7 Powerhouse Performances of Shahid Kapoor

Career-defining Roles of Shahid Kapoor...
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He started his career through ad films and became a teenage crush among girls in the 90’s. Little did the bees of the ’90s knew that one day he will be known as one of the finest actors in Bollywood. Born to filmy-family, he got his Bollywood break in the year 2003 with a movie named Ishq Vishk that was about college romance. He was applauded by the audience.

But then it took many years to establish the place that he has created for himself. Today he is one of the top paid actors and his recent successes at the Box Office have proved that he is here for longer innings.

Shahid Kapoor despite being a successful Bollywood name has been quite an underrated actor. His performances have gone better from one movie to another but somehow he is still to get his due.

Some of his powerhouse performances are listed below:

Prem ka Vivah (2006)
Prem ka Vivah
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This movie came from the Rajshri productions who are known for their tear-jerking family dramas. Vivah was about the journey of a couple’s relationship from their engagement to marriage. It was a Box Office winner and Shahid Kapoor played the part of shy Prem beautifully. The innocence of a first-time lover, the expectations of a lover, or the commitment of a husband – all the shades of Prem were carried out by SK with perfection.

The Aditya Kashyap of Jab We Met (2007)
The Aditya Kashyap of Jab We Met
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This movie was a game-changer for the lead actress but Shahid, in my opinion, was under-praised. His silence when he is devastated, his confusion when his life is falling apart, his excitement when he found his lost passion, his grief when he is unable to find Geet, or his flamboyance while walking through the sugarcane fields – he was one of the strong points of JWM. Without his contrast, Geet wouldn’t have become a sensation.

Charlie aur Guddu Hai Kaminey (2009)
Charlie aur Guddu Hai Kaminey
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This is one of my most favorite performances of Shahid Kapoor. He played twin roles – one is 360 degrees different than the other. Vishal Bharadwaj brought the best out of this hungry actor. Lisping or stuttering – he was perfect in portraying both the flaws. Be it intensely romantic scenes, dark humor scenes, or the dream sequences – Shahid Kapoor gave a career-defining performance here.

Jhelum wala Bismil in Haider (2014)
Jhelum wala Bismil in Haider
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After 5 years he again collaborated with Vishal Bharadwaj who pushes him as an actor to limits he didn’t know he can win over. Haider won him the much-awaited Best Actor award after 11 years of sheer hard work and perseverance. Leave the whole movie aside, just see him perform in that Bismil song and you will know what an amazing actor he is.

Tommy Singh of Udta Punjab (2016)
Tommy Singh of Udta Punjab
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He played a singer who is a drug-addict and that addiction eats up his life and career. As Tommy Singh, he was mad, aggressive, sympathetic, stupid, and courageous. That confrontational scene on stage is still one of his best scenes ever portrayed on-screen. He deserved all the awards that year. Who else could have depicted that turmoil?

Mewar wale Rawal Ratan Singh in Padmavat (2018)
Mewar wale Rawal Ratan Singh in Padmavat
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The grapevine of Bollywood was rife that no one was keen to take up this role. Why? Because Ranveer Singh is Bhansali’s favorite and he is doing the role of Khilji and that character will be larger than life. One after the other actors were declining this role and this is when our heart-throb Shahid Kapoor took up this challenge. Remember that his last Hit was Udta Punjab where he played a flawed and crazy character. This Padmavat role was about a noble king who lives with honesty – that contrast was applauded much. He reached a phase where his limited screen time can also have an outstanding effect on the minds of people.

Bekhayali Kabir Singh (2019)
Bekhayali Kabir Singh
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Seems like Shahid Kapoor is in the best phase of his career. Everyone expected Kabir Singh will do well but the thing that it will be one of the biggest blockbusters of Bollywood and Shahid’s career was out of the calculation. Shahid Kapoor has truly put his heart and soul in this role. His anger or frustration all seemed effortless here. Although this movie drove some controversies – despite that no critics or mass audience can deny the fact that this is one of Shahid’s best performances till date.

Let’s rewind some of these movies and greet him a Happy Birthday!

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