Things that you should avoid in Impulsive Shopping

An unplanned intention…
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Are you an impulse buyer? Don’t know??

Well, there’s a story- a girl always goes on shopping to buy a list of products. But, the problem is that she always purchases a couple of things impulsively, which she never going to use it.

Hmmm…Did you find this situation similar to you?

Oh yes! So, you are an Impulse Buyer. Impulsive shopping or buying is basically an unplanned buying behaviour when a person decides to buy a product or service spontaneously and those who make these decisions called ‘Impulsive Buyer’. It’s a common behaviour when people generally buy something without any pre-intentions. You go shopping and purchase whatever you like without giving any second thought. It’s like ‘You want It, You Get It’!

According to research, 84% of all shoppers have made impulse purchases. Sometimes, impulse buyers suffer a lot from this action because they buy many products that are of no use. This all happened because of the lack of self-control.

Here are some of the clever ways to avoid Impulse Shopping:

Always have a plan and a Shopping List


Well, this is the first thing that you have to always take care of. One should have to make a plan and a list before going to shop or a mall. A shopping list makes aware of our need and the budget we have.

Use cash instead of cards

use cash

Okay, the second thing you should have to stick with the plan to always use Cash instead of Debit/Credit Cards. The limited cash you have the limit you’ll purchase. People never think twice when they use cards while shopping that how much they have to invest.

Think before buying!

think before buying

Absolutely yes, determine what you want to buy, its uses and how much you’ll spend on it. Think twice before you decide to invest money.

Remember the last impulse purchase

Always remember the last purchase that you made. You feel regret every time when you see that pair of clothes in your cupboard.

Keep your budget in mind 

keep budget in mind

Always follow a budget, before going shopping. A good budget plan will prevent you from the disruptions.

Don’t get lured by special discounts and sales

don't get lured

According to a survey, 63% of buyers do impulse shopping because of the special offers and discounts. So, whenever you see Exclusive Offers try to avoid them because you’ll tend to invest your precious money into it.

Always be conscious of your investments and savings. Try to avoid buying things which are of no use!

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