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10 Valid Reasons Why You Should Date A Reader

Don’t Forget That Readers Are Great Lovers...
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You must have always heard that a book is a man’s best friend. That’s true because reading opens many chains of thoughts in minds of people, builds confidence, broadens the horizons, and reduces stress. If you happen to be liking a reader off late and still contemplating to go ahead with this romantic relationship or not, then, you must sit down and think about it again. Why? Because readers are extremely humble persons with great understanding and patience. They are intelligent and witty people and that’s a killer combination that many people want in their lovers. It is true that readers are also the ones who enjoy solitude and can start reading a book anytime and anywhere which might make you feel unattended or unnoticed sometimes. But there is so much more that you can absorb from a reader.

Read below to know why you should date or continue dating a reader:

Readers Are Romantic People:

Oh yes, if you want dollops of romance in your life, you should definitely not let go of that boy or girl who reads a lot. Lovers of books, these readers are huge admirers of things that takes back to the old-world charms. They don’t crave for instant love but intensely and passionately romantic love. They are the ones who will drag you out on a rainy day to soak in the rain together. Readers are the ones who will sometimes surprise you with a candlelight dinner. And sometimes if you find a lovely poem in your pocket or bag – don’t be surprised. You will always get a sense of fulfillment while in a love-relationship with a reader because the romance in them never dies.

No Materialistic Demands:

They will never bother you with high-maintenance demands that will make a hole in your pocket. All they need is books to keep going apart from the essential things in life. They are practical-minded people who have a great understanding of money and expenses too. A reader will never bombard you with a materialistic or luxurious list of things and thus you can save a lot and be thankful towards him/her.

They Will Never Cling On You:

If you say that you cannot make it to the promised date or cannot spend the weekend together, they won’t complain. Because they always have their books to lean on and they always have much to read and learn. One of the many problems that makes regular couples part ways is that neediness to stay close and this is the problem you will never face while dating a reader.

Not At All Superficial:

Ok so when you are dating a reader, remember that everything he/she says has a deep meaning. They are not at all shallow or superficial people who go for show-offs. Being pretentious is just not their cup of tea. These readers know a lot and that’s why the depth of mind and heart they carry is something you just cannot find in others.

Great Listeners:

The biggest advantage of dating a reader is that they will always listen to your minutest details. They can never leave you unattended because they love to listen and know more about everything that is entwined with their lives. So, whatever you are feeling or experiencing you can always a have shoulder to lean on and talk fearlessly.

Learn Vocabulary:

The way a reader speaks is way different than anyone else. Being voracious readers, they have a great romance with words. So, you will be astounded with the great vocabulary he/she always puts in the speech. This way you can also improve your vocabulary. You will always learn a new word and its history. Isn’t that exciting?

Understanding Partners:

The best quality of a reader is that they understand you like no one else ever did. They patiently listen to all your problems, understand them deeply, and offer a nice solution. Readers read regularly and that’s why they are wiser than the rest, they think more and understand more than any regular person. It is always easy to deal with them.

Easy To Please:

Whenever there is a special occasion, you don’t need to sit and scratch your head and think about how to please him/her. You know the latest book or anything related to reading like a bookend, handmade bookmarks, or a reading lamp can please your reader lover. It is always so easy to decide to gift such a person.

Creative Genius:

Readers are creative people because they have read a lot, learned a lot, and have a great sense of understanding. Whenever you are stuck somewhere they are there with their creative brains to offer you a solution. The one-liners about worldly affairs, the captions to your photographs, or the poems about you – they always prove their creativity.

Healthy Discussions:

One thing is assured when you are dating a reader and that is you will never get bored of him/her. There is always so much to talk about. Rather than fighting over stupid things, arguing about your schedule, or getting angry on habits of each other, you will always end up having healthy discussions that will have a constructive effect on your personality.

So, if you are getting up, close, and personal with a reader, then, don’t leave him/her.

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