10 things that you don’t know about Madhubala

Woh Anarkali Kaisi Thi?
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Madhubala- born on the day of love, 14th February is one of India’s most enchanting actors. Her beauty and acting mesmerized people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Her portrayal of Anarkali in Mughal-e-Azam is still the strongest role of her career. In the book ‘I want to live’ – The Story of Madhubala by Khatija Akbar you will get to know the fascinating tale of love, craving, treachery, despair, and struggle in Madhubala’s life.

There was, is, and would be no other Madhubala. The current generation of movie buffs or film enthusiasts should know about her. So, taking a cue from the aforementioned book and also based on various interviews and writings online, here are some of the amazing facts about Madhubala.

Know Madhubala more here:

  1. Her real name is Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi and was born in the year 1933.
  2. She acted in 66 films out of which only 15 were Box Office hits. But unlike her contemporaries like Meena Kumari, Vyjanthimala, or Nargis, she never won an award. And that doesn’t make her any less popular.
  3. After a painful break-up with Dilip Kumar, she was married to Kishore Kumar.
  4. Due to family responsibilities, Madhubala had to start working at a tender age. She missed school for that. People closer to her in the industry says that she used to work like a machine. She commuted daily in the overcrowded 3rd class compartments from Malad to Dadar and still was never late at work.
  5. Theater Arts, an American Magazine, once conferred Madhubala with the title- “The Biggest Star in the World”. It was a rare honor although she never visited Beverly Hills.
  6. If you have seen Mughal-e-Azam, you must remember the outstanding performances of Dilip Kumar & Madhubala – they were amazing in their scenes together. Can you now believe that they were not in talking terms back then as a result of their bitter break up? Imagine the level of professional and artistic excellence that never came in the way of their portrayal of a romantic couple.
  7. Our beloved Madhubala was also a fashion diva. She carried the off-shoulder dress, the hip wide trousers and chequered shirts brilliantly. Even the simple chiffons, buxom blouses, the Anarkali dress, and that wavy hairdo – all were trendsetters back then till today.
  8. Madhubala wanted to direct a movie named “Farz Aur Ishq” in 1969. But she then became seriously ill and the world couldn’t see her behind the lenses ever.
  9. She suffered from heart disease and died at the young age of 36.
  10. In the New Delhi Center of Madame Tussauds there is a statue of Madhubala that is inspired by her look in the film Mughal-E-Azam.

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