10 Indian Cooking Hacks that will make you a PRO

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Cooking is an art. The fragrant spices, fresh vegetables, and colorful cookware fill the mind with happiness. When you have time at your hand, then you can cook slowly – taking time to hop the veggies in style. But when you are rushing and still cooking has to be great, knowing some hacks will surely help you. These Indian cooking hacks will also help the amateurs to become a PRO at the kitchen.

Check out the Indian cooking hacks and be a PRO now:

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Rinse rice several times at first. Then when you measure the right amount of water for boiling the rice, don’t forget to put a few drops of lemon juice in it. The rice will be whiter, won’t be sticky, and will be tastier.

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To peel the skin of tomatoes easily place them in simmering water for 10 minutes. In case the tomatoes have over-ripened then place them in cold water with some salt overnight. The next morning you will see them all firm up.

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The trick to keeping onions fresher for a longer time is to wrap them individually in newspapers. Now store them in a cool and dark place. And to caramelize the onions faster, add some baking powder in the pan.

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Has that happened to you that you have added saffron to your dish but the flavor is minimal? Well, there is a trick to enhance the flavor of saffron. You can warm it up for 10-15 seconds in a microwave and then stir with a teaspoon of warm milk.

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All of us want tasty and rich Indian food but don’t want to add up to our cholesterol – right? So, for your Sunday special breakfast puris – keep the puris in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes before frying. That way the puris won’t absorb much grease.

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If by mistake you have poured way too much salt in your dish, don’t panic – you can fix this. Add a splash of milk in your dish and the salt will be neutralized. Or you can also add a few cut potatoes that will soak up the extra salt.

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Lemon is a wonderful thing in the kitchen. Rub the lemon on your knives and then wash it under running water. All the grease will be gone. To keep your refrigerator smell good, always keep a cut lemon in it.

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To get rid of sticky, greasy, and patchy pans or woks, you need to add some vinegar and warm water and keep your utensils like that for half an hour. And then use a normal dishwasher and clean them up.

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