Recipe of Dhansak- The Mouth-Watering Parsi Dish

Learn to make Dhansak...
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Dhansak is a famous Indian dish that originated among the Parsis of the Zoroastrian community. It is a beautiful combination of Persian and Gujarati cuisine. Originally, it is mutton, vegetable, and lentil recipe that is savored by people. In a regular Paris family, Dhansak is a Sunday menu because it requires a lot of time to prepare. And as it is a special food item, so, the whole family must enjoy it at the lunch/dinner table.

Although most households prepare it with chicken or mutton, here I will present a recipe for vegetarian dhansak. The vegetarian Dhansak recipe is quite simpler and healthier. As the winter season is here, you will get many fresh vegetables in the market which you can use in Dhansak.

So, check the delicious recipe of Dhansak here:

Main Ingredients:
  • Pigeon Pea Lentils (Arhar or Tuvar Daal)- 1 cup
  • Green Gram Lentils (Haare Moong Daal)- 1/4th cup
  • Pink Lentils (Masoor Daal)- 1/4th cup
  • Salt- As per taste
  • Water- 4 cups
  • Tomatoes- 4-5 medium-sized
  • Onion- 1 large (chop it well)
  • Potatoes- 2 or 3 medium-sized
  • Pumpkin (chopped)- 1 cup
  • Eggplant (Baingan)- 2 or 3 medium-sized
  • Bottle Gourd (chopped)- 1 cup
  • Clarified Butter or Ghee- 2 to 3 tsp
  • Tamarind Pulp- 3 to 4 tsp
  • Dry Fenugreek Leaves (Kasuri Methi)- 4 tsp
Please note that here 1 cup is equal to 250 gms
Ingredients for Dhansak Spice Mix:
  • Ginger- 1 inch
  • Garlic- 12 to 15 cloves
  • Cinnamon- 1 if large and 2-3 if small
  • Cumin Sees- 1.5 tsp
  • Cloves- 8 to 9
  • Dry Red Chilies- 2to 3
  • Coriander Seeds- 1 tsp
  • Green Chilies- 4 to 5 (more if you want it spicy)
Process to Prepare Dhansak?
  • Take the lentils and rinse them well under flowing water. Make sure no dirt remains.
  • Now take all these lentils and the chopped veggies (except onion) in a pressure cooker.
  • Pressure cook it in 4 cups of water for 4-5 whistles. (You can add some more water and wait for 2 or 3 more whistles in case the lentils and veggies are not prepared)
  • Now strain the lentils and vegetable mix through a strainer and keep it aside.
  • Bring the ingredients for Dhansak Masala now and grind all the ingredients to a fine paste. You can add some water to make a nice paste.
  • Now take small marble-sized tamarind and soak it in 3-4 tsp of warm water for at least half an hour.
  • Once the tamarind becomes soft squeeze the tamarind using your palm and extract its juice in a bowl.
  • Now take the ghee and add it to a clean wok or pan.
  • Add the chopped onions and saute them till they become golden brown.
  • Then add the dhansak masala that you have prepared and saute for 5 minutes.
  • Add the lentils and vegetable mix into it now and simmer for 6-7 minutes.
  • After that add the tamarind pulp and simmer for another 3 minutes.
  • Check the consistency- in case you want a thinner one, you can add some hot water into this mix.
  • Simmer for another 5 minutes or till the time the fragrance of tamarind pulp is there.

It is now ready to be served at your lunch/dinner table. Serve it with hot brown rice and enjoy great family time.

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