Gift Ideas for Christmas & New Year Shopping

Gift Guide for December Holiday Season...
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December- the last month of the year is filled with nostalgia and memories. Nostalgia because as a whole year ends, we all have a flashback in our minds about the failures and achievements, gains and losses, etc. Memories because this month gives us two most cheerful occasions- Christmas & New Year and thus many get-together moments with loved ones happen leading to creating many everlasting memories.

Christmas & New Year are only 6 days apart and thus with the arrival of December, you must be busy making plans to buy various things as a token of your love & respect for your near and dear ones.

The list of Christmas & New Year gift ideas below may help you:

Fragrant Candles:
Fragrant Candles
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You can never go wrong with a set of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 fragrant candles. Candles symbolize hope, the light of life, and positivity. It is one of the best-selling Christmas & New Year gifts. Fragrant candles lighten up the mood, enhance good thoughts, and release stress and that’s why they are well-appreciated gifts. Plus, candles also impart a cozy home décor. Go for orange, lavender, or cinnamon-scented candles.

Box of Exotic Chocolates:
Box of Exotic Chocolates
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A box of exotic chocolates is something that will be loved both by kids and adults. Find the ones with interesting shapes of hearts, stars, or Santa and impress your loved ones. Chocolates will increase love and sweetness in your relationships too.

Car Blanket:
Car Blanket
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This is a thoughtful gift idea for those who have to drive a lot. Be it early morning or late night, this heated car blanket will keep the driver warm and cozy thus driving won’t be a punishment at all. They can be easily plugged into any car and until one unplugs it – it will remain warm.

Champagne Glasses:
Champagne Glasses:
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As said earlier December is the time when people love to party more. Both Christmas & New Year refers to never-ending parties and that’s why a beautiful, sleek, and elegant set of champagne glasses will be a perfect choice of gift. You can buy them online and choose a personalized set.

Colorful Coasters:
Colorful Coasters
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Colorful hand-painted coasters will be another meaningful gift. When friends and relatives come home to meet and greet that means there will be coffee/tea along with other savories too. This is when these coasters can be put to use which will impress the guests too. Anyone will appreciate this much thought about the gift.

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With every passing day, the need for plants is growing and thus these green friends would be the noblest gifts. Go for low-maintenance plants like Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Spider plant, Snake plant, etc. These plants will help people to breathe fresh air, curb indoor air pollution, and provide a better atmosphere for those with breathing problems.

Woolen Wears:
Woolen Wears
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Winter is the time for bringing out the heavy woolen sweaters, shawls, and pullovers. Opt for bright and funky woolen wears for your friends and relatives and win their hearts.

Funky Jacket:
Funky Jacket
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You can opt for funky jackets with quirky messages printed on them. Those bright-colored jackets would also be great choices. Various TV shows or movie poster inspired jackets are also available and you can buy them too for your loved ones.

Body Butter:
Body Butter
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Body butter or lotions or creams are the “must-have” things for the winter season. Go for herbal ones and make a hamper out of them to greet your near and dear ones.

Winter Special Recipe Book:
Winter Special Recipe Book
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Winter is a great time to cook and eat. A winter special recipe book would be of great help to the ones who are new to cooking and also for those who love cooking.

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