feel more energetic.

  1. Enjoy Sun Tea:

Do you know about sun teas? They are a really wonderful way to stay fit and fine. You can use organically grown flowers and leaves or flavoured tea bags in a glass jar filled with clean water. Choose those flowers or leaves that have medicinal properties. Leave the glass jar under the sun for 2-4 hours. This tea will be a bit mellow in taste as you didn’t boil it. You will enjoy a very different tea. You can keep it in the refrigerator for some time and then serve in a glass with a dash of lemon, honey, or other favorable flavors. These kinds of sun teas keep the heart in good condition and cool the body from within.

  1. Use Essential Oils While Bathing:

You surely cannot step out in the summer season (or any season for that matter) without a proper shower. Take cold water shower and use the summer favorite lemons or lavender shower gels or soaps. Once a good bath with essential oils once a day or once in two days would keep your spirits high. You will feel more energized and all your stress would be removed. You will also sleep well after this bath. So, once you are done with your day work, come back home, have your dinner, and then enjoy this bath. Just 2-3 drops of lavender oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, or jasmine oil will do wonders.

  1. Nothing Can Replace Water:

Drinking water is the most important task for you during the summer season. Why? Because the scorching rays of the sun and the boiling temperature dehydrates your body. Nothing can replace water. So, wake up in the morning and drink 2 glasses of water. Finish as many bottles of water you can in a whole day (minimum 3 liters is a must).

  1. Vacation Is Important Too:

Your kids have off and if you are a teacher then you are also lucky to have off. In case you don’t have summer vacation, then, at least manage 7-10 days break. Go for a vacation with your family and spend quality time walking through the woods or get engrossed in other outdoor activities. This vacation will fill your mind and heart with renewed energy. You will be happier!

  1. Sunscreen & Other Accessories:

Cover the exposed portions of your body well. Use sunscreens, wear a nice hat, cover yourself with gloves and scarf, & don cool sunglasses. This way, your skin, and hair will be protected. You won’t get sunburns or sunspots.

  1. Yoghurt Is Must:

Include yoghurt in your meal or make a practice of having yoghurt at least during one of your meals. It helps in easy digestion and also prepares the body to face the heat outside. Discard sugar in your yoghurt and enjoy the tangy taste of it. You can add some black pepper to it.

Actually, staying fit and fine during the sultry months is not so difficult at all. These simple techniques will help you stay healthy and shine brighter.

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