FOMO is A Negative Feeling- Get Rid of It

Overcome the Fear of Missing Out...
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FOMO is an abbreviation for Fear Of Missing Out. It is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common and can affect anyone. FOMO, in general, refers to the feeling that others are having more fun or experiencing better things in life than you are.

The feeling of FOMO generally starts with a slight bothering among people when they miss out on something, which in turn can create anxiety and lead to the feeling of inferiority.

The advent of social media has made FOMO an even bigger issue especially among young people who are always online checking posts and updates by their friends. They get addicted to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to an extent where checking up on what others are doing, where they are travelling or what they are eating consumes all their time. So, when they miss a party or a vacation, it makes them feel a little less cool and inferior to people who were actually present there and posted photos online.

The consequences of FOMO can be quite harmful at times:
  • People suffering from FOMO keep their attention focused on others and forget to live their own lives
  • They may lose their sense of identity and suffer from low self-esteem
  • FOMO affected people have a lower level of satisfaction in life, which makes them vulnerable to serious mental health concerns
  • They have a constant urge to compare their lives with others
  • The more time people spend on social media keeping track of others’ lives, the higher is the level of stress and depression in their lives.
  • If this FOMO becomes massive, these people may end up with anxiety and depression too
How to cope with FOMO?
  • People with FOMO can keep a track of negative thoughts and feelings and determine what they need to change to feel better about themselves in life
  • When they find themselves saying something negative to themselves, they can replace the thought with something positive to divert their mind from going down the dark path
  • Take a break from social media every once in a while to erase the negative feelings that FOMO causes
  • It is important to have the self-realisation that they cannot possibly be everywhere and do everything. But this also does not mean that they are missing out on something
  • They can practice focusing on what they are doing at the moment rather than concentrating on others’ lives
  • They should understand that not everything they see online is true. No one lives a perfect life even when social media allows them to pretend that they do.
Last but not the least, they should learn that life is far bigger than a mere social media handle.

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