Food Types That Will Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Eat Them & Sleep Well...
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The sleep requirement varies from one body type to another. Some may stay fit with only 5 hours of sleep while some need at least 8 hours of sleep. But the main point is the quality of sleep. Going to bed at 10 P.M and staying awake till 1 A.M. to fall asleep is not good. Waking up at 2 A.M. and again struggling to fall asleep is not a strong sign.

Some people don’t even consider these sleep-related problems as a real problem but imagine if you go to bed sharp at 10 P.M. and fall asleep in 10-15 minutes- complete your quota of sleep- won’t your morning be refreshing? Of course, it will be. Research says that when you have a good-quality sleep, you become more positive towards life, and become more productive at work.

Do you know that there are certain types of food that can help you with better sleep? Of course, things won’t happen overnight but if you practice including these following food types, you will see good results in 2-3 weeks.

A warm companion- Tea:
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Yes, tea is generally consumed right in the morning to energize the mind and body. But there are certain types of tea that help you sleep well. Chamomile tea & passionflower tea are those types of tea that will provide you with a night of better sleep. There is the presence of antioxidants in chamomile tea that promotes a better heart function and reduces inflammation. This tea also has apigenin- a type of antioxidant that communicates with certain receptors in our brains that signals the brain to sleep. The same things are present in passionflower tea and these tea types also reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

Comfortable & Tasty Soyfood:
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Soy rich food types like miso, edamame, soy nuts, and tofu are rich in isoflavones. These isoflavones enhance the production of serotonin in the brain and that encourages the body to sleep. Having two soy food over the day will help you with your sleep-related problems.

Your Favorite Fiber Food:
Fiber Food
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Wholegrain cereals, nuts, seeds, pulses, potatoes with skin intact, pears, broccoli, oranges, berry, barley, etc. are the food types that are rich in fiber. Include these types of food in your meals and see a sea-change in your sleep cycle. Fiber-rich food actually prevents blood sugar outpourings that may lower melatonin affecting your sleep. So, include more fiber food in your diet.

Tasty Fish:
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Having any type of fish is a healthy option. But just to cure your sleep-related problem, you can have salmon, tuna, or halibut. They are rich sources of vitamin B6 that produce melatonin- a sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness. These kinds of fishes also have a great amount of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. This is an amazing combination that produces serotonin- another sleep-enhancing brain chemical.

Crunchy & Juicy Kiwi:
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You can enjoy this exotic fruit after 1 hour of your dinner as a pre-bed snack. Kiwis carry a good amount of vitamin C, E, and K along with folate and potassium. Kiwis help in reducing inflammation, aids the digestive system, and also lowers the level of cholesterol. Also, don’t forget that kiwis contain serotonin that helps with a night of good sleep.

Tart Cherry Juice:
Tart Cherry Juice
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The small and beautiful looking red fruit is a great source of vitamin A, C, K, along with copper, manganese, and potassium. The juice of this fruit is known to cure insomnia too along with sleeplessness. Insomniacs can have this juice two times a day and see a great result. This juice is rich in melatonin that helps with good quality sleep.

These food types are what you see in the departmental store or vegetable market easily. Thus, pick them up if you or anyone in your family is suffering from any kind of sleep-related problem.

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